Save Money on Travel

We all love to travel, I hope to hear the answer “yes” from you. This article is mainly for people in Asia, especially Malaysians and Singaporeans. The recent statistic has shown a positive trend that Malaysians and Singaporeans love to travel be it within the country or overseas. The top three nearby destinations most of them are interested in travel are Kota Kinabalu of Sabah, Malacca and George Town of Penang, Malaysia. The most popular oversea trips are Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.

Save Money on Travel

However, travelling to international destinations is very expensive to everyone. However, there are a few tips and tricks to reduce travelling expenses, especially on accommodation and transportation.

Transportation (Air Fare)

Normally, transportation fee is the most expensive part when one travels on an airplane.

Connecting Flights

There is a website I always used to compare flight tickets is Opodo. If possible, opt for connecting flights, this will definitely save you a lot of money than direct flights. Look out for the cheapest carriers such as AirAsia, Tiger Airways, and Scoot.

Other Modes

Do check out modes of travelling other than only air routes. Do you know that sometimes it is cheaper to fly to Macao and take a ferry to Hong Kong? Yes, that is one of the examples and there are other forums you could look for more information.

Off-Peak Season

Try to travel during off-peak season or when other people are less likely to travel. Travelling during an off-peak season can save more than 20% of your airfares. Or course, flights timed at odd hours in the middle of the week are usually cheaper than weekends.

Signing Up Newsletters

By signing up newsletters of different airlines, you will probably get an earlier notification on flight promotion.

Clear Cookies

Do you know that airlines website could store your IP and the next time you login to the website again to look for the same tickets, the price may be slightly more expensive? Well, it is suggested that one shall clear the cookies from the internet browsers after checking the airfare.


One can always look for cheap accommodation via Airbnb, and Normally it comes with customers’ reviews.

Travelling with a partner is a great idea to save money on hotels. A double room will cost lesser than two single rooms and you can split the hotel fare, taxis, chores etc.

Location of accommodation is important as it will save you some money from taking a taxi to go somewhere you intend to visit. Accommodation and transportation hence go hand in hand.

Car Rentals

There are two sites which are useful when one wants to rent a car, Travel Jigsaw and VroomVroomVroom. Always beware of the hidden fees and extra costs (e.g. second driver, partial or full insurance coverage, fuel charge, limited or unlimited driving distance). A 3 day or 4-day car rental package can reduce your daily rental fare by more than 30%

Happy Holiday!

Alex Y

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  1. Vic says:

    how not to overspend with traveling would have been a great post for me to read 3 weeks ago before my honeymoon!! nice tips, thanks for sharing.

  2. Marant says:

    Hi Alex,
    Haven’t traveled to Asia …yet, but this is good information to have when I do get to go! I’ll bookmark it and refer to it when making travel arrangements. Thanks for the great post!


  3. Keye says:

    These are lovely tips. I use Airbnb to book my accomodations 🙂

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