How to Write a Product Review That Generates Sales Like a Cash Machine

As an affiliate marketer, we know it can generate a lucrative and sustainable income. It is definitely easier to start an affiliate business than running it. It requires some techniques and skills to write a product review that generates sales like a cash machine.

Most of the affiliate marketers very often focus too much on SEO and try their very best to get ranked on search engines. Even if your articles are positioned on the first page or first rank on search engines, it is not necessary that it will generate revenue.

In this article, I am going to share with you some techniques to write an effective product review that generates sales like a cash machine.

How to Write a Product Review That Generates Sales Like a Cash Machine

How to Write a Product Review That Generates Sales Like a Cash Machine

Affiliate marketers make money through affiliate programs. However, many of us find it challenging to publish content that converts to sales.

No doubt, the best way to monetize your site is to review a product you love and showing your audience how it could help solving their problems. Along the way, you make a commission when they make a purchase clicking your affiliate link while reading through the article.

I had the same problems when I first started. It took me approximately a year to figure out several techniques that work.

If you are new to the world of affiliate marketing, it is totally okay to have no sales at the beginning. It is very rare someone new to hit a jackpot from the first day you start this online business.

It requires a lot of hard work and time to gain trusts from your audience. If you implement the following techniques in all your product review articles, you will start to notice a boost in rank over time.

Most importantly, be patient.

Ways to Convert Sales

#1 Honesty is the best policy

Do not exaggerate. Always be honest in your product reviews. Reading through an article, your readers will be able to tell if you have been honest with the review.

The most fundamental way of writing a product review is to go for the most obvious benefit. For instance, the most obvious benefit for a jacket is weather resistance.

It is not worth to overpromote a product if you are not confident with.

#2 Pros and Cons

No product is perfect on the market. There are always benefits and weaknesses.

However, it is not feasible to talk about the negatives in the beginning of an article. You should always begin with how the product can solve your readers’ problems.

How to Write a Product Review That Generates Sales Like a Cash Machine

How to Write a Product Review That Generates Sales Like a Cash Machine

It is absolutely fine to discuss the flaws of a product. Doing an objective and honest (#1) review usually does not scare your potential buyers away. Contrary, it helps earn the trust of those reading said review.

Consumers know that no product is perfect. Their real question is will this product serve their particular need and solve their problem.

#3 Product Comparisons

Most of us spend less than two minutes reading through the entire article just to find out if the product suits their need.

One way to get the audience’ attention is to tabulate a table of product comparison. This is a very effective way to persuade your audience to make a purchase of the product.

Having a visual way to compare to other possible choices can help readers decide which item is best for their needs. As long as you have affiliate links to all of the items, it doesn’t really matter which one they buy in the end.

There are many platforms you could use to make product review table, such as Go Pricing. If you are a creative person, you could also create infographics using

How to Write a Product Review That Generates Sales Like a Cash Machine

Personally, I like infographics because it converts better. I have been using since I first started blogging, it is interactive for the user and has more “out of the box” customization options.

#4 Usage of Power Words

As you make a review, remember to use the following power words that have strong psychological influence.

  • You: Using this word shows that you care about your readers and what they will benefit from the product.
  • Free: Just like you and me, we tend to be attracted to this word.
  • Because: You give a strong reason why your audience needs to buy it. It is a very good persuasive and powerful word
  • New: It works like “Free”, our brains are hardwired to respond to “New”.

#5 “Executive” Summary

I used to write a lot of reports back in my university time. Executive summary is always a must in most of the reports as it gives the most precise, accurate and consolidated information of a product.

Most people are lazy and they want to hear what they want to know. If you concise all the information into one short paragraph and justify how it could solve their problems, it will definitely get you a sale. Keep it short and uncluttered.

I bet you have heard that it is not recommended to put affiliate links near the top of the review page as it hurts SEO. However, there is no proof about it.

It is totally okay to do so if your review has high-quality content, internal linking, comment engagement, and proper keywords. Your page will always get ranked on search engines when people like it and share it on social media.

Your page will not be penalized unless you have over-spammed it excessive affiliate links and low-quality content.

#6 Use Images

Words are very important, but nothing tells a product’s story like pictures. It is always good to include photos to allow your audience visualize what exactly you are reviewing.According to gibLink,

Even if you are making a review of a service, you could also make a few snapshots of what they offer.

#7 Call To Action

What’s your niche site content goal? Of course, we want to generate sales and earn commissions from affiliate programs. That also means to send visitors to the merchants.

You need to use the right call to action into your content to pursue your readers to take that desired action. You should also use some wise call to actions within your contents. This will make your readers to click on the link.

A product review tells the potential buyer what to do next. It’s a good idea to link a website where the product can be purchased. Listing a phone number or email to contact for more information is also helpful.

Together with the power words (#4) and an executive summary (#5), both of them work well together for the call to action.

The potential buyer should understand what product they are buying, what problem the product will help them solve, and how the product will benefit them.

It’s also helpful if they understand why a particular product is a better buy than the competition.

You should include a call for action at the end of the review or at the end of the executive summary.

#8 Include Rating System w/ Metrics

Again, I am a lazy person. I don’t like to do hours of research on a product that supposedly to help me solve the problem unless it is an expensive one.

What I normally do is to look for websites with a rating system that rates the product.

When you do a product review, it is always good to include an image of the product, a rating system, a couple metrics (optional), maybe a quick reason why it’s awesome, and an affiliate link to the product.

I use WP Product Review for product rating and I think all affiliate marketers should include this as one of their must-have plugins.

How to Write a Product Review That Generates Sales Like a Cash Machine

#9 SEO Your Review

Word length – It is proven that blog posts should be long if you want to fare well on search engines. It applies to product review article too. I normally aim for more than 1,5000 words per article for my review.

Google and other search engines prefer long detailed content for their top rankings. Often the longer and more detailed the better rankings.

Keywords – These are very important when it comes to SEO. It’s important to optimize your review and your pay-per-click campaigns for niche keywords and not just broad, popular terms, which are often too difficult to rank for.

It is recommended to add H2 or H3 title in your post. H tags are useful for on-page SEO. Don’t go overboard and keyword stuff your article, but having your keyword in an H2, H3 and H4 can definitely boost your chances of ranking.

How to Write a Product Review That Generates Sales Like a Cash Machine

Your title will already be an h1 tag, so it’ll give Google a very strong indication that you should be ranked for that phrase, with minimal effort on your part.

You could use Jaaxy keyword research toolbox to find relevant keywords that rank for your product review.

Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Content Marketing

Internal linking – internal links can help with SEO when we speak about bounce rate. Bounce rate is nothing but the percentage of one-page visitors for your blog. If your blog has 70% bounce rate then, 70 out of 100 visitors, slip away from your blog by visiting only one page and without clicking internal links.

The bounce rate is one of the greatest factors that affects the ranking of a blog. t’s better always to interlink blog posts and keep visitors from slipping away from your blog. Google determines blogs with less bounce rate as of high quality and involvement.

Hence, to improve your bounce rate, remember to include an appropriate number of internal linking within your product review.

#10 Have Your Own Product Review Template

It is important to have a fix product review template in order to keep the consistency of your content. It eases your audiences when they read through your reviews within the site and it is easier for them to do product comparisons too.

Depending on your niche, there are endless categories of products, but I’ve included just a few of the most common ones. If for instance, you were going to review a DSLR camera, you may use very specific criteria around things like ISO, noise reduction, and lens compatibility – but for the purpose of this template, all those things would be lumped in under SPECIFICATIONS.


When writing your title, make it interesting but include product name and review. It’s a good way to rank a long tail keyword.

It is important to make the title interesting so that when it does show up in search engines or social media, people want to click it.

Executive Summary

A brief executive summary about your product is recommended and it can be used to highlight a feature or benefit of a product (See #5 for details). You could possible include the followings element in your executive summary.

  • Product name:
  • Made by:
  • Top 3 features:
  • Price:
  • Website:

Benefits – What Problem Does It Solve

This might be the most important part of the review. This is where you outline the benefits. Don’t get this mixed up with features. Benefits is the emotional attachement to a product. Connect emotionally with stories. Describe different scenarios of benefits.

How to Use the Product

How should the product be used? This depends on the product, if we review band aids, this might be a short section… remove the paper from the sticky part and place it over the injured area… Some other products you might have to really go into detail how they work.

Product Description and Features

This is where you will go into detail about the features. If we talk about a service provider, this is where you will go into detail about the level of difficulty, customer service, FAQ, hotline and more.

Who Is the Product For?

In my Wealthy Affiliate review, I included a question and answer section where I posted who should get this product, is it for people with or without affiliate marketing background, is it for people with or without blogging platforms, is it for people who want to learn affiliate marketing… describe who the product is for.

Pros and Cons

See #2 above.

Price and Warranties

In this section price and company warranties are discussed. It’s pretty forward, sharing the details. If I direct my readers to amazon, I usually have a section about the company itself and that would go here as well.

Final Thoughts

Real short sum up the review, again remind the reader about who should get it and why. Also, invite your readers to discuss the product. Encourage them to leave a comment with their questions or experiences.

Comments is a great way to create trust so encourage that.


There is no perfect template or strategy that will allow you to make sales from every single product review you post on your site. It all depends on your niches. I have spent a long time to figure what kind of template converts more and I have shared with you the must-have components above.

In short, the most important things I’ve learned to write reviews that convert to sales are

  • Make your post readable
  • Make your conclusions obvious
  • Make it easy to buy through your links
  • Use visuals to keep things interesting

One last point that’s worth mentioning is that you should write enough information to satisfy any question a reader may have. This is so after someone finished reading what you have to say, they don’t feel the need to continue their research somewhere else.

Remember this, no matter how good you SEO your article, if there are questions that are still unanswered after reading, the next guy could answer those questions, and make the sale.

Spend some time to fine tune your review before you publish them. This is a frustrating point for newbie affiliate marketers. I used to stress about losing sales like that. It’s just part of the job, and should be an incentive to improve your website enough that people don’t want to leave.

I hope you like this post on How to Write a Product Review That Generates Sales Like a Cash Machine. I wish you good luck in your next product review.


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