What Is MySurvey – Is It A Scam? Read MySurvey Review Before Joining

MySurvey is one of the oldest and the most trustable online survey panels in the world. What is MySurvey? Is it a scam or a legitimate company? Read this honest review and find out more.

What Is MySurvey - Is It A Scam

What Is MySurvey – Is It A Scam?

Name: MySurvey
Website: www.mysurvey.com
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100
Reward:  Gift cards, e-vouchers, PayPal, sweepstakes, and charity donation
Fee: $0
Processing Time: four to eight weeks to process the payment

Company's Contact Info Screenshot

What Is MySurvey? It is among the first online survey panels that collect market research data. If you ask me if MySurvey is a legitimate company. I can 100% tell you that it is not only a legitimate survey panel, it is also a very reputable product.

MySurvey was previously known as National Family Opinion (NFO). Before the born of the internet, this company has already been collecting market research since 1946.

They started first in the US and then in the UK, Canada, and Malaysia. MySurvey then launched their online panel in 1995.

Similar to Global Test Market, MySurvey is run by the Lightspeed Online Research, Inc. It is also a principal investment of WPP Plc. For those who do not know about WPP Plc, it is one of the largest advertising and media agencies in the market. Lightspeed Online Research, Inc is a global leader in market research.

As usual, I first checked the Better Business Bureau ‘s site to find out the rating of MySurvey. As expected, MySurvey is rated A+ from BBB.

MySurvey has been around in the market for a very long time and they have offices in more than 70 different countries all around the world that helps them conduct market research studies.

MySurvey is available in USACanadaChinaHong KongThailandSingapore, Korea, JapanMalaysiaAustraliaUKIrelandEspañaFranceBelgiëNederlandDeutschlandSuisseÖsterreich,ItaliaSverigeDanmark, РоссияPolskaΕλλάδαTürkiye, and Norge.

How To Make Money With MySurvey?

MySurvey works with manufacturers and companies helping them to conduct studies about their consumers by collecting some feedback on products and services that these manufacturers and companies provide.

This information is often very crucial and important to these companies as it allows them to improve their existing products and come up with newer products or services.

Just like other survey panels like Opinion Outpost, Global Test Market, and Valued Opinions, MySurvey collects opinions from specific groups of people for specific products. These specific groups of people are called respondents.

You can sign up as a respondent (member) of MySurvey by filling up some simple forms. Upon activating your MySurvey account, you will be directed to a page where you are required to fill up your personal details and demographics.

It is essential to fill in all your personal information and be thorough with it. MySurvey will normally screen through the respondents’ profiles to make sure that their demographics fit the survey requirements.

If your profile is found to be inconsistent, your account will potentially be terminated and barred from taking surveys until you provide honest personal information.

Just like any other survey panels, you will have to first find out if they operate in your country. Then, join MySurvey as a member by going to the MySurvey’s website of your country.

#1 Standard Online Survey

Once you become a member of MySurvey, you can take online surveys on a variety of different topics. In average, you can earn between 10-500 points for each survey you successfully complete.

Just like Global Test Market, MySurvey normally requires you to fill up some basic info on their pre-screeners to double confirm if you are qualified for the given survey. However, you will be given some points even if you are notified that you are disqualified for the given survey.

Most surveys are short and take only 10 minutes to complete. The longer the survey, the more points you can earn.

#2 Referral Program

Just like Vivatic, MySurvey offers a referral program whereby you can recruit your friends to become a member of MySurvey. Every successful sign-up will earn you 150 points ($1.50).

#3 Product Testing

From time to time, you will also be invited for product testing whereby you will be using the products for a period of time. You will be asked to give your opinion on the product that you have used. Most of the time, you will have to pay for the shipping cost. This kind of survey has the highest reward points within MySurvey.

#4 Bonus Sweepstakes
Every month, members are randomly selected to receive 10,000 points in exchange for being active survey takers. For a certain amount of surveys completed, you will gain an entry to win some cash through their sweepstakes. The draw prize can go up to $100.

Getting Paid from MySurvey

What Is MySurvey - Is It A Scam

Similarly to SurveySpot survey, MySurvey implements the points system to calculate the reward due to you. To be honest, I do not like survey panels that run points system as the point redemption is often very confusing.

However, redeem your rewards via MySurvey’s points system is fair and transparent. For every 1,200 points you accumulate with MySurvey, you will be able to redeem $10 through PayPal.

Not only that you can also redeem your points for the following items:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Cash paid via PayPal
  • Sweepstakes entries
  • Restaurant gift cards
  • Donations to charity
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Merchandise
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Tango gift cards

To redeem gift cards, you can redeem $10 voucher with 1,100 points. Furthermore, you could also exchange for a cash donation to a variety of different charities with 1,100 points for $10 charity donation.

Why MySurvey Makes Sense

(+) It is free to become a member of MySurvey.

(+) It is easy and straightforward to sign up as a member of MySurvey.

(+) MySurvey has a mobile app that members can access to participate in their mobile-friendly surveys on the go.

(+) MySurvey sends out survey invites quite frequently, I normally get three to four survey invites per week.

(+) MySurvey takes four to eight days to process the Amazon gift cards redemption.

(+) Low cash-out threshold – $10.

(+) MySurvey is open to the US, Canada, European and Oceania regions.

(+) MySurvey is available for those aged 14 and above.

There Must be Some Negative Sides of MySurvey

(-) The point redemption varies from a few seconds to as much as three months after you earn them. The redemption is normally longer for referral points as the new members must submit the survey that comes with his or her welcome email.

It can also take more than a month to process and transfer the cash. In average, it takes four to eight weeks to process the payment.

(-) As a member of MySurvey, if you fail to check in regularly, there is a possibility that you will no longer receive notifications of new surveys.  That simply means the more times you login and the longer you do so, the greater the chances of receiving invites.

(-) One common problem we always have with online survey site is members often get error messages upon completing surveys. This leads to losing the credit and it turns out to be completely a waste of time.


MySurvey.com is a legitimate survey panel and it has been in the market for a very long time. When it comes to its legitimacy, it is definitely a no problem product. It has previously rewarded more than $32 million to its members worldwide in 2014.

So far among all my survey panel reviews, MySurvey is by far the best panel followed by Vivatic and Global Test Market.

I always recommend people to join more than one survey panel if they want to make money through survey panels. It does not make sense if you only rely on just one company when you only receive two to three survey invites per week. It is almost impossible to make $10 per month if you only sign up with one survey panel.

MySurvey is rated as the # 1 online survey panel based on my review. We all know that there is no perfect program in this world. Although it sometimes does have some technical problems, it is still a trustable company that pays their members.

My Thought

There are many ways to make money online but making money through paid survey sites is not my favorite. I have tried a few survey sites in the past. However, I often found I had to spend a significant amount of time filling up survey forms and they came with relatively small rewards. In average, I managed to make one dollar per hour if I work extremely hard enough and receive survey consistently.

I have tried a few survey sites in the past. However, I often found I had to spend a significant amount of time filling up survey forms and they came with relatively small rewards. In average, I managed to make one dollar per hour if I work extremely hard enough and receive survey consistently.

In average, I managed to make one dollar per hour if I work extremely hard enough and receive survey invites consistently. For those who have tried it, you know you do not get survey invites every day.

If you are hoping to earn a decent salary that allows you to quit your nine-to-five job, I am sorry to say it is almost impossible.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a problem only with MySurvey but with almost every online survey companies in the market.

It’s Your Turn Now

I appreciate if you could share this post “What Is MySurvey – Is It A Scam?” with your friends.

For those who have tried MySurvey, share with me your experience with this product.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment box below.

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Again, you are always welcome to drop me any questions.



What Is MySurvey - Is It A Scam?

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12 Responses

  1. Viljoen says:

    Wow Alex

    You really have an awesome infographic. How did you make it?

    I tried MySurvey once in the past and they are actually not that bad. I like the product testing part because it makes more money than the surveys. I also like the fact that they pay via Paypal.

    What is their minimum threshold for payment?

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi there,

      Thanks for your compliment. I actually use photoshop with a combination of Microsoft PowerPoint to create my infographic.

      MySurvey is not bad at all. In fact, they have a lot of good things to speak about.

      Their minimum threshold for cashing out is $10, in which it is relatively low as compared to many survey panel in the market.

  2. Craig says:

    nice site and well done as its different to most, its use of colour background is subtle and non judgemental and the text is professional without telling out too much and being overwhelming, theres a fine line to a site about scams or money and so many are scammy and fake so good job here.

    please leave a small comment on any of my posts as that would be really helpful

    best Craig

  3. Kegan says:

    Thanks for this! I’ve been involved and taken part in a few different online survey panels, but it’s great to see one actually offering PayPal as a reward for your survey participation – not to mention the referral feature…

    I didn’t realise they had been around since the 40’s, amazing longevity!

  4. Neil says:

    Thank You very much for your thoughts on MySurvey 🙂

    I have been a part of survey sites when I first wanted to make money online, but I was unsuccessful because I was a member of the wrong sites.

    This sounds like a great program, and I have always wanted to test products in return for my opinion. So this is something I would love!

    I like how I can join for free, and although there are some cons, MySurvey is the place for me to earn some small rewards in my spare time.


    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Neil,

      Beware of scams on the internet. Not all paid survey sites are legitimate.

      MySurvey no doubt was one of my favorite survey panels.

      There is no perfect programs in the market, though there are some weakness but they have more goodies that worth joining.


  5. Neil says:

    I have never really trusted survey sites due to the numerous failures at making money with them before.

    However, MySurvey might actually change my mind 🙂

    MySurvey does sound like a great way to earn some money, and I do like the idea of product testing which is something I have wanted to try for myself.

    The pros are great, but the only thing that puts me off is learning about the error messages because it would frustrate me, knowing I had wasted my free time and effort completing a survey.

    But MySurvey still sounds like a good option for people seeking some rewards. However, Affiliate Marketing is a whole lot more appealing to me 🙂


    • Alex Y says:

      Dear Neil,

      Thanks for dropping by and gave your valuable feedback on MySurvey. It is a great survey panel and it does have some good features that not many other survey panels have.

      Indeed, I agree with you that affiliate marketing is way more flexible and you have a full control on your income flow. That is why I always encourage people to go for affiliate marketing if he or she wants to make a sustainable income online.


  6. Maria says:

    This blog is really helpful.I was actually trying out some online surveys and currently looking for information about this survey website called iglobalsurveys.com. I’m thinking if you have an idea about this site. Have you heard about it? Is this legit? I really wanna try it but just want to have some idea about it before joining their site. Thank you in advance.

    • Alex Y says:

      Dear Maria. Thanks for your feedback.
      As for iGlobalSurveys, I have not heard about it before. I did some research about One a Day Giveaways, LLC (the owner of the site). It seems impossible to get the information of the company. At least, it is not accredited by BBB. I personally think it is a new site, and not as popular as the rest of the paid survey sites on the market.

      I registered as a member and it took me almost one hour to fill up my particulars. It’s so time-consuming even before getting survey invites. Anyway, I am still waiting for my first survey invite from iGlobal Surveys. It does not seem promising. I suggest you try other survey panels like Vivatic or MySurvey.

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