Organo Gold Review-What is Organo Gold Coffee?

What is Organo Gold Coffee

Welcome to our Organo Gold Coffee and Company Review!

Reviews are very important and play a critical role in evaluating any form of business. Although there are consumers who are taking it for granted perhaps they instantly want to earn and join the bandwagon.

What is Organo Gold Coffee and how it can help in generating decent income? The main product of the company is coffee.  Most of us are coffee drinkers but what is Organo Gold Coffee that will stir the interest of the drinkers?  Is Organo Gold a scam or a legitimate company?

They do not consider the pros and cons on investing in the business. The lack of review will limit their knowledge about the product and insight for possible risk on investing in a wrong company. 

This article will discuss a review not only about the company but will also answer what is Organo Gold Coffee content that caused controversy among experts.  I am not here to sell the product or invite you to join the network.  

This review will surely help you decide if you will join the network or not.  The article is a fair review written to guide those who wish to sign-up with Organo Gold.

Organo Gold Review Summary

Product Name: Organo Gold

Owner: Bernardo Chua

Industry‎: ‎Multi-level Marketing

Products: Coffee and Health Products

Headquarters‎: Headquarters in Canada with International Branches

Founded: 2008

Rating: 30/100

Is Organo Gold a Scam-Organo Gold Review

The Organo Gold Company

The company is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that sells Organo Gold Coffee as the main product.  It might be interesting to note that coffee is essential part of our everyday lives.  Most of us drink coffee every morning but what is Organo Gold Coffee that makes it unique is the health benefits it promises to the drinkers.

Although I am doing the Organo Gold Review, I am not in any way a member of their network.  The company was founded by Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand in 2008 in Canada. 

Mr. Chua is a Filipino entrepreneur who worked in multi-level marketing company and an executive of Gano Excel in the Philippines.  He brought Gano Excel in Hong Kong and Canada.  When he moved to California, he expanded the company to the USA.

Aside from the coffee offered by the company, they also venture into capsules and other food products.  Gano Excel has been promoted for treatment in various health problems such as gout, diabetes and psoriasis.

In 2004, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) send a letter to Chua regarding his claims about the products and the harmful effect on the human body.  They objected to the testimony sections of Gano Excel as a treatment for gout, diabetes and psoriasis.

Bernardo Chua aims to sell healthy bioactive coffee that contains the Ganoderma lucidum derived from the linghzhi mushroom.  He adapted the MLM Business Model and sells the products through a distribution network. In 2015, the company continues to sell various products for their consumers.  They also rebranded and use the name Organo Gold.

What is the Organo Gold Coffee?

The Organo Gold Coffee is the main product of the company.  Organo Gold Review of the products pointed out two main benefits of becoming a member of the network. 

First, there are a lot of coffee drinkers in the world and we all know that coffee can have a different effect on drinkers.  Mr. Chua added a Chinese Herb in the coffee.  As mentioned, this herb contains essential vitamins and minerals that can cure various diseases.

The coffee that they sell also has an anti-oxidant property that adds a positive response to coffee drinkers.  Shane Morand is the one in-charge in the distribution of the product and uses the MLM Business Model.  The model provides opportunities for individuals to earn income and enjoy the product.

What is Organo Gold Coffee ingredients that make it so special is the Lucidum derived from Ganoderma mushrooms.  This is believed to be the source of nutrients and minerals that boost the immune system and provide benefits to the drinker.

According to some early Organo Gold Review, one of the main problems of the members who happens to be the distributor is the availability of the product.  While there are people who wanted to buy the coffee, the company is having problems coping up with the demand. Likewise, another problem faced by the company is the testimony of the product as a cure for gout, psoriasis and diabetes. 

The Organo Gold Line of Products


This category includes organic green and red tea, chocolates and black coffee.  They also have flavored coffee such as mocha, Jamaica Blue Mountain and the likes.  These products are derived from a mushroom called Ganoderma.


This category includes foods that supplement the diet.  The nutraceuticals line of products includes the Ganoderma Grape Seed Oil, Ganoderma Lucidum, Ganoderma Spore Powder, Ganoderma Lucidum that promises wellness and cure to different health problems.


In this category, hygienic products including toothpaste, lotions and soaps that contain the herbal ingredient which is the Lucidum derived from the Ganoderma Mushroom.

How to Make Money with Organo Gold?

In reality, there will always be a risk when one enters into a multi-level marketing business.  That is why Organo Gold Review is written for your guidance.  In fact, the market for coffee product of Organo Gold is actually a good niche and fragmented because many people love coffee.

There are different ways to earn in Organo Gold.  Just like any other MLM company, you get a certain commission from the suggested retail price.  They offer up to 50% of the profit to the distributor depending on the type of membership.

You can also avail of the Fast Track Bonus wherein packs are sold from $20.  The good thing about this bonus is that you can get as many as you can as long you will be able to sell it.

Being an MLM company, Organo Gold let members invite people to become their network.  Is it easy to recruit members?  Well, recruitment depends on how you present the product.  There are trainers who can actually help you to present to prospective members or ask your sponsor to help you.

To be able to earn, one must establish a  network.  Invite friends and colleagues and once they sign-up, you will get a portion of their membership fees as your commission.  

You need to fill the left and the right side of your network to earn a binary bonus.  Individuals will also earn by the sales of your sponsored member.  So if all the members of your network will actually drink coffee every day in a month, then you will actually have a decent income.


Becoming a Member

Starter Pack will cost you $49.95.  Upon payment, you are now entitled to discounts and you can earn by selling the product in suggested retail price.  The starter pack contains brochures and applications as well as presentation binders and coffee samples. 

Access to the back office is provided only for a period of one year.  You will have to pay some extra if you want to have it extended for another period.

The Bronze Pack will cost about $150.  Members will be receiving about 10% compensation.  Silver Pack will cost about $450 with 15% commission and Gold Pack with $1300 but with 20% commission.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Packs include coffee boxes.  Members can actually keep the products for personal consumption or sell the products to potential buyers.  Compared to a typical coffee, Organo Gold coffee is a bit expensive.


What is Organo Gold Coffee Issue that Stirs Controversy?

This is one of the controversies in Organo Gold Coffee.  Many people are trying out these products since there a lot of available information online and offline.

I will try to explain this part without making this like a Botany or Biology class.  Ganoderma is used in Traditional Chinese Medicines and is believed to boost the immune system. 

According to the tetimonies, Organo Gold Coffee can prevent cancer and tumors, regulate blood pressure, alleviate allergies, has anti-inflammatory property, good anti-oxidant and can aid digestion.

Unfortunately, despite the lengthy benefits promised by the product, not all products are scientifically proven.  As a matter of fact, some recent study shows that prolonged intake of the mushroom is not advisable and may cause some potential dangers to individuals. 

Organo Gold vs Organo Gold

While becoming a member can provide you a good discount for Organo Gold, these discounts also failed to keep their MLM marketing strategy.  Members compete with the suggested retail price and offer it lower. 

In fact, these Organo Gold products are already available in the supermarkets.  Why do you need to become a member if you can easily buy these products at a lower price at the most convenient place?  In the end, Organo Gold is competing with its distributors not only in physical stores but also on the internet.

If I want a coffee from Organo Gold, instead of looking for a member where I can buy, I will just visit the nearest grocery store and get one sachet rather than a box.  The company did not regulate the price and causing members to earn lower than the promised income.

Organo Gold Coffee Side- Effects

According to some experts who conducted studies about Ganoderma, the mushroom should only be taken if necessary as it may have side effects such as Upset stomach, Nose bleeding, dry mouth, dizziness, itching and rashes.

Ganoderma is also not safe for women who are pregnant.  They are also not recommended for nursing women.  What is the Organo Gold Coffee effect on these women?  It may increase bleeding and may cause some blood clots.

It is always best to consult doctors before consuming the mushroom.  This mushroom contains a blood-thinning property that may also be dangerous for your health.

Having this in mind, some members need to think about the potential dangers it may cause to the coffee drinkers of Organo Gold.  Well, some members who have taken their coffee and other gourmet products claimed that they were able to have better health by drinking the coffee.

Based on my own experience, I have encountered members who are inviting people to become members of Organo Gold.  I knew that somehow they have improved their health, however, the effect of the product varies from person to person so be careful when recommending the product.

Is Organo Gold a Scam?

Well, I can say that it is a legitimate company.  Organo Global, however, becomes more of a Ganoderma company disguising as a coffee company.

The reason why the member does not earn a decent income is that the members themselves did not follow the price range. Also, recruitment of members is rather poor because they always get the product online and even in the nearest stores.

Will I really earn a decent income in MLM?  It will always depend if you are one of the early movers and how you patronize the product.  If you really love the product and it is affordable then go for it.  If it will cost you a fortune and you are not prepared to take the risk of losing it then do not join their network.

Since there are also studies conducted by experts about the effects of Ganoderma in humans, there are members who stopped using the products.  It is very hard to risk health with some MLM companies.

Recommendations and Verdict

I have known MLM Marketers who really devoted their time to patronizing the products and building their network.  No matter how enthusiastic and articulate can they be, they still failed to earn a decent amount in Organo Gold.

Those who really earn huge income are those who are in the upper levels of the network.  Although there are companies who adapt this business scheme, it is not a guarantee that the company will succeed and provide you with the income that you want.

No one can earn a decent income unless they work hard for it.  So remember, in MLM companies, you need to work hard in order to earn.  You may find earning in recruiting but I tell you, the income coming from a direct referral is enough.

In the end, after the review of Organo Gold, I do not recommend people in becoming a member since being a non-member can also get almost the same benefits as those who have a starter kit.

It is very important to conduct a review before entering into an agreement.  If your sponsor asked you to have time to do some research about their business then perhaps it is a green flag that tells you they are legitimate. Their website contains details of their executives and they have a product to sell and so are you. 

Again, join at your own risk.  I do not recommend individuals to join the network because you may never get your investments back.  For those who have been members for quite some time, I am sure that they are among the elite group who are earning well.  But for those who are yet to join, with all the issues Organo Gold is facing, it is best to keep your distance from this company.

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