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What is familyclix

Welcome to our FamilyClix Review! 

You may have heard about PTC as well as Reward sites.  And this company is one of them. Let this Family Clix Review be your guidance as to whether it is a smart choice to join their network.

In this FamilyClix Review, the operation of the company, as well as its background, will be discussed. 

Is FamilyClix a scam or a legitimate PTC site?

The reason you landed on this page is basically to know more about the company.  

Read on and decide if it is worthy to spend time and work for Family Clix.

FamilyClix.com Review Summary

Product Name: FamilyClix

Founder: Unknown

Product type: PTC site

Price: Free

Best For: Not Recommended

Rating: 1/5

Recommended:  Not for everyone.

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Summary: It is Paid-to-Click site that helps generate traffic on the web.  Family Clix offer advertising services through PTC.

What is FamilyClix.com?

PTC or Paid-to Click sites are websites that draw traffic.  It aims to provide its users with extra money by viewing advertisements.

In this case, we knew that the income we made from the website comes from companies who are advertising on the site. 

This business model pays the members who click the ads and view it for a certain time.

The platform can be used to advertise any web pages. 

For example, you have a blog site or a channel that you wish to increase traffic.

Unlike other websites who has no products or services to offer, FamilyClix, have advertising services.  At least we know where their sources are coming from. 

There is also proof that users of Familyclix.com really receive the income as promised.

But, what is familyclix.com that most users consider it as a legitimate business?  

Well, the mere fact that they were able to collect from the site is not a measure of legitimacy.

And being a legitimate company is also not a guarantee that you will earn a decent income.  

Let us find out what is FamilyClix.com and how to start earning from them.

FamilyClix Website


How to Earn from FamilyClix?

Although FamilyClix is a PTC site, the tasks of the users are not only to click and earn.  So, what is FamilyClix.com and what are the earning features that the website offers?

View Advertisements

Perhaps, I can say that the best way to make money online from FamilyClix is to view ads.  It is so easy that all you have to do is click and view it at a required time.

For Members who signed up for free, the payment can be around $0.0001.  If you upgrade the membership, then you will receive a better income.  However, if you think that your earnings will cover the upgraded membership cost, it will never happen.  You need to look for other means to earn better.

Paid to Sign-up Offers

FamilyClix will also offer you opportunities to join other websites.  In other words, if you sign-up with other Rewards or PTC sites, you will earn a reward.

The Offer Walls

FamilyClix has connections with third-party platforms that may offer some perks.  Giving-in to these offers can really boost your income potential.  You can actually earn as much as $1.

Offerwalls from FamilyClix can come from Offers4All, Wiki Wall, ClixWall and PersonaWall.  These offers may be tricky.  To avoid falling into their bait, make sure to read the terms and conditions.  You should be very careful in accepting these trial offers.

Family Grid

This is a game of chance.  You are given 20 chances a day to click the tiles to win a maximum of $0.50.

Payment Proof Bonus

Since you have been using FamilyClix to make money online, it is but natural to receive payments.  

FamilyClix will give you rewards for sharing these payment proofs on different internet sites.

There are also some ways to boost your income via referral.

The FamilyClix Referral Program?

In most PTC sites, inviting members is one way to really boost your income.  These direct referrals can give you a residual income. 

These are individuals whom you directly invite that can give you more earnings.

Although FamilyClix offers rented referrals at $1 per five direct referrals, it is not worth it.  These referrals incur maintenance cost and often, it is not profitable if you use this feature.

Think of this, if FamilyClix rented referrals can really help in boosting your income, then this could have been popular among members. 

But that is not the case, it is always advisable to invite your friends and use FamilyClix.

When you register for an account, make sure to have a good username because this can no longer be changed. 

You may notice that the account is may no longer earn from FamilyClix. 

You always need to check if you are meeting the daily requirements.  There is a minimum click per day.

You need to click at least 4 each day.

If there are no activities within a 30-day period, FamilyClix claims all your credits. 

There is also a possibility to permanently ban you from FamilyClix.

 If you invite someone with the same address, you will have matching IPs and the company will not allow it. 

They have 1 person limit for every IP address.

In this FamilyClix Website, there are limitations that must be followed.  We cannot deny the fact that the company is so strict when it comes to non-activity.  ​

It seems that they are obliging their users to become active on their website by setting up minimum clicks each day.

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Withdrawing from FamilyClix?

Now that we understand what is FamilyClix.com, it is now time to withdraw the dollars.  I know how excited you can be when we talk about payouts.  

We want to know if they are really capable of paying their members. 

According to the members, there are different ways of getting their money from the site.  Unfortunately, Paypal is not one of them. 

They also have some rules to follow when withdrawing the money from FamilyClix.

.First, we need to know the threshold or the minimum amount for payout.  

For those who are to withdraw their money the first time, it has a $1.00 threshold.

Your next withdrawals should be at least $2.00.  If you are a free member, you have a limit of $2.00. 

If you want to upgrade your account, you can have a maximum withdrawal of $100.00

Despite these payout limitations, members are complaining they were not able to receive their payouts lately.  

Most members were complaining and contacted support within the site but their access has been denied.

Unfortunately, there is no way to contact their support unless you are logged in.  

FAQ pages may not be sufficient to answer questions so they ended up airing their concern on FamilyClix Forums.  

These users hope that their concerns will reach the management of FamilyClix. However, they never got a response.

The Pros and Cons of Being a Member

In this FamilyClix Review, we do not want a fair assessment of the company.  That is why we are giving you both sides of the coin.

Here are the things I like about the FamilyClix Website as well as the things I hate the most.

What I like about FamilyClix is that there is no membership fee. 

You can join at any time without having to worry about the fees. 

They have a low minimum cash-out.  You can withdraw payments as low as $2.00. 

I may say that the offer walls available are really good.  It can give you lots of savings.

There are forums available where you can share your views.  Unfortunately, these forums are also the channels for users to complain and air their dissatisfaction with the services of FamilyClix.

What I do not like about this program is they do not accept Paypal.

I can say that Paypal is a reliable and convenient way of paying people.

While having referrals can increase your income potential, it is not the same when you rent.  

Instead of gaining from these new recruits, you ended up losing more money for maintaining them.

Is FamilyClix a Scam

Although there are members who have real proof of payments, I consider this as an icing on the cake.  They will let you get your payment and share it with your friends. 

 But when the earnings are big enough, they will deny your access to the site.

Since then, FamilyClix has been speculated to be a scam.  Many are investigating if they are part of the Golden Group Network of PTC scammers. 

The company has been in existence since 2014 and there was no proof that they are involved with the network.

Although they can be considered as legitimate for now, joining the network may be a higher risk.  

At this point, many members of FamilyClix are losing their account balance.  

No one knows what will the future unfolds in this business.  So it is better to stay away from it to avoid being scammed.

Recommendations and Final Verdict

What is FamilyClix.com that they have been placed under some scrutiny?  While there are many claims of payments coming from the site, it is not enough to convince its users. 

The number of members who lost their account balance in FamilyClix outweighs the members who claimed proof of payments.

It is important to know the background of the company before joining their network.  Remember that once you decided to sign-up, personal information is shared with the site.

Who owns it and what they will do with our information will be difficult to tell. 

They will not reveal it either.  So it is essential to check and evaluate the company profile.

Be sure to recognize red flags.  If the owners and operators of FamilyClix are unknown, then you must think twice! 

What are they hiding?  If you will check, the main office of the site is not revealed.

These are just samples of red flags that must be recognized by the prospective users.  If that is the case, I will not risk my personal information with a website that gives me a low-income potential.

The reason why you ended up searching for reviews such as these is to check the legitimacy of the company.  

That is a good move for being cautious.   There are many ways to make money online.  Their legitimacy is better that this PTC site.

Do not just believe reviews made by the members of the site whose goal is to gain a referral.  It is important to make sure that the reviews are fair and honest.

I have come across this Affiliate Marketing and it did really give me a better income.  I would suggest you explore the same.  Instead of wasting time in PTC sites that may put your personal information at risk, try different ways of earning.

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