OffersBux Review | Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux?

OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux

Welcome to our OffersBux Review!

Money-making platforms have been seen popping out more over the internet. They come in forms of survey sites, GPT (get-paid-to) forums and web testing. Another way climbing up its ranks is what we call PTC sites or paid to click. The premise is that with every click of an advertisement, you as a user in turn would get monetary rewards.

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the newer yet trending PTC websites in the market. Offersbux! Let’s see if we can earn and make it a long-term engagement, shall we?

OffersBux Review Summary

Product Name: OffersBux

Founder: Forum Admin named Ufuko

Product type: Work-At-Home Opportunities

Price: Free to Join

Best For: Stay-at-home moms looking to earn a decent income online, or people who are having difficulties in finding jobs

Rating: 5/100

Recommended:  No

OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux

What is OffersBux? 

Offersbux is a fairly new website that takes advantage of a person clicking on advertisement and offerwalls in exchange for some cash.  Created last 2018, they’ve deviced a money making procedure where they take advantage of people accidentally or intentionally clicking ads on different websites. I mean the premise is actually ingenious. I’m pretty sure at least 98 out of a 100 people have already clicked on any advertisements and pop-ups prevalent on social networking sites.

This website also gives you different ways on earning extra cash and takes digital advertising to a whole new level. As a member, you can be able to drive products which you see in the market. You can generate needed traffic by the site and products.

To be honest, I like this gung-ho style of advertising. With fresh and new strategies, Offersbux is building itself to become a pioneer of PTC sites.

OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux

How Does OffersBux Work? 

The way it works is fairly easy.

First, you remove your AdBlock. No seriously, remove it! This would make sure that you would have the best possible way of earning cash thru Offersbux.

You start off by going to their website and navigate as much the tabs as much as you like to get familiarized. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’d need to register and create an Offersbux account as your profile. And voilah! From here on end, you can go ahead and click on the “Earn Money” menu and start racking up Cashout Points.

Keep in mind that you can immediately convert it to cashonce you’ve earned 1000 Cashout Points. The good news is that it doesn’t have a minimum cashout policy so it’s a huge plus compared to other money-making sites.

OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux

How Do I Start Earning? 


Now once you’re ready, you can go ahead and click on an active advertisement and wait for a loading bar to appear. Once activated, a Captcha code appears and once you’ve completed the instructions, points will be credited on your wallet.

And that’s practically it. You rinse and repeat the steps till you get tired, hungry or bored and keep those points racking up.


Once you’ve exceeded the ads you’ve clicked, you can also browse either Offerwalls or Bonus Ads to gain more Cashout points.

You would be able to complete partner tasks from different advertisers and this in turn gives out extra points until you reach your goal.

They partner from at least 16-20 walls which you can see below. Tasks vary from completing surveys, watching videos, playing games or finishing a questionnaire so you should be ready in order to be rewarded.

They also do an OfferWalls Monthly Contest where a lucky user can earn as much as 30% of your remaining balance as a bonus. So if you’ve saved at least $100 worth of points, then you’d be able to get a $30 bonus off of it.

OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux
OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux
OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux


Aside from the normal advertisements we’re clicking, there are special or Offersbux calls Bonus Ads and they give out bonuses to each user.

The same procedure also applies where once you’ve selected the ad, a new window pops up for a Captcha code as confirmation. Once it loads, you would to select either a “Get Link” or a “Skip Ad” option for it to be completed.

The downside is that it has a limit of 30 Bonus Ads per day. Keep in mind anything above 30, these will no be credited on your Offersbux account.

OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux


There are also several games which the site offers to combine entertainment and earning.

From either playing a Coin Toss or a Grid game, users are rewarded small cashout points which they can use on their free time.

To be fair, the interface used is still wobbly and susceptible to crashes. However this is still a very good way extra credit for your goals. You can win either 200% of the points you’ve earned or at least an extra $1 added to your wallet as compensation for completing and winning these games.


They also follow a referral system within their community.

This would be your downline as you would still get a certain percentage of the profit for every ad the referral works on. This is not deducted to your referral has earned. This means that Offersbux create a profit sharing idea with their members.

To join, you can either have your new member click a banner and use it as a registration point on the website. He can also register by himself and write down your username as the referrer to Offersbux.

How Do I Get Paid?

With all that said and done, HOW AND WHEN DO I GET PAID?

As I’ve told you above, once you’ve earned a minimum of 1000 Cashout Points then you can start to convert it to cash. It does not have a limit so by example, if you have a total worth of $500 of points, then you can happily cashout from the site.

To be easier, the conversion rate the site applies is that 10,000 points = $1.00. Pretty steep in my opinion.

They do offer different payment methods and you could see below what options work best for you. I’d highly suggest for you to select either Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash or CoinBase for withdrawal as it doesn’t give out transaction fees. (This is mostly prevalent with cryptocurrency option and they do charge you a minimum withdrawal limit and fees)

OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux

What Does OffersBux Users Say?

Here are some testimonials and proofs of payment from other users. The payout seems a bit small however I would concur that this is 100% true and legitimate.

OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux
OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux
OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux

OffersBux Hard-Hitting Truths


  • Free registration.
  • Different methods for earning.
  • Vast selection of Payment methods may it be direct transfer or cryptocurrency.
  • Direct way for earning. Just click ads and you should be good to go.


  • Ad space hell. The website has so much unnecessary ads at every corner and I can liken it to adult sites or social media sites. Personally, this is for me is a red flag as I might either incur viruses or malware from it.
  • Site Optimization. The site is fairly new and the information is all over the place.
  • Customer service is non-existent. Yes, you can go ahead click on “Support” and create a ticket however I haven’t actually heard of them for at least 3 days now. Makes you think what if it’s an issue with a withdrawal that you’d get this long to get a response.
  • Earning Potential is very low. 10,000 Points = $1.00! That’s all you want to hear.
  • No PayPal Option.
  • Time consuming. Yes, these are 15-30 seconds. However 1 ad is equals to less than a penny. I’d rather use my time somewhere else.

Final Verdict

I don’t like to be harsh however I really would like to be honest to our readers.


The time, the effort would all go to waste. 10,000 points is really a long way for you.

Offersbux is legit 100%. But there are so many other ways of earning money and you’re better off with the other options we’ve reviewed here on the site.

And as the meme goes, Offersbux ain’t it chief.

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OffersBux Review – Can You Really Make Money from Offersbux

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