How to Recover Social Media Share Counts After Enabling SSL

I’ve recently enabling SSL (https) on my website and now I have a problem with the social sharing counts (twitter, facebook, and google+) for the articles on the website.” Does that sound familiar to you? Now, read on to learn how to recover social media share counts after enabling SSL (HTTP to HTTPS).

How to Recover Social Media Share Counts After Enabling SSL

Google previously announced that they give a better ranking boost to a website that is with an SSL 2048-bit key certificate. If you have just enabled a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and updated your website from HTTP to HTTPS, you are definitely making a right move.

For those who have just started blogging or an internet business, SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser or a mail server and a mail client. SSL is basically a digital passport that provides authentication to protect the confidentiality and integrity of website communication with browsers.

What does that mean?

In a layman term, it’s what keeps your passwords, communications and credit card details safe on the wire between your computer and the servers you want to send this data to.

There are several benefits of enabling SSL certificates because Google favors HTTPs and it gives safer experiences for your customers. Most importantly it builds trust in your clients and improves conversions.

How to Make Sure SSL Is Fully Implemented?

If you have just started or are going to start a new website. Good! Because you don’t need to worry about your link are still being rendered in HTTP.

If you have been working on a website for awhile now and have just enabled an SSL on your site, there are several things to be checked.

  • The first thing to do now is to check that your site is working properly and is showing a green padlock with a secure https: URL should look like the followingHow to Recover Social Media Share Counts After Enabling SSL
  • If the green padlock is not shown on the left of your URL, then the first thing to do is to check again in incognito mode to make sure it’s not just a cache problem. If it is still showing an exclamation mark (!), it means there are still some links are being rendered in HTTP.
  • Go to, insert your URL and run a test. It will show you a list of links that need to be fixed. Normally, images like logo and favicon are the culprit. Simply change them to HTTPS and it should be working correctly.

Although your HTTPs site is working properly, you may notice that all your social media share counts are gone and back to zero.  It’s simply because the sharing services are tied to your old URL.

How to Recover Social Media Share Counts After Enabling SSL?

There are several ways to recover your social media share counts but require some coding skills. If you are lazy to learn a new skill and would like a quick cure, then you should install Social Warfare here  and configure your Social Warfare settings to allow the recovery of social share counts when switching permalink structures or going from HTTP to HTTPS protocol.

How to Recover Social Media Share Counts After Enabling SSL

Ever since I enabled SSL on this website, I have trouble looking for a quick solution to recover my previous social media share counts. This is one that works perfectly without much hassle.

Once you have it installed, go to Social Warfare settings page and activate Share Count Recovery.

How to Recover Social Media Share Counts After Enabling SSL

Now, you have to tell Social Warfare which permalink structure you used to use. These options are a direct reflection of the options available to select from in the WordPress permalink settings. Choose the option that reflects what your previous version was (not what it currently is). So if your site was originally HTTP and is now HTTPS you would select HTTP from the list.

How to Recover Social Media Share Counts After Enabling SSL

There is a catch here. You will need to keep share recovery activated for Social Warfare to continue adding the counts together.

As we all know, site speed matters in SEO. Many people have found faster pages rank and convert better. Google has hinted that site speed is one of the factors that they use to determine rank.

Unlike other social media share counts provider, Social Warfare calls the API for the share counts of your pages and posts on a predetermined schedule and cache the results in the database. That simply means the sharing buttons load faster than your pages once they are clicked.


Obviously, the major benefit of encrypting connections to and from a site is that they can’t read by any third-party. It will no longer be possible for anyone to snag data flowing between you and your users from the air. But, a number of other benefits come along with SSL.

I hope by now, you manage to get your social media share counts back. If you know any other quick fix, share with the rest in the comment box below. However, at the time of writing, Social Warfare is the only plugin (I know of) that provides this functionality.

Have fun with HTTPS!

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