What is Harris Poll Online? Is Harris Poll Online a Scam?

What is Harris Poll Online? Is Harris Poll Online a Scam? Is it a safe platform to make money? Can you really make money from taking surveys with Harris Poll Online? Read my review below and find out more.

What is Harris Poll Online? Is Harris Poll Online a Scam?

What is Harris Poll Online? Is Harris Poll Online a Scam?

Name: Harris Poll Online
Overall Rank: 45 out of 100
Reward:  Gift cards, e-vouchers
Fee: $0
Reward Processing Time: Within 15 business days.

What is Harris Poll Online? Is Harris Poll Online a Scam?

Harris Poll Online (harrispollonline.com) is a web-based online survey and reward platform that has been operating since 1997 and it is based in New York. No doubt they are only one of the pioneers in conducting surveys and polls on various subjects.

Harris Poll Online is founded and operated by Harris Interactive group, of which it is a global market research company which gives public to contribute their opinion on certain products or services.

Headquarters: Rochester, New York, United States
Founder: Gordon Black
Founded: 1997
Revenue: 165 million USD (2011)
Net income: 8 million USD (2011)
Defunct: February 3, 2014
Operating income: 7 million USD (2011)

As long as you are more than 13-year-old, you are eligible to join Harris Poll as a member. It is totally free to sign up with them.

Harris Poll Online works in a lot of countries, and all from one website. At the beginning, it has a strong foothold in the continental America market but it has since ventured into Europe and Asia.

Residents from Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the U.K., and the U.S are eligible to become a member.

Harris Poll Online is a recognized member of the most reputable marketing research organizations such as the British Polling Council, US National Council of Public Polls, the US Council for Marketing and Opinion Research, the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (also known as Casro), and the UK Market Research Society.

As usual, I checked the company’s rating of Better Business Bureau (BBB). To be my surprise, Harris Poll Online does not have any accreditation with BBB.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many other legitimate companies out there and they are not BBB accredited. Harris Poll Online is definitely a legitimate company. However, there are a few incidents where cyber scams used their name and conducted fictitious activities such as “free gift cash” or secret shoppers.

How to Make Money with Harris Poll Online?

To complete your registration, you will need to submit some personal particulars like your name, username, e-mail, and password. You will be directed to fill out a profile page, in which it will be used by Harris Poll Online to screen and find their best candidates for different surveys.

Once you are signed up, you will be included in their “appreciation program”, get connected to polls and invited to complete surveys online.

Cash is not the reward of choice on this survey panel. You will be earning reward points (HIpoints) through this appreciation program.  HIpoints may then be exchanged for prizes and gift certificates.

When you complete a survey, you will be earning HIpoints from each completion. Each survey has a different value. You will also be notified the duration and also the HIpoints you will be earning prior to every survey.

What I like about Harris Poll is even if you are not qualified for this newcomer survey, there would still be points awarded to you and you will also be enrolled into HIstakes quarterly drawing.

In average, Harris Poll sends three to four surveys per month and most of the surveys are short and only takes 20 minutes to complete. Each survey worth approximately 75-150 points. To be honest, the invite frequency is relatively low as compared to many other survey panels.

There is no mobile app for Harris Poll, surveys will only be sent to you in your email. What I don’t quite like is their website is not mobile friendly.

Getting Paid from Harris Poll Online?

Just like MySoapBox, it only rewards gift cards and not hard cash.

In average, a gift card you can get from Harris Poll Online has a face value of no more than $10. And if you feel like giving, you can always donate your points to charities, which are listed on HP’s website.

Not only that, you can redeem gift cards of iTunes, iCard, and Amazon. Reward points can also be redeemed for magazine subscriptions and airline miles.

The payout minimum varies and it depends on what you are trying to redeem. In order to redeem a $10 gift card, you will have to accumulate 1,250 HIpoints.

Other than earning HIpoints from taking surveys, you can also win some cash prizes with their HIstakes sweepstakes where the prizes range from $250 to $10,000.

Why Harris Poll Online Makes Sense?

(+) It is a legitimate survey panel and it is available to many countries around the globe.

(+) You will be rewarded even if you are not qualified for a survey.

(+) It is totally free to sign up as a member of Harris Poll Online.

(+) Harris Poll Online does not send spam emails to their members.

(+) The Harris Poll Online promises to never release your personal information to any other person, company, or organization without your permission

There Must be Some Negatives from Harris Poll Online

(-) They do not offer cash reward.

(-) There is no mobile app that you can make money when you commute. Furthermore, their website is not mobile-friendly too.

(-) There are some problems with imposters and scammers using their name for illegal purposes. Some advertisements with their name are fake.

(-) Low survey invite rate, the chances of making any serious substantial amounts of money being slim to none, it is better you spend your time doing something else.

(-) Non-existence of referral program.


Harris Poll Online is no doubt one of the oldest survey panels on the market, but it does not mean it is the best survey panel to make money online. Anyway, there is no way you can make money with Harris Poll Online as they only offer gift cards in exchange.

Harris Poll Online is not recommended here if you are looking for a survey panel to earn real hard cash.

Survey sites are never going to be an effective way of making money online. I have tried it and their business models will not allow you to make a decent money.

If you are looking at earning anything more than $10 here and there, then the best approach is to look for A dedicated way of earning money online. I talk a lot on this topic on this site on how you can make a lucrative income from running your own blog or website. If you would like to learn how to make passive income online, you are welcome to sign up for my free email course.

What is Harris Poll Online? Is Harris Poll Online a Scam?

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What is Harris Poll Online? Is Harris Poll Online a Scam?


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