What is Pinecone Research? Should I Join? Read This Pinecone Research Review

What is Pinecone Research? It is legit or a scam? Why can’t I sign up? Read my review on Pinecone Research and find out how you can be rewarded from joining this survey panel.

What is Pinecone Research Should I Join

What is Pinecone Research About? Is Pinecone Research a Scam?

Name: Pinecone Research
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100
Reward:  Gift cards, e-vouchers, PayPal
Fee: $0
Processing Time: approximately two days to process the payment (PayPal)

What is Pinecone Research? Should I Join?

What is Pinecone Research? Pinecone is a survey panel just like Opinion Outpost. If you are worried as to whether it is a scam or a legitimate company, I can assure you it is definitely a legitimate company.

Pinecone Research is owned and operated by Nielsen Group in the US, one of the most reputable market research company in the market. It is also the parent company of AC Nielsen Bases.

Checking the rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB), it has a D rating, on a scale from A+ to F. However, its parent company Nielsen Group is rated A+ by BBB.

I am not too sure if their rating was affected by an incident in 2012, where there was a fake website named itself Pinecone. This fake website disguised itself as a survey panel and invited people to become its members. A few complaints were reported to BBB back then and it could be the reason why it is rated D (lower than what I expected).


If you are more than 18-year-old and a resident of the US, UK or Canada, you can sign up as a member of Pinecone Research.

However, you will notice that there is no sign-up link on the official home page. That is because their membership is by invitation only by their current members or referral websites.

Unlike other survey panels, Pinecone Research does not seek for new members constantly. This allows more opportunities for their existing members to earn more rewards.

How to Make Money with Pinecone Research?

Upon signing up, you will be required to complete your personal profile so that Pinecone Research will screen through their member database and identify the best candidates for surveys. Normally, you will be invited via email.

Most online surveys are done on different hosts (websites). You will be provided a temporary password that you can log in and take the surveys.

In average, each survey may take around 15 to 30 minutes and you can earn up to $2 for each survey. When it was still new, you can make $5 from each survey. It is now almost impossible to get this commission rate when a newbie.

However, the reward will increase progressively as you take more surveys.

Other than that, you can also make some money by trying out some new products. Products are normally shipped to you with instruction manual at no cost. Once you are done with the testing, you are required to write a review on the tested product. You normally earn more points from testing products.

Getting Paid from Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research currently uses Point system where 100 points are equivalent to $1.

Unlike other survey panels in the markets, one good thing about Pinecone Research is there is no minimum cash out threshold.

There are several options to get paid from Pinecone Research. You can redeem your points through:-

  • Cash via check
  • PayPal
  • E-Vouchers
  • Amazon Gift cards
  • Movie or Restaurant Vouchers
  • iTunes gift cards and Walmart gift cards

If you opt for cash-out via PayPal, the payment will be processed and credited within 24 hours. For this, Pinecone Research has become one of the fastest paymasters.

Why Pinecone Research Makes Sense?

(+) Their payout is relatively high as compared to many other survey panels in the market. As you take more surveys, your reward will progressively increase over time.

(+) Low cash-out threshold (ZERO). Let me rephrase, there is no minimum redemption threshold. You can cash out anytime as long as there are points in your account.

(+) One of the fastest paymasters in the market. It used to take 24 hours to get the cash paid out to PayPal. Recently, the lead time has been increased to two days. However, it is still considered fast in the field of business.

(+) Due to its unique member sign-up features (by special invitation only), they have limited the amount of headcount and that leads to high chances for their existing members to make money. Over the years, Pinecone has increased their survey invite from 1 to 2 per month to 1 – 2 per week.

(+) Their rewards for product test are among the highest in this business field.  You can earn up to $6 for a normal product test.

(+) Pinecone Research has one of the best customer support systems. They are very helpful and quick to respond. Remember the incident in 2012 that I mentioned above? They have put up a Security Notice Page and warn the public about the fake Pinecone that tried to scam people’s hard earned money.

(+) Most of the survey panels disqualify respondents half way through the survey-taking. Pinecone will never screen you out in the middle of taking the surveys.

There Must be Some Negative Sides of Pinecone Research

(-) One of the biggest downsides is their unique membership sign up feature. No one will ever know when they are open to receive new members.

(-) The payment processing time has been doubled to two days due to the introduction of a new reward system in 2013. Pinecone has to first convert points to cash and only process the payment to PayPal.

(-) Most of the time you will be granted access to different websites. The interfaces are not standardized and they can be confusing.

(-) Pinecone Research only allows you to own one account per household. Don’t ever try to be smart and create a few accounts, they manage to detect and your account will be terminated and your rewards will be confiscated.


Pinecone Research is no doubt one of the top survey panels in the market. I really like Pinecone as it protects the existing members by maximizing the chances of making money.

Pinecone Research is highly recommended here BUT you will need to log on to their homepage from time to time to check when they are opened for membership registration.

What is Pinecone Research? Should You Join?

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What is Pinecone Research - Should You Join?

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2 Responses

  1. Win Back Your Ex Comments says:

    This look quite interesting and have to say I have never heard of Pinecone Research before.

    I have of course (like I am sure many others have) tried to jump on these offers of earning easy money by carrying out surveys…

    On one that I joined though (I forget the name) I was waiting sometimes 3 and 4 days for a survey to become available .. and even then it only offered a dollar or two.

    What is the situation on Pinecone for survey availability?



    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Chris,

      One good thing about Pinecone is it is available for free but you will have to get a special invitation in order to sign up. Pinecone survey invite frequency strongly depends on your demographics. I would say in average, you can get approximately 1 – 2 surveys per week. Not too bad as compared to many other survey panels.


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