What Is Nebulas (NAS)? Should I Invest in Nebulas?

Nebulas is one of the cryptocurrencies that is under the radar. What is Nebulas? Nebulas is a decentralized Google. In other words, a search framework that has an aim to empower users to create their first blockchain search engine, search multi-type data in blockchain world, open-source value ranking algorithm and start with your familiar high-level languages. Should you invest in Nebulas? Read on to find out.

What Is Nebulas (NAS) Should I Invest in Nebulas

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken and viewed as investment advice, but only information and opinions. This article is for information and illustrative purposes only.

What Is Nebulas (NAS)?

Nebulas was founded back in June of 2017, by Hitters Xu, an ex-Google employee in the Anti-Fraud team.

It is a decentralized platform which provides a search framework for all blockchains. Its main aim is to address the current challenges within the blockchain community of measure of value, self-evolving capability, and healthy ecosystem development.

It’s going to be its own native blockchain (currently it’s ERC20 so you can store on MEW) that allows anyone to search for dApps.

Nebulas’ team has created a framework to address the issues including Nebulas Rank (NR), Nebulas Force (NF), Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP, and Proof of Devotion (PoD).

Nebulas’ technology has three main core features:-

  • Value Ranking
  • Self-evolving
  • Incentive

What Is Nebulas (NAS) Should I Invest in Nebulas

Value Ranking

NR measures the value of Nebulous by considering propagation and liquidity of the address. The NR tries to establish a computable, deterministic and trustful measurement approach. it has been open-sourced. The algorithm is based on liquidity, propagation of users’ assets, and the interactivity between users.

NR’s main function is to rank addresses, smart contracts, distributed applications (Dapps) and other entities on the blockchain.

Self-evolving (Nebulas Force)

NF supports upgrading smart contracts and core protocol on the chains. It also provides self-evolving capabilities of Nebulas system and its applications. With NF, the developer can build rich applications that can dynamically adapt to the community or market changes.

With NF developers are able to make changes, incorporate new technologies, and fix bugs without needing to hard fork. Unlike common software, the decentralized blockchain system cannot enforce users to upgrade clients and protocols.

Incentive – Developer incentive protocol (DIP)

DIP is designed to build a blockchain ecosystem in a better way. The token incentives help developers to create more values in Nebulas. It provides a positive feedback loop which encourages developers to create high-quality distributed applications.

That simply means developers who outperform (rank based on NR) will be incentivized with Nebulas Token.

Team Members

Hitters Xu, Founder & CEO of Nebulas, Founder of AntShares (NEO), a blockchain pioneer in China, the former Director of Ant Financial’s Blockchain Platform (Alibaba’s financial arm) and part of Google’s Search & Anti-Fraud team.

Robin Zhong, Nebulas co-founder, former architect of Ant Financial’s Blockchain Platform, former Senior Development Director of Dolphin Browser, Leader of Game Division. Graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Aero Wang, Nebulas & Antshares (NEO) co-founder, initiator of OpenIP & IP Community, a serial entrepreneur in blockchain industry.

Where to Buy Nebulas (NAS)?

At the time of writing, Nebulas is available on the following exchanges:-

  • Huobi
  • Gate.io
  • OKEx
  • EtherDelta
  • Allcoin
  • Lbank
  • BCEX

Should I Invest in Nebulas?

Nebulas is the first blockchain search engine and it is integrated with smart contract prediction. Nebulas is partnered with Tencent, and the testnet is up and online. Mainnet is aimed to launch in Q1 2018. Other than that, Nebulas has an active dev team that constantly update the Github repo.

What Is Nebulas (NAS) Should I Invest in Nebulas

MYF team thinks that it is one of the cryptocurrencies that is worth holding for long-term profits, without being manipulated (pump and dump). Nebulas will grow stronger over time because Nebulas is building an upgrade feature for applications on the blockchain. Base protocols will achieve upgrade through the addition of data. Smart contracts are upgradable through cross contract access to state variables.

Furthermore, with the commonly known scalability of blockchain, Nebulas has an efficient upgrade system that allows for rapid scalability. Other than that, it is fully compatible with Ethereum smart contracts.

What we think it will excel and become the next NEO because Nebulas has an accredited team behind them. Combine this with dApps, smart contracts, and other advanced features and Nebulas is a serious competitor among third-generation blockchain projects.

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