RewardingWays Review – Can You Make Money Using RewardingWays?

RewardingWays Review

Welcome to our RewardingWays Review !

This RewardingWays Review is an honest evaluation of the company and its program. You might be here to check if the site is legitimate.  Although there are many websites that offer making money online programs, not all of them are legitimate.

Can you really make money using the RewardingWays website? Making money at the comfort of our home is a dream come true for most of us.  But, is there really such a thing? 

“Get-Paid-To” websites may offer you some small tasks for profit.  Is it really enough for the effort you spent in performing the tasks?  

There is no easy job.  But when you spend too much time on a dollar, I do not think you will be satisfied.

Rewarding Ways Review will evaluate whether the program is beneficial or not.

These Reward sites are quite in demand today and it is really enticing.  But sometimes, no matter how legitimate the company is,  we just do not succeed.

This Rewarding Wats Review is a vital source of facts about the ways to earn from the company.  It will also talk about how the members view the website and its lists of tasks. ​

Each task may differ from the amount depending on the gravity.  It is your choice to take the challenges or not.

The amount being paid to the clients are usually estimated on how long a person can do it.  Sometimes, tasks we thought to finish easily may take some time.  So you should also be careful in choosing which tasks to take.

Finally, Learn to identify the red flags and when to refuse the offer.  

Read on to this RewardingWays Review and get to know the company better.  

At least, you already have a hint if you need to continue or not.

RewardingWays Review Summary

Product Name: Rewarding Ways

Founder:  99 Ventures

Product type: Work-At-Home Opportunities

Price: Free to Join

Best For: For US, UK, Canada and Australia Residents only who want to earn a little on sidelines

Rating: 2/5

Recommended:  No


What is RewardingWays

There are companies that promise you a lot.  Sometimes it is just too good to be true and it is really worth a try. 

If your goal is to make money online, it is but common to search for popular reward sites.  Seeing all those payouts may seem really interesting. 

Actually, if you really want to earn, at the same time enjoying answering surveys this is a good fit.

This RewardingWays Review will give an introduction to this company.  The company is being operated by 99 Ventures. 

 It maintains a website that allows users to make money online by completing surveys and offers.

RewardingWays is working with various companies in advertising. 

These companies are paying RewardingWays to conduct surveys among its thousands of members.  In turn, the members are being paid a minimal fee for completing the survey.

Unlike other reward sites, this site does not offer any other tasks but to complete an online survey. 

So, if you really love to answer and be part of the survey then you might enjoy this.  The money you earned can be released in Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Tango or Amazon.

If you want to become a member, you just simply visit the site and sign-up. Upon signing, you are to complete your profile and add a payment method. 

How Does RewardingWays Work? 

I know that you are already excited to make money online but how does this reward site really work. 

Of course, one of the best things that RewardingWays can offer is free membership.  After that, you need to complete your registration.

Every survey made by a company has specific criteria.  Therefore, it is the company who limits the people on answering their online surveys. 

So it is true that it is not the RewardingWays website’s fault if often, you are not qualified for the survey.

Unfortunately, there are not other ways to earn on this site but to answer the survey.  These surveys are being used for marketing research. 

The length of time in answering surveys depends on you but there is a specific time that the company considers.  

The longevity of the surveys is their reference in setting up the amount per task. 

Can online surveys alone satisfy the needs of their members?  How can we further earn from the RewardingWays Programs?

Since this is a reward site, you need to be at least 18 years old to participate in the survey.  Therefore, teens who are just joining the site will not be allowed to withdraw payments. 

The company is very strict that there should only be one account per household.  If they caught you cheating, they will tag you as a fraud.  This can lead to account termination.

As a rule, you cannot use a VPN to change locations.  

Most people would rather go VPN to be able to qualify for surveys.  RewardingWays can actually detect this and you can be on their fraud list.  So you have to be careful in giving out information.

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How Do I Start Earning? 

I may say that there are lots of opportunities available online but you just cannot trust them right away.

For me, it is the possibility of earning.  We need to know the potential of the member if they can really make money online. 

Upon signing up, you earn $.20.

Since this is an online survey site, you need to complete the survey to get a reward.  Each survey has a qualifying question. 

Most of the time, we do not really have a clue about what they are looking for.  So, it helps if you answer questions in honesty.

In this RewardingWays Review article, we mentioned about fraud list in this site.  To avoid permanent termination of your account, you must answer it with honesty. 

If the company will get accurate feedback from the survey, the trustworthiness of the site also increases.

Answering an online survey may range from about $.20 to $.80.  But There will profiling questions that must be answered before the actual survey. 

Answering the profile question really takes times but it is to check if you are qualified to participate.

There also other ways to boost your earning is RewardingWays.  You can invite your friends and colleagues to join RewardingWays Program. 

In fact, this RewardingWays Review recommends recruiting new members.  I can say that this is a positive way of making money online.

You may not be qualified to join the survey but if your friends are, you will earn from them. ​

RewardingWays provide 25% of the total income of the entire members in your direct referral. So, if for any reason you cannot answer a survey, use other ways to earn from the site.

RewardingWays Website


How Do I Get Paid?

RewardingWays usually ask their members to include the correct address during registration.  They will have this validated to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity within the reward site.

There is a certain limit for payout, just like in any other reward site. 

RewardingWays has the lowest amount of withdrawal.  You can request for payout once it reaches a dollar.  If this is the first time to withdraw from this Reward site, they will have to complete telephone verification.

These verifications are necessary to make sure that all the members of the program are a real person. 

Telephone verification is made only once.  It will no longer happen when you withdraw your dollars for the second time.

Every 3 months, RewardingWays have this contest that is open to all members.  You are automatically part of the contest. 

If you do not want to, you can simply write to support that you do not want to participate.

If you opted not to participate, you will no longer be participating from the contest permanently.  If you wish to participate in the contest again, then you need to submit a ticket to support. 

You need to inform them that you intended to participate in the contest again.

The Prizes are given to the top 20 earners.  The account points will reset after that certain period. 

Members are only allowed to keep their payments for at least 60 days.  The payment will only be released on a registered payment method after a phone verification.

Although it is so annoying sometimes that we need to undergo such a verification process, it is for our safety.  It is also for the security of the website not to be used for fraudulent activities.

Since the number of users has reached

What Does Users Say?

The User Interface of the RewardingWays is a friend.  It is easy to understand.  You can easily navigate within the pages. 

Upon registration, you will be allowed to access various survey questions advertised by different companies.

You need to choose which one is right for you.  Unfortunately, members are reporting that most of the sites disqualify them in the survey. 

Often, there are lengthy pre-qualifying questions that take most of the time of the users.

Since they are only focusing on surveys, there are not other ways to earn except answering surveys.  Although there are many options which survey to take, it usually disqualifies.

It is really enticing that payout is quite low.  And if you are to check the amount of each survey, it is most likely that you can have a payout in a day. 

That is why they limit the withdrawal once a day. 

But because of the limitations on survey questions, it rarely happens.  

Aside from that, members are complaining about their inclusion in the fraudulent list of RewardingWays for no reason at all.  

Often the members who have some money in their account are affected by this.

There are also reports that the qualifying questions consumed the most time of the members.  It was too late for RewardingWays to inform the users that they are not allowed to participate. 

Of course, you have already spent time working on it only to find out that your effort is not compensated.

RewardingWays accepts members in various countries but they only have limited access to the site.  So this is not advisable for those residing outside of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

Hard-Hitting Truths



  • Easy to navigate
  • Don’t demand a lot of time.
  • You don’t have an obligation or set working time
  • Low Payout Threshold


  • Often you do not qualify for the surveys
  • Late Survey Disqualification
  • Receive spam mails
  • To become wealthy with paid online survey is very difficult.

Final Verdict

This RewardingWays Review promised to provide you with useful information that you can use to assess the company.  As we come to an end, is RewardingWays a trustworthy company?

I can say that the company is legitimate since 99 Ventures also have some Reward Sites.  But, legality is not actually the issue. 

The main concern of most people here is whether or not they are giving enough income to their members.

Although there are various tasks on the list, most members will opt for something they are familiar with. 

That means, they wanted to participate in survey questions and earn.  These people have been spending time to answer the pre-qualifying questions with hope to earn from them. 

Unfortunately, the disqualification usually comes late.  They have spent all their time and effort answering unnecessary questions. 

At the end of the day, these people are never compensated correctly.

Although the threshold is doable, the fact that you are having a hard time participating in surveys, earning is impossible.  So, I would not recommend this program as it is just a waste of time. 

Even if you invite new members to join your network, earning is impossible.  Although there are few people who earn from it, the majority is not earning as much as the RewardingWays promise.  

So if you are expecting to have a passive income from recruits, forget it.  It will never happen.

I know that you still have that eagerness to make money online.  Joining reward sites such as this is not an answer.  If you really want a passive income, try Affiliate Marketing.  It is a better way to earn a lucrative income online.

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