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This post is not a review on any affiliate products but a SCAM ALERT – Jobrize. Please beware of this site and it is a giant scam. Do not give your details and sign up as a member. Nothing will happen, but your details will be sold.

Scam Alart - Jobrize Beware claims you could easily make money by inviting your friends to sign up as their members. It is a similar scam as and

Whenever you are invited by random people to sign up to join their program and earn money by referral membership, NEVER EVER give your details. The signup page looks exactly like the following.

Scam Alart - Jobrize Beware

This site tells you that they run an MLM system where you can earn $5 commission when a referral signs up directly under you, $2 on the second tier and $1 on the third tier.

Upon signing up as their member, you will be given a referral link and your job is to paste it on social media or send it out via email to your friends or random strangers. You will notice that the link points it back to the same signup page of Jobrize.

It does look like an easy way to make money, but what it really does is to get all your details and to drive all the traffic through your referral links to a central website. You are basically their middle-man driving traffic to the website.

There are many similar scammers out there and they all use the same trick to boost their traffic. The method does not make sense at all. How could you earn money without paying a cent? There is no free lunch in this world.

Look at their website, it is cheap and low class.

What do they do with the details?

Seriously, I do not know.

After giving out your details on the sign-up page, the scammers will then sell your details to companies for money. You will not know what they will do with your information given to them.

How do I know if I’ve been scammed?

A) You’ve got some weird bank transactions made on your account.

B) You are rejected for bank loans for credit. Some people make use of your details making fake application for credit using your names, home addresses, and email addresses.

What Should I do if I am scammed?

A) Call your bank and cancel any recurring payments. Report to your bank and freeze all your accounts.

B) Report the scam to the police.

C) Share with your friends and Social Media.

Scam Alert - Jobrize Beware

If you are eager to make money on the Internet, you have to learn that you have to invest your time and effort. There is no free lunch in this world. No one will become rich in a day unless he or she strikes a lottery, and that person will not be you (or the probability is almost ZERO).

One needs to work hard to earn money. However, there are many people do not quite understand how this works. It is pathetic to witness people falling on those scams. Ironically, these people are the one with the high-tech smartphones where they get streams of information every day and night.

Beware and share this information around!

Scam Alert - Jobrize Beware





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