Receipt Hog Scam – Can You Really Make Money Turning Receipts to Cash?

Receipt Hog Review

Welcome to our Receipt Hog Review. Receipts were created to serves as proof of payments. More than that though, a lot companies value receipts as they can be very powerful in plotting out the progress of a business. With that, a some organizations such as Receipt Hog promise rewards in return for the said receipts. 

If you want to earn income without exerting effort then check this out. According to them, just by simply scanning these receipts, you can earn cash. You may be looking for  passive income but this is one is quite interesting.

This application is a platform that allows you to earn through your receipts. However, before joining this network, it is best to evaluate if they can really pay their members. After all, a lot of people have been calling this the Receipt Hog scam. 

Let's get to the bottom of that. 

Receipt Hog Review Summary

Product Name: Receipt Hog

Founder: Jared Schrieber / InfoScou

Product type: Get Paid To Scan Receipts

Price: Free To Join

Best For: For individuals who love to shop and earn from the purchases

Rating: 3/5

Recommended:  Yes and No

Receipt Hod Review Logo

Summary: Receipt Hog is a reward site for scanning receipts. One can get coins for each receipts scanned.  However, the earning potential is not as high as one expects it to be.

What is Receipt Hog

This app will let users upload receipts for rewards from the company. Receipt Hog will then use the information to generate research on buying preferences. In return, the users receive coins or spins for each uploaded receipts.

Receipt owners do not have to worry about revealing their data since it is not a requirement. You also need not worry about the app selling personal details because you have the option not to upload it.

Established in 2011, as a market research firm named Numerator developed the app, the app was created to help companies know its consumers' behavior with various brands.

Infoscout, a Marketing Research Company, developed the application. To be more specific, MIT graduate and InfoScout CEO Jared Schrieber started Receipt Hog.

Receipt-Hog-Review- feature


Getting Started with Receipt Hog

Registration is very simple to start earning from Receipt Hog. All you need to do is to download the app on your smartphone and you are good to go. The app will automatically request to activate the users location through email or Facebook. It is so easy that it only takes few minutes to complete the task.

Once you put the necessary details, your request to join will be granted. However, in occasional scenarios, there is still a possibility that your request may be turned down. 

If your request to join is granted, you will receive 50 coins right away. This will serve as your first reward with the company so consider it a welcoming gift. 

If you landed on their home page, there are various options listed to boost your rewards.  Furthermore, there will also be several chances where you could earn bonus rewards. Be sure to have those receipts once you are in!

Capturing Image Receipts

Getting your camera ready to snap those receipts is the most important thing to do once you are in. If you can't take a picture, you can't get your rewards. When taking a picture, make sure that the following details are readable.

-Store Name

-Transaction Date

-Amount of Transaction

-Purchased Item

Receipt Hog accepts all acknowledgments printed out from a cash register. Remember not to upload receipts that are fake because these can easily be detected. Uploading fake receipts may result to account suspension.

In the same way, never upload photos of the receipt twice. Also, avoid uploading blurry photos as these would usually be scrapped only. 

Users may be able to view their status once they upload their receipt through the receipts tab. This area of the app will show the users the approval and also their earnings. 

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Getting Rewarded thru Scanned Receipts


If you submitted receipts and it has been approved by the company you will receive coins. Earn coins with receipts coming from Pharmacies, Pet shops and Convenient Stores. The number of coins earned from the receipt depends on the amount you spend.

Uploaded receipts can earn up to 100 coins per week. At an average, each receipt is equivalent to 5 coins.


Aside from receiving coins, each receipt upload is also worth an entry to their sweepstakes.  As we all know, sweepstakes is a game of luck so winning here is really not a guarantee.

Having some free entries can make you win some coins here. It may not be a life-changing amount but just okay for a game of chance which you joined just by uploading something, right?

Slot Machine

This app also has Slot Machine where you can play and earn. I know most of you are familiar with this popular casino game.

If you are lucky enough then you might win really big prizes. Thena gain much like the sweepstakes the chances of winning big are, of course, not high.

You earn Slot Spins if you have receipts from Clothing, Electronics and Office Supply Stores.  Although they claim to give 2000 coins to the winner, only a few people have really profited from this.

What is Good About Receipt Hog

This Receipt Hog Review is a result of research from various websites. I noted it below to help you decide whether to ignore it or give it a try.

Receipt Hog is free to download and install. It lets users earn money with very minimum effort, and have fun to taking photos. The company that developed the program has also been good recently.

Users are expected to experience a delay due to the wait list of people joining Receipt Hog. As a result, it takes time to earn points and money to the point that some people have called out this program the Receipt Hog scam. Likewise, winning the sweepstakes is one in a million since there are many entries. 

Here, users do not always earn coins. Rewards may be in the form of receiving spin turns and guess what, yes more sweepstakes entries.


  • Membership if FREE
  • Easy  tasks for rewards
  •  Many ways to earn


  • You may land on a waiting list
  • Income is low

How True is the Receipt Hog Scam Accusation?

Receipt Hog is quite new and there have been some speculations about its legality.  While there are people who were allegedly successful in withdrawing their funds, a couple of members still have their complaints thus branding this the Receipt Hog scam. 

It's better safe than sorry so I'd like to dwell more on the complaints. I heard someone who was able to make $30 in a year which is such a low income for a year. You judge the company.

For this Receipt Hog Review, I learned that some people are actually withdrawing 5-7 times in a year.  Therefore we can say, that the income potential depends on how much and what receipt you upload.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the outstanding customer service team of Receipt Hog.

Receipt Hog Review Final Verdict

This app is not bogus, however, it is considered to be a low income generating app thus the birth of the Receipt Hog scam movement. I recommend consumers to try out safer alternatives to making money online such as affiliate marketing. 

This Receipt Hog Review lets consumers know that there is still money on your receipts. People normally just throw these pieces of paper or collect them for auditing.

Uploading receipt is a fun way to earn from your receipts and smartphone. Just do not expect this app to pay for your entire billing and you will be fine.  This is not a good replacement for a regular job.

Therefore, I will not recommend this app because of its low-income potential.  There are many ways to make money online.  Do not limit yourself with this app.  Take some time to explore other means like Affiliate Marketing.

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