New Year Affiliate Marketing Resolution for 2016

Looking for ideas for your new year affiliate marketing resolution for 2016? It is almost coming to the end of 2015 (at the time of writing). 2015 has unleashed enormous earning potential in the affiliate marketing sector. With so many new affiliate marketing programs and tools launched in 2015, if you want to boost your success with online business and increase your passive income, you will have to look at the new year affiliate marketing strategies for 2016!

New Year Affiliate Marketing Resolution for 2016

As what we all witnessed in 2015, affiliate market has reached its new high with plenty of online tools being released to help bloggers increase their earning potential. The grow of social media users has also proved that there are more potential clients for affiliate marketers.

This is why I shifted my focus to affiliate programs due to its unlimited source of revenue. This year, I am going to do the same thing as I can see the real potential in this area. There are a few things I am going to focus in this coming year.

Whether or not you are an affiliate marketer, investor or a blogger, we need to set serious goals and resolution. Especially for those who are serious in online business, we need to know what needs to be done! What is on my list? A lot!

My New Year Affiliate Marketing Resolution for 2016

Reader Engagement and Content

My first new year resolution will be maximizing my earning by engrossing the readers. This includes publishing  new content regularly. Not only that, when it comes to marketing your business online, content is kind. Running a blog is about engaging readers and providing content that people notice and share. Good content is what search engines discover and rank. If the content is well ranked, that simply means higher traffic. Traffic mean revenue. In present days, quality content develops your brand and it determines the successful rate of your business.

I am probably will go for Jaxxy keyword research toolbox that is made available within Wealthy Affiliate and produce articles that will bring in lots of traffic.

SEO Training and Tools

Unlike traditional approaches, people are paid for clicks and surveys. The survey panels are getting less popular over time because of the accessibility to online training platforms and tools that help them to build strong websites. There are platforms to get themselves trained to become experts in SEO and as affiliate marketers (one good example is Wealthy Affiliate).

Yes, you guess it right. I am not going to hire external SEO agency to do the things that I could do on my own. SEO is a big deal. Since I am already a premium member of WA, with the new and updated training courses offered within the platform, I am going to implement new SEO tricks to  my website. This includes signing on for a newsletter. This has been proven to be one of the most important elements to skyrocket the revenue. Making full use of the revolutionary market tactic in WA, I believe it will bring a lucrative income.

As part of that, I will be setting up the Facebook Fan Page widget on my website. This will boost the overall rate at which I will potentially be gaining new subscribers, fans, and followers. Social media is an important platform to reach out to potential customers. Hence, I am not going to skip that.

New Year Affiliate Marketing Resolution for 2016

Learn from other Affiliate Marketers

I am lucky enough that I can access to a great community within Wealthy Affiliate. Making friends and learning from the experts are a great way to further my knowledge. I do appreciate the help and support that I have been getting from this community. I simply love this system.

It is very important to know that you are not alone and we all have the same objective: To achieve financial freedom. We learn from each other and we share. I have been blogging a lot and giving tips within WA and I hope to extend my support to more people.

New Year Affiliate Marketing Resolution for 2016

Never-Ending Improvement

Nothing comes free with just a few clicks here and there. When it comes to online marketing, you have to treat it as a real business. In fact, it is a real business after all. To increase the revenue, I will keep improving my site and my tactics. I will commit to constant and never-ending improvement. As we all know, success does not come overnight. I am going to adopt this attitude and make a bigger success!

Advice from Alex

For those who have not started your website and joined the affiliate marketers, it is not late at all to start now. People who struggle in online business and life find these things in common:

A) They do not know the fundamentals and basics

B) They have no idea how to operate their sites

C) They do not know what niche to blog about

D) They do not know how to generate income from their websites

The good news is you can find all your answers to these questions from Wealthy Affiliate! If you want to know more about this great tool, you can read my post on #1 Recommendation to find out why I encourage my readers to sign up for this program. My reason is simple because IT WORKS! Make this as your New Year Affiliate Marketing Resolution for 2016 and make it happens!

New Year Affiliate Marketing Resolution for 2016

These are some other alternatives to improve your affiliate marketing efforts in the new year. I will share with you how I made it happened in 2015 and how I will make it greater in this year, next year, five years and ten years later.

Let me know if you have any questions about my strategies. Drop me a comment if you have some ideas to contributes. I would love to review them.

Alright, I gotta get going and I hope to get in touch with you soon, whether on my blog or in WA. You can find this profile of mine once you are registered with WA. See you there!



New Year Affiliate Marketing Resolution for 2016

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