Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Content Marketing

Keywords are one of the most important element of SEO. Bloggers or editorial teams of big companies are always on the lookout for useful keyword research tool in order to get targeted content. I have tried many of them and found one that works great for my content planning. Read on if you want to find out which is the best keyword research tool for content marketing.

Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Content Marketing

The Importance of Keyword Research

Almost all internet users nowadays make use of search engines like Google and Yahoo to look for information.

All you do is to type in a keyword or a keyword phrase. Search engines hence return a list of relevant topics that match with the keyword phrases used during your search.

This is the reason why finding the right keyword is one of the most important elements in content marketing. It helps to match your articles to what your targeted readers are looking for.

Not only that, targeting keywords will also lead to long-term and short-term organic search traffic for your website.

Your task is to select the keyword phrases that target to the right kind of traffic that goes to your website. When you have traffic, you can easily convert into sales.

In contrary, if you use the wrong keyword phrases, you will only gain traffic that will not contribute to your online business revenue.

All content marketers find one of the hardest things to do in keyword research is to identify the related keywords to the niches.

Without a keyword research tool, each article that you spent hours or days working on would be a trial and error at what your target audience is looking for.

Remember this, you are not the only blogger who writes about your niche. There is a lot of competition out there on the internet and how do you get the audience to your site and read your posts?

If you can find “hidden” keywords that have a decent search volume, but less competition, your organic search traffic will definitely grow rapidly.

If you have worked extra hard in publishing your content regularly and ended up with very little traffic, you are probably missing this key element – keyword research.

Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Content Marketing 1

Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Content Marketing?

If you are serious about running your website and serious about SEO, you should strongly consider investing in a keyword research tool.

If you type keyword research tool on search engines, you will probably get a list of them.

To help with that, I am going to share with you the keyword research tool that I am currently using and how it brings great traffic to my site.

Let’s have a look at this research keyword tool – Jaaxy.

Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Content Marketing

What is Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool?

Jaaxy is an online keyword tool that populates the exact search numbers of a keyword and tells you how many other competing websites have used the same keywords.

Let me show you an example. As I type in “how to make money online” into Jaaxy, I get 20 potential keywords.

Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Content Marketing

Jaaxy gives you the following information:

  1. Average monthly searches (Avg);
  2. Estimated traffic (Traffic) to your site if your page is ranked on the first page of search engine;
  3. Competition of the keyword (QSR), number of competing websites that are ranked on search engine for the exact keyword; and
  4. Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) and SEO index (SEO) that tells you which keywords are good (green, 100) and bad (red, 0);
  5. Related Keywords: Jaaxy suggests closely related keywords or phrases for you to dig deep into your keyword quest.

In this example, you could see that if you use “how to make money online” as your keyword phrase in your post, you will get more than 30,000 visitors to your site IF you manage to get your post ranked on the first page of the search engine.

The same keyword phrase also shows that there are more than 200 websites that have already published posts on “how to make money online“. Therefore, to compete with the other 200 websites, it is not an easy task.

Other Great Features of Jaaxy

Site Rank

If you move on to the second tab, “Site Rank”, this is where you can check how well your site or article is ranked on search engines.

Let me show you an example.

I can trace how well my post is ranked on search engines by typing “serious blogger only online”. When I hit “Search” button, it returns where my post is ranked. For this example, my post is ranked at 7 on page 1 of Google search engine.

Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Content Marketing


What best about Jaaxy is it provides training course on how you could maximize the tool and get your site ranked.

Jaaxy was recently released and they have updated the training with four videos, 20 minutes each, and they are quite useful for beginners and intermediates.

On top of that, there are three Bonuses you could get.

Bonus #1: You can download a list of high traffic and low competition keywords.

Bonus #2: If you have not started a site, you could make use of Jaaxy to identify your niche. You could download this handbook for niche research.

Bonus #3: Jaaxy also provides you some tricks on how you could buy some low-cost domains and sell them off via domain flipping.

Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Content Marketing

How to Choose the Right Keywords?

Rule #1: I always make sure that the keyword makes sense. Look at the chart again, “best ways make money online” sounds odd and it is grammatically wrong.

Rule #2: Look for monthly searches that are at least 20 searches.

Rule #3: Make sure the QSR is less than 100. The less the better. Maybe some people are fighting for a home run keyword (competitive) but I choose a low competition keyword with low searches.

My theory is simple, it is better off targeting 100 low competition keywords that get me 10 clicks per day because I prefer to take the easy path when it comes to ranking.

A ranking is no good unless you can get on the first page of Google. Even if you got ranked on the 2nd page under a keyword that gets 1,000 clicks you are not going to get much if any traffic at all. This is evidenced in the chart below. It shows the traffic percentages (by page) in Google.

Which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Content Marketing

If you are sharp enough, you will see “learn how to make money online” has zero competitive websites and it has more than 7,000 searches per month. This probably can be your next post if your niche is about making money online.

Jaaxy is an Organic Keyword Research Tool?

Yes, Jaaxy is an organic keyword research tool that helps content marketers to get FREE traffic.

With the help of Jaaxy and your effort of producing quality content, your site will move up in the ranking as time passes and you will see a significant rise in organic traffic.

As you monitor the performance of each post on “Site Rank” feature, you could use other SEO strategies to improve their rankings.

Try Jaaxy for Free Here

Try it out! Use what you learned here today and see what you can find.

Who is Jaaxy for?

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert in blogging, keyword research is necessary for content marketing.

Jaaxy is a perfect tool for almost everyone due to its simplistic dashboard.

Even if you are stuck, you could contact the founder directly or log on to the community forum or live chat. The other option is to simply drop me a message in the comment box below.

Bottom Line

The first thing you will notice about Jaaxy is that it is an organic keyword research tool for SEO newbies and professionals.

If you are looking for a fresh list of keywords to use as the foundation for your content marketing, Jaaxy is a must-have tool.

If I am asked which is the best keyword research tool for content marketing, Jaaxy is definitely my recommended SEO tool.

which Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For Content Marketing


I hope you understand by now the importance of keyword research and which is the best keyword research tool for content marketing.

I have to admit that digging into less competitive keywords can be difficult. It may take some time and practice to find the right keywords.

However, it is an essential SEO skill if you want to get good traffic. Good keyword research will make your life much easier down the road.

You will get search engine traffic faster and with less effort (building backlinks) when you target the right keywords.

It’s Your Turn Now. If you have any other keyword research ideas that you’d like to share with me or other readers, please leave me a comment below.


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9 Responses

  1. Jovo says:

    It looks rather bad seeing that pie-chart about the traffic. You do not exist if you are not on the first page in Google. You suggest Jaaxy, I have tried it, those 30 free searches which they give. Yes it is a great tool, but it is expensive. On the other hand what to do really with those keywords it suggests? Those are quoted results. Nobody searches under quotes. So what competition does it really describe?

    • Alex Y says:

      I do not quite agree with you that the tool is expensive. If you look around, you will probably find other keyword research tools in the market that cost more than Jaaxy.

      It is true that those are quoted results, but if you do proper SEO by inserting the keyword phrases at the right place like header, url and etc, (read my post on SEO Strategies ), it will definitely help in ranking your site at higher positions. At least, it works perfectly fine for me.

  2. Xander says:

    Hi Alex,

    I really enjoyed reading your post and I found it really informative. You cover every aspect of Jaaxy and what it is all about. I was just wondering if a paid keyword service is the way to go if you write less post? I know people that write 20+ post a month really need to use something like that, but I only write about 8 a month. Do you still advise it?

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Xander,

      I think this question is really hard to answer.

      Keyword research is a tool to assist bloggers to not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, but also learn more about your customers as a whole.

      There is no clear correlation between the publishing frequency and ranking. The most important element in getting your post ranked is publishing high-quality content. Jaaxy will be always a plus for you no matter how many posts you publish. So, I strongly recommend Jaaxy!

      Hope this helps.


  3. Gayatri Mantra says:

    Thanks for sharing nice list of keyword research tool for content marketing…

  4. jan says:

    Great info. I have a question about keyword searches. So monthly searches should be at least 20 and QSR should be under 100 correct? Should I care about the KQI and what color it is? The keywords “learn how to make money online” has 3772 searches and QSR of 294 so wouldn’t that be a really competitive keyword which you wouldn’t want?

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Jan.
      Keyword Quality Index allows you to quickly scan a list of keywords and visually find the ones that are more likely to be better keywords. KQI is based on traffic volume, competition, and estimated ranking results…thus giving you a powerful and quick way to interpret keyword lists. The greener the better.

      “Learn how to make money online” is a very competitive keyword that I wouldn’t use. That is why you should target longer tail keywords such as “Learn how to make money online selling beard oil” or “Learn how to make money online without SEO experience”.

  5. RichPersonality says:

    Jaaxy is also my favorite keyword tool. I’ve tried a few keyword tools and jaaxy is the simplest and easiest to use. I had no difficulties using jaaxy for 6 months now. Without a keyword tool you’re basically doomed, because you won’t know how competitive your niche is and what to write about. Jaaxy does provides with everything you need to successfully get the right keyword for your website!

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