You Cubez Review – Should We Trust Them or Not?

You Cubez Review – Should We Trust Them or Not?

Welcome to our You Cubez review! In this article, we will answer the question: is You Cubez a scam? We’ll go by each thing that makes up this GPT website from its founder to the things you can actually get from it. We’ll round up with its pros and cons also before we get to our final verdict as to whether we would recommend this or not. 

Money-making platforms come in different shapes and sizes. From paid to click (PTC) sites to cash apps, the only thing left for you to do is to pick how you want to earn. With a good program and steady internet, you can and you will make money online.

Get-paid-to (GPT) websites gained popularity due to their claims of easy profit. Unfortunately, not all of these websites are actually helpful and some are even clear-cut scams. 

Let's see where You Cubez belongs.

You Cubez Review Summary

Product Name: You Cubez

Founder: Unknown

Product type: GPT Website

Price: Free

Best For: Beginners

Rating: 3/5

Recommended:  No

You Cubez Review – Should We Trust Them or Not?

Summary: In this You Cubez review, we found out that this GPT website is legit.. However, YC is nothing more than your average GPT service that pays ridiculously low which is why I could not recommend this. Joining is free and there are three major ways to earn - each limited. Is You Cubez a scam? I don't think so. 

What is You Cubez?

"Earn Cash Online"

These are the first words you will read once you visit You Cubez's official website. This is really as straightforward as it can get.

Right below the statement are the words "view websites," c"complete surveys," and "watch videos." We can deduce from the two statements that what we have here today is a GPT website that allows you to earn through the tasks we just mentioned. 

For this part of the review, I would usually search about the owners to see whether they can be trusted or not. Unfortunately, for the case of You Cubez, the owners were not disclosed. 

Although this is not exactly a bad thing, it's still something that would make you doubt their legitimacy. Anyway, let's go to how the program works. 

You Cubez Review – Should We Trust Them or Not?


How Does You Cubez Work?

GPT websites all work under the same principle. If you are a business looking to promote ads and other things, you can tap the services of websites like You Cubez. On the other hand, if you are someone looking for a way to make money online, you can join these websites.

Once you are in the system, you will be asked to view websites, complete surveys, and watch videos. I'll discuss the compensation you will get for each task later. According to their website though, they have sent out $20,000 in payment already to their members. 

Where Can I Get It?

Get-paid-to websites target those people who are just starting to look for ways to earn online. These people are those who are not familiar yet with far more effective ways such as affiliate marketing

However, as we mentioned at the start of this review, you might be better off without some of these GPT websites. In the case of You Cubez, I think you have better options. 

Anyway, if you think You Cubez is the one for you, feel free to check their website to know more. Signing up for the service is free but there are two premium membership options you will encounter. 

Here they are:

You Cubez Review – Should We Trust Them or Not?

Are you struggling to find a separate "day job"?

It is easy to run a ready-made website and start earning through affiliate marketing. You don't need a single thing to sell online at all.

How Can I Earn With You Cubez?

Reward System (Tasks)

As we have established, you can make money here by viewing ads, visiting websites, and answering surveys. You Cubez, much like other GPTs, hasits own currency which is called Cube Funds (CF). 

Each CF is equivalent to £0.000278 and you can earn CFs in varying amounts. To be more specific, you will be given £1 worth of CF for every 30 ads you view. For site visit, you cna earn up to £0.005 – £0.01. Surveys are much more profitable here and can help you earn hundreds of CFs.


In this day and age finding a little MLM scheme in programs like this is not new. More often than not, a referral scheme is adopted to boost the number of new comers and potential premium subscribers. For each person who signs up with your referral link, you will get 10 CF. 

What Do You Cubez Users Say?

Once you reach £8.00 worth of CF, you can withdraw your funds already to PayPal although this amount will lessen if you are a Premium member. But what are people saying about the service?

The thing is, You Cubez is not a popular choice among people. There are tons of GPT websites out there and people tend to cluster up in more trusted websites. With that said, I was not able to find actual user comments. 

For the sake of this You Cubez review though, I checked out other articles about the service. Unanimously, others are saying that this is a legit website but the earning opportunity is just ridiculously low. 

Very limited earning potential

Jivita of Advantage Affiliates

You Cubez Review – Should We Trust Them or Not?
You Cubez Review – Should We Trust Them or Not?
You Cubez Review – Should We Trust Them or Not?

Statements taken from various websites.

As expected, a lot of people are being really skeptical about this.

You Cubez Ugly Truths Revealed


  • Simple system that can be easily understood. 


  • Limited earning opportunities.
  • No known owner so we have nothing to compare for in terms of credibility. 
  • Low earning potential.

You Cubez Review Final Verdict

To be honest, I thought this would be one of the better GPT websites out there. However, upon reviewing everything I can only call this the average. 

The thing with You Cubez is that it is actually legit but the earning potential is just ridiculously low. GPT websites don't offer unlimited earnings and you won't get rich just by answering surveys all day. Opportunities here are actually limited like other websites. 

My verdict for this You Cubez review is that this GPT website is not a scam. Depite so, I won't recommend this website and I'd rather have you go for my top pick instead.

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