Reasons Why People Are Poor

There are a lot of books and articles out there talk about how to build your fortune but never discuss the reasons why people are poor. There are several common beliefs that try to kill the desire to dream. Let’s me break it down in this article.

Reasons Why People Are Poor

Belief #1: I do not have enough money to start business or investment

People always complain they don’t have enough money to set aside for investment or to start their business. Believe it or not, the majority of people out there are making more than enough to save part of their current income for savings. Most of you think saving money in the bank in safer, but it is the most dangerous place to most of the investors. Trust me, if you want to start a business, sit down one day and go through the numbers. You will be surprised that you can actually save some money by lowering the current cost of living. The cumulative effect (towards the end of the year) will earn you extra cash.

Belief #2: I do not have the right connection

Well, look around, you actually have the right connection but you have not realized. The right connections are those you live with and the ones that you should treasure the most. Those “connections” strongly believe in you and you have taken them for granted throughout your life. They have been giving a lot of moral support, encourage you to fight for your dreams and listen to your daily frustration. Spend time with the loved ones and give them more attention. Think about it, they have helped you in ways you never thought of. You already have the right connections in life.

Belief #3: I do not have enough formal education

Reasons Why People Are Poor

Guess what, most of the billionaires quit they school when they knew what they wanted. Of course, I am not saying that you should quit your study now and start your own business. For those who have already graduated, street wise and common sense education is more important than any formal education. That also means experience plays an important role in building your success.

Belief #4: I need to work harder

Reasons Why People Are Poor

Most of us think by working harder, we will be getting better and earning more than anyone else. This is not 100% true. I am a master holder and I had worked very hard than anyone else when I was an engineer. My friend who graduated from high school was living far better than me but he worked lesser but smarter. We need to think harder and not work harder. So, be smart!

Belief #5: I don’t dream big

Reasons Why People Are Poor

The funny thing is most of the people in this world have big dreams. Many of people fail in chasing their dreams because they focus too much on big successes and neglect the small steps – planning, and setting milestones. We all have to dream big, but at the same time, be realistic! One should always set a series of small goals and make them happen over time. Another problem with dreaming big is people are greedy, they want to be successful without paying much effort.


Do not let all these beliefs stop you from achieving your goals. First, you have to dream big. Plan ahead the steps in order to arrive at what you want to go. Start lowering the cost of living if you are thinking to start your own business or investment. Education doesn’t matter as what matters is your drive, experience, common sense and the eager to learn new things. It is important to work harder, but thinking hard is a MUST. Love your loved ones and spend time with them. You need their support to keep your spirit high. They should be your motivation and your driving force.




Reasons Why People Are Poor

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