Serious Bloggers Only Review – Real Business

Are you serious about running your own blogging website? Then you should consider Serious Bloggers Only. The name is a bit catchy, but this program has serious stuff to offer. Go on and read my Serious Bloggers Only review. I will tell you why this program is meant for bloggers who wish to run a real business online.

Serious Bloggers Only Review - Real Business

Name: Serious Bloggers Only
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100
Price: $49 per month

Introduction to Serious Bloggers Only

Serious Bloggers Only Review - Real Business

SBO is run by Jon Morrow, and he is one of the best bloggers in the world who currently own three blogs that generate six-figure income from each of them. One of his blogs is Boost Blog Traffic. He created SBO to teach those who are serious about online business.

Of course, this is not meant not those who blog just for leisure. Serious Bloggers Only is a platform to gain knowledge of marketing, to know about getting traffic and how to monetizing your blog.

We (bloggers) know there is mixed information out there about how to properly run an online business. A lot of bloggers try to monetize their blogs by taking the trial and error approach, wishing that one day they will hit the jackpot. A lot of us have been there, with SBO, you can seriously save a lot of energy, money and time.

Upon signing up as their member, you will be granted the access to 15 online training courses. They teach you the right techniques to improve and grow your traffic organically. They only offer serious and proven methodologies that work.

Furthermore, you will be joining their community who support and encourage each other to become successful bloggers. They share their experiences and challenges with each other and help everyone who has problems along the way.

Other than Wealthy Affiliate, I have never seen any other programs that could offer high-quality training courses and real serious stuff to their members.

Most importantly, though they offer proven recipe that works, you will still need to put in your effort and time to guarantee your success.

Why Serious Bloggers Only Makes Sense

(+) Their selling point is the training courses. The training material is high quality and it is well tailored for both beginners and the experts. The training is not only meant for someone who is technically sound. The courses have been well planned and customized for beginners. Even someone with zero knowledge about SEO and blogging business will not have difficulty following the material.

Serious Bloggers Only Review - Real Business

(+) One of the best community from SBO. It is extremely important to get help 24/7 whenever you have questions. Once you become a member of SBO, you will be joining a club with the experts who know how to make serious and real money from the Internet. Similarly, there will be some new members like you who eager to earn passive income online. You will be amazed by the community that is willing to help each other to grow their business.

There Must be Some Negative Sides of Serious Bloggers Only

(-) No trial membership. $49 per month is not a small amount for those who wish to build a website from scratch. To generate revenue from a blog site requires time. The cost for joining the course is $591 per year or three payments of $197. It is a bit risky to join some kind of program that you have not tried it out. This is just one thing that I do not like about Serious Bloggers Only program. Jon Morrow should seriously let people sign up for trial memberships and let them judge if it is really worth $591. He should be confident enough to roll this scheme out.


I trust Serious Bloggers Only program, all because of Jon Morrow. This big name is worth “trying” the program out. He is one of the top gurus in the blogging world. He has been through the journey and he achieved it!

Engaging a personal SEO expert in running or giving consultation may cost up to $500 per hour. With $591 per year membership cost, it is relatively cheap as compared to what you will get from the training. If you are seriously thinking to go for blogging business, Serious Bloggers Only is definitely for you.

Final Thought

SBO is my second top recommended program after Wealthy Affiliate. Although they both deliver equally high-quality training content and they both have the best community in the market, I personally will give a higher vote to Wealthy Affiliate as it allows people to try it out for FREE. That makes WA stands out in the market as they are confident to give out FREE trial membership. To me, WA is still the best affiliate marketing program so far.

Best of Wealthy Affiliate



Serious Bloggers Only Review - Real Business

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4 Responses

  1. Viljoen says:

    Hi Alex

    Serious Bloggers Only looks like a good product. The price is a bit high, but if you want good quality training material, then I guess it is worth it.

    I might be interested in buying the product in the future and I hope that they do not teach any outdated backlinking strategies.

    • Alex Y says:

      It is a good product. Indeed, the only drawback is it does not let potential buyers to access to take look what’s around.

  2. Ehab says:

    Hi, Alex y
    It is a very nice review, It looks like a good training site, The owner is an expert in the field, but there is no way you can test, or, at least, try it, unless you join and pay a considerable amount of money.
    I agree with you that there is a risk in joining the programme. I think it needs more positive reviews for me to decide.
    Thanks for sharing, good luck

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Ehab,

      Thanks for dropping by. The only drawback is there is no free trial. As I mentioned in my previous post on How Can I Make Money Online Without Being Scammed, this could be a sign of a scam. However, I would like to emphasize here that Serious BLoggesr Only Review is not a scam. In contrary, it is a legitimate program.

      It would be great if it works like Wealthy Affiliate, where people are allowed to try it out for free and judge before paying to become a premium member.



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