What Is Hiving Survey? Is Hiving Survey Legit or a Scam?

Hiving Survey

Hiving Survey


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.0 /10

Referral Rewards

5.0 /10

Frequency of Survey Invites

6.0 /10


  • Hiving Points don’t expire
  • Cash paid via PayPa
  • 30 points even if you don’t happen to correspond to a very particular profile
  • International Based


  • High disqualification

What is Hiving Survey? Hiving (www.joinhiving.com) is a survey panel that allows you to make some side income from each completed survey. At the time of writing, Hiving has not been rated by Better Business Bureau (BBB). Does that mean it is not a reliable survey panel? Is it a scam? Read my review and find out more about this company.

What Is Hiving Survey Is Hiving Survey Legit or a Scam

What Is Hiving Survey? Is It A Scam?

Hiving Survey is a free-to-join paid online consumer panel. Hiving Survey is a French company (3 Cité Rougemont, 75009 Paris, FRANCE), founded in 2009, specializing in market research and consumer feedback. At present, Hiving is currently operating in more than 30 countries.

Just like any other survey panels like TolunaiPanel Online, and Tellwut, it allows its members to make money by completing online opinion surveys.

Surveys are about current and future consumption trends around the globe. Your honest opinions provide important feedback for producers and suppliers and will have an impact on the products and services they put on the shelves. Hiving comes in as a market researcher and collects feedback from consumers like you and me.

As a member of Hiving, you have the opportunity to give your opinions by answering their online surveys. In return, your contributions are rewarded with Hiving Points that you can exchange for cash.

Hiving has developed on-point expertise not only in the recruitment of panelists but also in profiling and loyalty retention. This expertise has allowed us to meet the quality and practice standards set by the biggest players in the market, such as GfK, Nielsen, GMI and SurveyMonkey, and collaborate with them both directly and indirectly.

How to Make Money with Hiving Survey?

It is completely free to join Hiving Survey as a member. Yes, it doesn’t cost you a penny. That’s because brands and market research companies pay Hiving to carry out surveys and they in turn reward you for filling them out.

All you need to do is to log onto Hiving Survey website that corresponds to the country that you are currently residing. Fill up your name and email address. You can also opt for signing up via your Facebook account too. You will receive a confirmation email with a unique link from Hiving Survey to verify your identity and to activate your account.

Once your completed your profile, you will receive inquiries directly to your email address (4-month rule) that will earn you 300 to 1000 dots Hiving.

In order to guarantee an accurate and well-rounded representation of national consumers, Hiving is looking for a variety of profiles. There are only 3 simple requirements to joining their online consumer community. You have to be over 15-year old, live in the corresponding countries that you are residing and most importantly, read and accept their Terms and Conditions.

One thing for sure, Hiving does not share your personal information with any third party for marketing purposes without your acknowledgment. All your data is safely stored and well protected.

#1 Taking Surveys

In return for fully completing one of our surveys, you will earn what they call “Hiving Points”.

When a new survey becomes available you will be sent an email. The email will state how many Hiving Points you will receive for completing it and how long it is likely to take. If you want to proceed then simply click on the link in the email. Alternatively, you can login to your account at any time to see if there are any surveys in there for you to take.

Hiving Points will be added to your account as “Pending” at first but you will able to cash them in once they have been “Credited”. Points are credited after Hiving has collected all of the surveys for the project in question.

Similarly to many other survey panels in the market,  the length of a project depends on how long it takes to fill the survey quota and how fast your fellow panelists send in their replies. Some project can take up to 30 days.

Surveys vary in length to adapt to the needs of understanding your consumption habits. From 3 to 25 minutes, the estimated time is always displayed.

Surveys vary depending on the technology used. Images, videos, audio files, these techniques are more and more frequent. They are adapted to the types of responses desired.

#2 Micro-Task

“Micro-Task” is relatively a new feature of Hiving at the time of writing. It is a fun way to earn some Hiving points. Basically, there will be a list of “Job” under “Micro-Task”. These tasks are categorized in different Levels, Pay/Task, #of Tasks and Rating. The details are summarized below:-

  • Level – Many jobs are only available to contributors who have level badges. You can unlock level badges by completing jobs with a high overall accuracy. Click “Show Potential Jobs” button to view a sample of the types of jobs that will become available as you level up.
  • Pay / Task – The reward you get for each completed task in work mode, as set by the task author. Most tasks require you to submit a full page to receive the reward.
  • # of Tasks – The estimated maximum number of tasks an individual contributor can currently do. This number will change based on a variety of factors including number of other contributors working on the job, task author settings, and your overall performance.
  • Rating – Average overall satisfaction as rated by contributors who worked on the job.

What Is Hiving Survey? Is Hiving Survey Legit or a Scam?

#3 Referral Program

Hiving rewards members who successfully recruit their friends or relatives to be part of the family. The referral program will allow you to get a one-time payment of $0.06 up to $2.7 for each referral that you send to them. The reason for this price range is because not each country will provide the same value in participants.

It is something that you can scale and you can also earn a decent passive income from it (that is if you know how to build a website).

Getting Paid from Hiving Survey

Hiving Survey pays through PayPal. This is a huge plus for me because I do not have the patience to wait for a check and I am not a big fan of gift cards.

As redemption of points, you must collect at least 4,000 Hiving points (comparatively, it is one of the lowest withdrawal thresholds in the market). Depending on the countries you are residing, the conversion rate varies. For instance, Hiving Points conversion rate based on USD are as below:-
4 000 Points = $4
8 000 Points = $8
12 000 points = $12

If you are wondering if they pay their members, I can assure you that they do.

Why Hiving Survey Makes Sense?

(+) They send out survey invites regularly.

(+) Payment via PayPal and their service guarantees you a payment within 48 hours, excluding weekends. Your points are valid without time limitation.

(+) International based. They are currently operating in more than 30 countries.

(+) You receive a compensation of 30 points even if you don’t happen to correspond to a very particular profile or when the number of wanted people has already been reached.

(+) Strong privacy. Hiving Survey does not distribute your details to any third party without your personal authorization. That includes your password, mobiles number, and email address. You do not need to worry about receiving spam emails from Hiving Survey.

There Must be Some Negative Sides of Hiving Survey

(-) High disqualification rate.

(-) Some members complained that it takes almost forever for you to earn 4000 points and some even said that it took them 9 months to get $4.


When it comes to its legitimacy, Hiving Survey is definitely a legitimate survey panel.

I bet some people claim that certain survey panels are scams just because the earning potential is so low. I don’t think this is a good enough reason to brand something a scam. Hiving clearly does pay out rewards to people that accumulate enough points.

To conclude we would say that Hiving Panel is an excellent survey site to join. They offer plenty of chances for you to earn some extra money from taking surveys. They do not mess about with gift vouchers or prizes and pay you cash directly to Paypal with an extremely low cash out threshold.

I always recommend people to join more than one survey panel if they really want to make money through survey panels because you will not receive more than three survey invites per week from one single source.

My Thought

Hiving is not a scam. However, it is not a serious money-making opportunity. Some even say it is only great for wasting time.

I don’t like the reliance on survey panels in order to make money. Instead, I do affiliate marketing (it’s different) and rely 100% on myself to build an income online. If you are interested in alternative ways to generate a real passive income online, you might want to consider running your own legitimate online business.

One powerful way to do this is through an approach called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets you earn money by promoting products from other companies. Any product you promote is going to be based on your opinion, and you are not required to stick with just one company.


What Is Hiving Survey? Is Hiving Survey Legit or a Scam?

If this is an area you’re interested in, you could learn more about this through my 7-day free email course or you could join the program here. The guide is an excellent way to learn all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and to get started in the field yourself.

It’s Your Turn Now

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For those who have tried Hiving Survey, share your experience with us.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment box below.



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What Is Hiving Survey? Is Hiving Survey Legit or a Scam?

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