What Is Pareto Network (PXT)? Should I Buy Pareto Token as Investment?

What is Pareto Network? In brief, it is a peer-to-peer platform that allows anyone to create and provide actionable financial analysis and information about digital currencies. In return, we will receive incentives for the shared ideas. Should you buy Pareto as your long-term investment? Read on to find out.

What Is Pareto Network (PXT) Should I Buy Pareto Token as Investment

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken and viewed as investment advice, but only information and opinions. This article is for information and illustrative purposes only.

What Is Pareto Network (PXT)?

Cryptocurrencies are a brand new subject of investment analysis and many factors must be taken into account when making an investment decision for any one of these assets.

However, due to its high and lucrative return on investment (ROI). Many traders or investors get their best information on cryptocurrencies today through social media, Youtube, bloggers, forums, and Telegrams.

With all the hype and FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) spreading all over these platforms, investors often are confused whether the information provided is legitimate.

In the presence of such problems, Pareto Network offers a platform where anyone with Pareto (PXT) can submit content. In that way, it provides the crypto community the first real-time actionable intelligence platform for investors.

In a simpler form of explanation, it replicates the function of research desks at investment banks, providing a flow of information that anyone can access and aligns economic incentives to promote that reality.

How Pareto Network Works?

When Pareto launches, the content contributors will be qualified and recruited by Pareto. This is to ensure that as the platform gets a good head start and this makes sure that the information is robust, legitimate, and of true value to the initial user base.

In phase two, it is envisaged that the contributors will grow organically, as the contributors will be drawn to the Network.  The contributors will be rewarded to add content to earn rewards and Pareto (PXT) tokens from users.

Submissions of content to the Pareto Network are open to anyone. However, in order to raise or keep the quality of the information in the content, contributors will pay a fee to Pareto to make their content available to the users. This fee will also deter spam or other inappropriate or irrelevant content.

That simply means Pareto (PXT) tokens will be as valuable as the information in the Pareto Network is, or as valuable as future information in the Pareto Network is perceived to be. To access the Pareto Network, Pareto tokens are required at the first place.

The utility of the Pareto token is that it is the only way to access information disclosed on the Pareto Network.

The Pareto Network uses a ranking algorithm to determine the order in which Pareto token holders are provided with the information created by the Content Providers. The outcome of the ranking algorithm is called the waterfall, and it is akin to a Leader board.

There are a variety of criteria which have an influence on a holder’s position within the waterfall and these can be used strategically to obtain information. The Pareto Network ranking algorithm is heavily weighted to owning and spending Pareto tokens to pay Content Contributors, which promotes scarcity of Pareto tokens.

Spending tokens by paying Content Contributors is the best way to move up in the rankings to receive the information available in the Pareto Network sooner. Thus, Pareto tokens represent the cost to the user of accessing the Pareto Network and receiving its content at the optimal time relative to other users.

What Is Pareto Network (PXT) Should I Buy Pareto Token as Investment

In short, the more profitable the information (from the content Contributor) is for investors, the more votes and Pareto tokens they receive. The tokens can then be sold on secondary markets if they choose to do so.

The Pareto token (PXT) is an ERC-20 token, and ownership of PXT is the only way to participate in the network. Therefore, the underlying consensus mechanism supporting transactions in Pareto tokens is Proof of Work (POW) until such time as the Ethereum blockchain migrates to a Proof of Stake (POS) consensus mechanism.

Should I Buy Pareto Token as Investment?

Pareto Network project is completely unique and potentially, will become extremely valuable in time should their marketplace take off. At the time of writing, there isn’t any strong competition in what they are doing.

Unique ideas are often the most lucrative and interesting ones, because of the fact that they can fill a previously unfulfilled market. Hence, Pareto is the world’s first P2P financial content marketplace. It’s where investors and experts can trade profitable information piecemeal, bypassing traditional structures with high barriers of entry.

Information is an extremely valuable commodity when dealing with financial products, especially to those who are completely new. The launch of the Pareto Network will give everyone a chance to stay ahead of the curve and benefit from an advanced knowledge of critical events in the crypto space.

Cryptocurrencies are a brand new subject of investment analysis and many factors must be taken into account. Majority of the people in the world are not exposed yet to the crypto technologies. In the presence of Pareto Network, it will open the door to successful trading knowledge and build a community around the discovery of actionable cryptocurrency information. Who doesn’t want that?

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