Quoine’s QASH ICO Review: Non-Liquid Crypto Economy Ahead

Quione’s QASH is one of the rare ICOs. QASH ICO, the upcoming Initial Coin Offering or Token Sale of the world’s latest Cryptocurrency, will go down on November 6th to December 6th 2017. What is Quione’s QASH? Read this review to find out more.
Quoine QASH ICO Review Non-Liquid Crypto Economy Ahead

Quoine’s QASH ICO Review: Non-Liquid Crypto Economy Ahead

What is QASH?

Much like Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency to be lauched in 2009, QASH is a also a virtual currency which is a decentralized form of money that anyone can take control of, meaning there is no central bank or institution issuing or printing the units of the the currency, since it is virtual.

The great advantage of Cryptocurrency is the fact that it is peer to peer, or mainly controlled by the two parties that are exchanging the currency for goods or services.

Currently the two most basic functions of the QASH token will be:

  1. Payment token for all services on Quoine’s platform; and 
  2. A tradable crypto token.

However, cryptocurrency does not have as many people worldwide using ti like traditional money or FIAT currency does, which means that in the Cryptocurrency space the issue has always been Liquidity, meaning that the possibility of tokens issued may possibly run out, as opposed to normal money which is printed or minted in thousands of notes by Central Banks. 

Then comes in QASH, which preceeds Quoine Liquid, a global liquidity platform for the Cryptocurrency economy. Qash holders will be able to use it for Transaction Fees on Quoine’s Liquid Platform; Qryptos; and Quoinex, as well as for Prime Brokerage, wich offers Direct Market Access; Fiat Management; and Crypto/ Fiat Credit.

What Makes Qash Stand Out?

The difference between Qash and all other tokens, such as Etherium (ETH) is that Qash will usher in Liquid, which will introduce widespread Liquidity in the highly non-liquid cryptocurrency market worldwide, which has not existed in this space as companies have been unable to create liquidity for themselves and the general ‘crypto’ market wordlwide.

Qash will introduce liquidity in the cryptocurrency space through incorporating or attaching greater value to the QASH token with the following product features, which have been built over a series of milestones achieved by the issuing company Quoine through several key success factors as detailed below.

1. Product Features

  • Aggregated Order Book
  • Matching Engine – ME_ which is capable of performing a few million transactions per second
  • Smart Order Routing – SOR
  • Realtime Currency Conversion
  • Market making
  • FIAT management
  • Credit Lending Facility

As more companies, i.e, startups and fintech companies adopt the use of QASH, the liquidity of Qash will increase exponentially, thus fuelling the fintech revolution.

2. Success factors

  • A Proven Team 
  • Core Products Already Built-in and Battle tested
  • Exchange & Banking Relationships
  • Regulated (Japan, etc.)
  • Compliance & Security frameworks
  • Big 4 Auditor

Is It Worth Investing in QASH ICO?

Investing is ICOs is generally risky since for most of the time there is no real or tangible product or service that the company launching the Token has gained any significant markte traction on.With QASH, however the risk is greatly minimized since Qash encompasses a host of services and features built into its blockchain as detailed in the Product Features above, which solves problems that have plagued other cryptocurrencies since the inception of Bitcoin back in 2009. It will also be a major gamechanger in the sence that it will engulf all other future ICOs by solving problems that none have been able to tackle, that of creating widespread liquidity in the crypto space. Qash has arrived to globalize all other cryptocurrencies, which makes it a investing in this ICO a once in lifetime opportunity, as it will allow anybody to tap into all different kinds of opportunities which are on offer through the cryptocurrency market, both as a normal user and/ or token holder.This it will achieve through primarily solving the problem of non-liquidity in the global cryptocurrency space.

QASH Token Distribution: Year 1 – 5

  • 20% – Alocated to Quoine Management Team
  • 30% – Community/ Ecosystem
  • 50% – Offered for sale to the public 
  • After 5 years 80% of the tokens will be allocated to the public, while 20% will still be held by Quoine management.
  • Use of Proceeds
  • 50% – Liquidity
  • 15% – Legal/ Regulation
  • 15% – Operations
  • 20% – Product Development 

Who’s Behind QASH?

 QUOINE Pte. Ltd, a Japanese (Singapore, Vietnam) based Fintech company that provides exchange as well as trading services and blockchain-based financial services. They became the first licensed Japanese firm to launch a global ICO in October 2017. They offer Cryptocurrecy Trading through their Quoinex Trading Platform, which already surpassed US $12 Billion in trading transactions.  In 2016 Quoine also managed to raise US$ 20 million through investor funding.The management team, headed by the two co-founders Mike Kayamori, who’s also the CEO together with Mario Gomez Lozada (President and CTO) comprises of a total of 9 nine professionals who are highly skilled in the fields of trading, banking and IT with strong ties and alliances in established corporate, government and regulatory bodies in Japan and elsewhere (except in China, where cryptocurrencies have been banned altogether).

Quoine has accomplished impressive milestones in recent years:

  • 2014: Quoine is incorporated;
  • 2014 Q2: Quoinex Exchange is Launched
  • 2015 Q1: Margin Trading is Offered 
  • 2015 Q2: Quoinex Mobile App Launched
  • 2016 Q1: Moved Headquarters to Japan
  • 2017 Q1: New High-performance Infrastructure
  • 2017 Q2: New High-performance Multi-Market Matching Engine (5Million+ Transactions per sec.) and launched QRYPTOS   
  • 2017 Q3: Quoinex Japan registered with the Japan FSA Licence # 00002
  • 2017 Q4: Qash Token Sale

The near Future and beyond:

  • 2017 Q4: Support for Tokens and Self Service Token Listings on Qryptos
  • 2018 Q1: Launch Quoine Liquid Direct Market Access Beta
  • 2018 Q2: Official Quoine Liquid Launch
  • 2018 Q3: Direct Market Access
  • 2018 Q4: Prime Brokerage Offering
  • 2019 Q1: Expand Service to Asset Managemnet and Banking
  • 2019 Q2: Launch Qash Blockchain
  • 2019 Q3: Full Banking License

 Bitfinex Strategic Partnership

Quoine has formed a strategic alliance with Bitfinex, the mission of which will be facilitating a boderless liquidity  pool between remote fiat and cryptocurrency markets  through the Quoine Liquid global trading platform. 

QASH will also be listed for trading on the Bitfinex trading platform after it has been launched. 
For more information visit www.quoinex.com where the Quoine White Paper can also be downloaded.

This Crowd funded Token Sale is one of about 4 to 5 that are launched daily globally, which will be launched by QUOINE, pronounced ‘Coin’, a global Fintech Company based in Japan, which is behind this one of a kind ICO.

Investors will be able to purchase Tokens at a 20% discount for the 1st 3 days of the sale, i.e. November 6th – 8th via Bitcoin (BTC) and/ or Etherium (ETH).

QASH ICO Details

  1. Token: QASH | Symbol:  ECR
  2. Issuance: 1,000,000,000 QASH
  3. Fundraising Goal: US$ 153,200,000.00 (500,000 ETH)
  4. Maximum Token: 500,000,000 (500,000 ETH)
  5. Public Tokens: 50%
  6. Maximum Personal Cap: 0.5 ETH
  7. Accepts: ETH, BTC
  8. Price: 1 QASH = 0.001 ETH = 0.31 USD
  9. Can’t Paticipate: CHINA

Traditionally, in the Global Venture Capitalist economy there exists an IPO, or Initial Price Offering, which gives investors both individual and institutional a chance to purchase shares in a publicly traded company when it lists on the Stock Market, allowing the listing company the opportunity to raise capital or funds for future expansion of their operations.

This traditional method however has a lot of red tape associated with it as it bears a lot government and industry red tape and rigorous procedures that listing companies have to follow, and is therefore highly regulated, making it very difficult for ordinary citizens of any country to buy into IPOs.

ICOs, on the other hand, are largely decentralized, as there has been a few thousand launched since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, which was followed by ‘Altcoins’ such as Etherium; Litecoin; Dash; Ripple; Monero and Steem just to name a few, all of which, including the original Bitcoin token are based on Blockchain.

The blockchain, which is a decentralized global bublic ledger linking all transactions performed on it through individual  blocks of records of these transactions for all participants to see and verify.

This is the backbone of all cryptocurrencies, and is managed through a HASH, which is a function that converts numbers and letter inputs into an encrypted code of a fixed length. This function is critical in the proper management of all cryptocurrency blockchains.

A White Paper is essential in the pre-launching of any ICO as it details information on Token Sale as well information of the owners/ creators of the token to be launched, as well as rules; guidelines to investors; future plans of the company; and a disclaimer.

Most importantly, participants in the Qash ICO are required to purchase tokens by first registering for a Qryptos accoint on Quoine’s Qoinex Trading platform at https://qryptos.com

This will ensure the security of the whole ICO process and keep it safe from hackers and scammers. As further KYC security measures the account holder has to upload ID documentation and also activate 2-factor authentification. After opening the account an email activation link will be sent to the new account holder’s email. Regisration for updates is also provided for via ICO Drops.

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