Summer BTC Review – Is It a Scam? Should You Trust Summer BTC?

What is Summer BTC? Is Summer BTC a scam? It is another High Yield Investment Program that promises an unrealistic high return. Read this Summer BTC Review and stay away from this HYIP scam.

Summer BTC Review - Is It a Scam Should You Trust Summer BTC

Summer BTC Review – Is It a Scam?

What is Summer BTC?

Name: Summer BTC
Website address:
Price: $1
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Summer BTC is a UK based short-term HYIP program that allows you to earn money with the yield of 21% daily to 8000% after 4 days and minimum investment amount from 0.001 BTC to 150 BTC.

While some may find this to be a bit weird but the company claims that it is a web-based bitcoin investments company that has been officially incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. That simply means Summer BTC is involved in cryptocurrencies.

Summer BTC claims they are the experts in Bitcoin Mining, Forex, Real Estate, Stock Market, private equity, hedge funds and commercial property. By investing your money with them, you can multiply your capital by making short-term investment plans.

What Investment Schemes Does Summer BTC Offer?

There are three different investment plans they offer, Hourly Plan, Special Plan and VIP Plan. It is amazing to see how much ROI they generate.

Summer BTC Review - It Stops Paying to Its Members

The ROI up to 8000% after 4 days?

Yes. You read it right. That would mean if you transfer them 1 BTC they have to pay you 8,000 BTC back within 4 days.

This is crazy and a totally nonsense. I have never ever seen a powerful investment company in my entire life.

We know they also come up with this Compounding investment nonsense – so you would even get much more than that. Funny!

Is Summer BTC Real or Fake?

Let’s cut the long story short.

Summer BTC is Fake. Summer BTC is a scam.

In general, high yield investment programs like Summer BTC is a con artist. It is still fishy to claim that they actually distribute a steady return on an hourly basis.

This kind of Forex fraud is a growing problem and it has been increasing in the Western World since the legendary exploits of Mr. Charles Ponzi and his ilk.

If this is your very first time getting involved in an HYIP product, you probably don’t know how HYIP works. In fact, the way making money here works is not by real investment. You are not in-fact not letting your money to Summer BTC to manage the investment but their ad-packs (investment plans).

These ad-packs over at Summer BTC not only vary in price but in return, correlating with how much money you invest. Summer BTC basically allows you to begin investing any amount from as small as $1.

However much money you have and are willing to spend, you can bet Summer BTC will take it. Summer BTC adds your money that into a pool of reserved funds that go to older members who have purchased the ad-packs in the company, putting you next in line.

Where Does Your Money Go?

Your money is used to sustain their pyramid scheme (Ponzi scheme) and to generate returns for older investors by acquiring new investors. See illustration below.


It may be work at the beginning that they will pay you as long you make only a very small “investment”. They pay you so that you would send them more, and more, and more money.

HYIP like Summer BTC has always been a risky venture. This is because Summer BTC is offshore based and it is so minimally regulated by our governments. When there are no more new “investors” to pump in the money to sustain the pyramid, they leave you and get away with your hard earned money.


Although I concluded that Summer BTC is a scam. Some might go ahead and say, well I tried this and it worked. Yeah, this is because there are still new members joining this relatively new program.

The homepage and the dashboard are well built and it looks like you really are investing with the legitimate fund managers.

But here is how it really works. Summer BTC (like Capital7, Tokyo Investment Company, PayGet, Amazing 5 and Nano-11) open their doors, they help you to grow your capital by managing the investment fund.

In fact, they take the profits from the newest individuals and “cycle” that back to the older members. So the whole investment thing is really just a scam.

I’ve tried with some reliable HYIPs in the past. All of them shutdown completely in the end.

Whenever you see a Hight Yield Investment Program, avoid them!

It’s Your Turn Now

Please share this article with your friends and family members so that they do not fall into the trap of Summer BTC.

Thanks for reading this Summer BTC Review. If you’ve had any experiences with them or would like to share a comment or two, please let me know in the comment box below.



Summer BTC Review

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4 Responses

  1. Raf says:

    Summer BTC Scam me for 300 pounds! Admin banned me IP

    • Alex Y says:

      Oh my god. I am sorry to hear that.

      Unfortunately, I do not think you can get your money back if you have handed over cash via these E-currency platforms. You have to make sure your recurring payment is stopped immediately.

      It is essential to report the scam quickly to law enforcement agencies so they have the opportunity to shut the bogus operation down in your country.

      Share this post around so that other people do not fall into the trap of Summar BTC.

  2. equisde says:

    I was scammed by Summer BTC. I invested $2,000 and the site banned my IP. I cannot get my money back and the site owner is still out there stealing people’s money

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi, I am sorry to hear that.

      It does seem like there are more and more people getting scammed by Summer BTC. Stop any money transaction with them and stay away from HYIP. 99% of them are scams on the internet. Beware and stay vigilant.

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