ZCode System Review – How Good is This?? Is It a Scam??

ZCode System Review – How Good is This?? Is It a Scam??

Welcome to our ZCode System review! In this article, we will answer the question: is ZCode System legit? We’ll go by each thing that makes up this sports betting system from its founder to the things you can actually get from it. We’ll round up with its pros and cons also before we get to our final verdict as to whether we would recommend this or not. 

Money-making platforms come in different shapes and sizes. From paid to click (PTC) sites to cash apps, the only thing left for you to do is to pick how you want to earn. With a good program and steady internet, you can and you will make money online.

For my fellow sports fans out there, sports betting is perhaps one of the best options to make money online for us. After all, cheering for your favorite teams can be so much better if you’re literally winning with them. Nowadays, there are a lot of systems claiming to help you bet better but are these systems really worth it? 

Let’s check out ZCode System.

ZCode System Review Summary

Product Name: ZCode System

Founder: Mike Zed

Product type: Sports Betting Tool

Price: $198/month

Best For: Experienced sports bettors who can afford the product.

Rating: 60/100

Recommended:  Not for everyone.

ZCode System Review – How Good is This?? Is It a Scam??

Summary: In this ZCode System review, we found out that this program is a sports betting tool. ZCode System provides winning pick across 9 leagues and sports to help its subscribers make better bets. The system was developed by Mike Zed starting in 1999 and has gone live just recently. The program costs $198 per month for a year. I recommend this for those who have that kind of money and are genuinely interested in the product, if you have second thoughts, then stay away. Is ZCode System a scam? For now, I do not think it is one. 

What is ZCode System?

ZCode System is a program that helps place better bets when it comes to sports betting. Sports betting is perhaps one of the biggest betting industries today and with the help of the internet, it has truly become one of the cheapest ways to make money online. 

According to their official website, ZCode system just went live recently after years of development and months of beta-testing on Facebook. This “betting robot” was developed to provide winning sports predictions across all sports and all leagues. 

The program was developed by Mike Zed who was a successful FX advisor before getting into the ZCode project. With that, Mike used his knowledge of advanced statistics to create a program that would run purely on numbers to predict wins. I checked out MIke Zed’s background to see if he’s legit and it looks like ZCode was really his ticket to success back in 1999. 

ZCode System bets in the following leagues: WNBA, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAB, MLS, NCAAF, NFL, Horse Racing and ESports. These leagues run during different times of the year and there won’t be any lull time if you bet on all sports really.

ZCode System Review – How Good is This?? Is It a Scam??

How Does ZCode System Work?

Since this is a betting bot, the premise of how it works is pretty simple. ZCode system is a platform where people can receive betting tips containing information such as the odds of a team winning. As established earlier, the bot works across 9 different sports leagues all-year-round. 

The program provides two different options for its subscribers: expert-picks or automated. These two systems differ in how they provide tips and where their information is sourced from. 

As the name suggests, the expert-pick system is where experts of the game post their pick in the ZCode platform. ZCode users can also interact with these experts through the platform to ask questions. On the other hand, the automated betting system is based on trends and statistics. The recommendations for this system is generated by ZCode’s algorithm. 

More than being a betting bot, ZCode has been developed to become a platform already with numerous sections such as forums, contests, almanac, and more. I’ll discuss more of the system’s features in the coming sections. 

Website ATM is basically like your usual one-click website builder as advertised. As the name suggests, this program simply asks you to buy the product and everything else will be done by the program already.

Where Can I Get It?

As you may know, sports betting isn’t exactly for everyone. Sports betting is an industry that requires you to have sufficient knowledge about the sports you are betting in if you want to be successful. However, if ZCode really is a good product, perhaps just a little info would do. 

If you are interested in getting the service, you can start off by heading to their official website. The first thing you’ll see when you’re there already is their sales video titled “ZCode System Review” and it would be a good idea to watch that first for you to learn more. 

Their website if loaded with information so be sure to read up more to see if you really want to get the program. If you are ready, click the button that says “Let me in” and you will be redirected to their ClickBank checkout page. 

The ZCode VIP Club Pass is a one-year subscription that will cost you $198 per month. Someone new might be shocked with that pricetag but remember that this is sports betting and you are expected to earn a lot more from this program. 

As a holder of the VIP Club Pass, you are to receive “fully automatic sports picks, professional tools, and you will be part of a community of experts”. Apart from those, you can also add other tools such as the ZCode Sports Trader and Almanac for $149 and the Anti Vegas Upgrade for $19.99. 

Okay, now the prices are beginning to pile up.

ZCode System Review – How Good is This?? Is It a Scam??

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What Can I Get From ZCode System?

​Access to Winning Sports Picks and Professional Tools

This is the main thing you will be getting from ZCode. The ZCode Sports Picks are directly generated from their own prediction model which features 80+ parameters in calculation and trend readings. Other tools you will get from the system are score prediction tools, power ranking indicators, MLB pitcher profit oscillator, and many more.

​Video Tutorials

Betting bots aren’t exactly the simplest of systems to use. Programs such as ZCode make use of a lot of technical terms which is why they provide video tutorials. These tutorials are meant to help you understand how the system works and how you can earn from it.

​Full Guide and Support Team

Of course, if the video tutorials aren’t enough, you can always take advantage of their support team and full guide. The comprehensive guide contains everything there is to know about the program while their support team is apparently well-trained and friendly.

How Do I Get Paid?

ZCode is a betting tool that has evolved to become a platform where people can exchange ideas about picks. This program is no more than that which means that you cannot earn directly from here. 

In order to profit, you would need to find a sports betting platform and do the betting there. ZCode is only meant to help you make the picks and it supposedly helps you win in the betting sites.

What Do ZCode System Users Say?

ZCode has been around for a really long time already according to its owner but it’s only going live now. Nonetheless, there is a big demand for sports betting tools which is why it comes with no surprises that a lot of people are trying out this product. 

Their official website has a whole section for testimonials but for this ZCode System review to remain impartial, we’ll stay away from those. This is why I decided to look for user comments about the product and fortunately there are a lot of them online. 

As I went through forums and reviews talking about ZCode, I saw that people have mixed emotions about this. Some of the comments claiming that they have used the system say that the system is generally useful. On the other hand, some people seem to be really skeptical about it. 

Here are some of the comments I saw from covers.com:

ZCode System Review – How Good is This?? Is It a Scam??
ZCode System Review – How Good is This?? Is It a Scam??
ZCode System Review – How Good is This?? Is It a Scam??

ZCode System Ugly Truths Revealed


  • ​Gives you access to a great community.
  • ​Their website gives off more information than what you would need and they also have numerous guides to make everything easier for their subscribers.
  • ​The system has a good amount of followers who seem to vouch for this product.


  • ​It’s definitely not for those who are new to the industry due to its high price and advanced level of technicality.
  • ​A lot of people seem to think that paying for services like this is totally senseless.
  • ​Red flags include fake testimonials and false scarcity.

ZCode System Review Final Verdict

Here’s my verdict:

This is the first thing related to sports betting that I reviewed here and it did not disappoint because it’s going down the wire. ZCode System in itself is a great system with numerous more great tools. Perhaps its biggest selling point is the expert community it has created because those insights are priceless. 

However, I cannot ignore the fact that this comes at a heavy price. Although it is assumed that you will earn more than what you will be paying, there is still no guarantee with that. 

As far as recommendations go, I can only recommend this for those who really have a career in sports betting. If you are clueless about sports betting, it may be wiser to stay away from this from now. 

Before I end this ZCode System review, I would like to take the opportunity to recommend my top pick to you. This product has little to do with sports betting but it is still a great way to earn passive income so check it out!

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