What Is Sparkster Trying to Solve in the Layman’s Terms

Sparkster is one of the projects that could potentially disrupt the entire app-building tech industry as it works like WordPress where bloggers or business owners do not require any programming knowledge to create, run, and maintain their websites. Sparkster aims to give accessibility to public and non-programmers for developing dApps with their dragging and dropping functionalities. Other than that, there are other issues that Sparkster aims to solve. In this article, we discuss what Sparkster is trying to solve in the layman’s terms.

What Is Sparkster Trying to Solve in the Laymans Terms

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What Is Sparkster Trying to Solve in the Layman’s Terms


As we all know, as the number of blockchain transactions increases, blockchains are growing rapidly in size, resulting in slow transaction times. This is because the number of transactions a blockchain can digest never exceeds that of any of the network’s nodes. One key challenge still remains within blockchain – solving the blockchain scaling problem.

Although cryptocurrencies continue to garner headlines, their lack of ability to compete with mainstream competitors like Visa in terms of transactions per second only becomes more apparent.

Sajjad Daya, the CEO of Sparkster makes a bold claim of potentially being able to deliver 10 million transactions per second (tx/s) with their decentralised cloud computing smart software solution.

The idea of the project was born in 2009, and development started in 2012, on the basis of the company called Synchronized Communications, later renamed into Syncoms. Since 2014, the main team has been working full time. Besides, it has a test-net and not just a whitepaper. At the time of writing, Sparkster already has a testnet with three times the TPS of  Zilliqa and Quarkchain.

Sparkster is trying to make the transactions faster by using sharding and it doesn’t have a root blockchain. The software is operating in a private environment (shards) and there are no any dependencies between shards.

Let’s take a step back and understand what sharding is.

Altcoins are built on blockchains. Blockchains are enormous distributed ledgers, where every node on a network gets updated on what happens with every coin in the network. It can be effective when the network is small but becoming slower as it grows.

Sharding is a mechanism that assigns random nodes to perform the same job, instead of the entire network. The idea is that smaller sets of nodes will crunch the data faster and that the random distribution means nobody is stuck doing all the work.

Each shard can easily operate on 1k TPS. As Sparkster’s team says “processing tens of millions of transactions per second ON CHAIN” they mean that 10k shards multiply by the transaction speed in each shard and that is equivalent to 10 million TPS.

Since the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud is designed to be a specialized blockchain for the execution of Smart Software, they eliminate the constraints such as the necessity of maintaining Global State. This allows Sparkster to shard their Distributed Has Tables by client groups.

What Is Sparkster Trying to Solve in the Laymans Terms

Not only that, by implementing features like “zk-SNARKs”, originally commissioned by Zcash to allow zero-knowledge proofs, Sparkster claims that the isolation won’t compromise the privacy and security of their blockchain.

Integration of Future’s Technologies

As the IoT grows, the use of modular and/or ‘componentised’ development will be increasingly important as organisations seek solutions that will give them a rapid business advantage.

Besides, we are witnessing alliances between leading incumbent financial services and technology companies, using robotics and AI to address key pressure points, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. They are targeting a specific combination of capabilities such as social and emotional intelligence, natural language processing, logical reasoning, identification of patterns and self-supervised learning, physical sensors, mobility, navigation, and more. It is obvious that the trends are directly linked to technology-driven innovation.

Hence, traditional Enterprise Resource Planning’s (ERP) architectural very often are incompatible with the technology of the future.

To solve this issue, software generated by the Sparkster Platform is built for high volume and distributed applications. It is architected to support the voracious demands of IOTA and AI environments.

Though presently Sparkster platform has a native integration with Ethereum and IOTA, it seeks to add other multi-chain capability to its network.

Accessibility to the Necessary Talent and Skills to Execute

Other than technologies, the other biggest problem is the skills and interests of today’s IT team members and third-party talent may not be up to the challenges of tomorrow’s technical environment where partnering with customers will be the key to success.

Sparkster’s platform allows layman with an idea to be able to expressively bring his or her original thoughts to live without facing the technicalities of writing computer code.

The drag-and-drop widgets on the dashboard make building applications easy and more cost-effective than traditional cloud computing. This brings to end the problems of timeliness, cost-effectiveness and skill in building blockchain technology.

Having spent the last 14 years working with software engineers to design and build ERP software for a fledgeling startup, Sparkster was born from extreme frustration and the answer to our founder exclaiming “just give me the tools, and I’ll do it myself!”

As an example here, no one has the time to start learning how to code blockchain smart contracts and what have you. Hence their platform is uniquely positioned to solve this problem by enabling Smart Contracts to be built in plain English with the motive to allow you focus on the results of what it’s meant to be.

Via this WordPress alike dashboard, the Sparkster Platform empowers the people running the business with the tools to build the business process of the future that will ultimately keep them competitive.

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