Money Map Press Review – Legit Opportunity or Waste of Time??

Money Map Press Review – Legit Opportunity or Waste of Time??

Welcome to our Money Map Press review! In this article, we’ll take a look at this publishing company and what it’s all about. 

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Is Money Map Press a scam? Well, let’s see.

Money Map Press Review Summary

Company Name: Money Map Press

Owner: Mike Ward

Products: Financial Services

Headquarters‎: Baltimore, MD

Price: Varies

Founded: 2007

Rating: 60/100

Summary: Money Map Press is a financial publishing company founded by Mike Ward back in 2007. The company has grown to become one of the largest providers of financial literacy programs, specifically focusing on investing. The company has several newsletter and trading services which you can avail individually or as a part of your membership subscription inclusions. There is a mix of positive and negative comments about the product and it looks like it’s a tight race between those two. I recommend their services only for those who are familiar with investing already. Learn more in this Money Map Press review I prepared.

Money Map Press Review – Legit Opportunity or Waste of Time??

What is Money Map Press?

Money Map Press, LLC is a financial publishing company led by veteran publisher Mike Ward and established back in 2007. The company aims to make investing more profitable for you through seven newsletters, eight trading services, nine elite trading services. These can all be availed through sixe different kinds of memberships. 

The Money Map Press team is composed of 11 experts in the field who specialize in trading, financial advisory, analysis, and more. These 11 experts are the following: Keith Fitz-Gerald, Dr. Kent Moors, Michael A. Robinson, Bill Patalon, Shah Gilani, Ernie Tremblay, D.R. Barton, Tom Gentile, Chris Johnson. Tim Melvin, and Garrett Baldwin.

The company is based in Baltimore, MD and you can get their services by downloading their app on the App Store or Google Play.

Money Map Press Review – Legit Opportunity or Waste of Time??

How Does Money Map Press Work?

Money Map Press provides people with different kinds of services that can help them invest better. As stated above, you can avail of several newsletters under the said company with each newsletter specializing on different ways you can grow your wealth. These newsletters function under one principle and that is to uncover global trends even before mainstream media detects it. 

Not to be too cynical about it, but that’s what (almost) all financial publishing companies say. 

Anyway, the Money Map Press team are the ones responsible for running the services of the company. Each of the newsletters, trading services, and elite services is run by multiple financial experts. They are the ones who do the research and analysis which is then brought to the subscribers through the downloadable app or the service’s respective platform.

How Can I Join?

Their official website is pretty accessible and a lot of information about their services can be seen there. The sales pitches for every service are there and the links to their respective subscription pages are there as well. If you are interested in subscribing to one of their services, you can just go there and navigate your way around the site. 

There is also an option to login the website but I’m not really sure what that does but based on what I’ve seen it's really just for alerts. 

You can subscribe to the services individually since each of them has their own subscription plan. However, if you want to avail multiple services, you may want to check the membership plans of Money Map Press which feature different sets of newsletters, trading services, and elite services all in one package. I’ll discuss what each of membership plans would contain in the next section.

Money Map Press Review – Legit Opportunity or Waste of Time??

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How to Start Make Money with Money Map Press?


Newsletters are report packages given to subscribers to help them plot their next move in the market. Their seven newsletters include: High Velocity Windfalls, The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider, Fast Fortune Club, Nova-X Report, Private Briefing, Money Map Report, Energy Advantage. 

Here are short descriptions about the newsletters:

  • High Velocity Windfalls runs on what they call the X Pattern Formula.

  • The 10-Minute Millionaire Insider apparently helps you to make thousands of dollars a month. 

  • Fast Fortune Club contains one of the experts’ (Tom Gentile) trading secrets. 

  • Nova-X Report focuses on profiting through 5G technology. 

  • Private Briefing contain stock picks. 

  • Money Map Report is the personal newsletter of Keith Fitz-Gerald, the chief editor of the company. 

  • Energy Advantage gives you insights to trading in the energy industry.

Trading Services

Money Map Press also features eight trading services. These are: V3 Trader, Straight Line Profits, Money Calendar Pro, High Velocity Profits, Stealth Profits Trader. All of these services will help you find the right investments and they are often used also to run some of the newsletters.

Elite Services

Elite Services are much like trading services only they are branded as… well, elite. This means that these services shows more promise than the other trading services simply because these Elite Services make use of the latest technology and algorithms.

Elite Services include: Quantum Tracker, 10X Trader, Alpha-9 Trader, Heatseekers, The Money Zone, Cryptocurrency Windfalls, Night Trader, Weekly Money Call, and Micro Energy Trader.


As promised I’ll be discussing the different membership subscriptions you can get from Money Map Press. There are five memberships: Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance, Tom Gentile's Trading Circle, Money Map Resource Network, Black Diamond, and Passport Fellowship.

  • Rapid-Fire Profits Alliance gives you access to the Money Map Report and High Velocity Windfall newsletters plus the High Velocity Profits and Straight Line Profits trading services. 

  • Tom Gentile’s Trading Circle will give you unlimited access to V3 Trader, Money Calendar Pro, Weekly Money Call, Cryptocurrency Windfalls, Fast Fortune Club, and Alpha-9 Trader.

  • Money Map Resource Network gives you access to Energy Advantage, Micro Energy Trader, and the Energy Inner Circle.

  • Black Diamond does not have any specific inclusions in it but it apparently contains highly exclusive research. 

  • Passport Fellowship gives you access to all the Money Map Press services. Yep, all.

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What Do Money Map Users Say?

Since Money Map Press is a publishing company that features numerous services under it, there are a lot of talk about them. A Money Map Press review can be easily found online and there seems to be a lot of people involved in it.

Let’s what they have to say:

Money Map Press Review – Legit Opportunity or Waste of Time??
Money Map Press Review – Legit Opportunity or Waste of Time??

Comments from

Money Map Press Ugly Truths Revealed


  • User-friendly website that contains more than enough information about the company and its services.

  • Multiple services and packages offered for the different needs of people.
  • Run by a team of experienced and knowledgeable individuals in the field of investing.


  • Once negative comments surface about a certain company, it would be hard to trust the service-provider already and that’s the case for Money Map Press.
  • Expensive deals and services --- not fit for those who just want to start in the market.
  • Testimonials stated on its website seem to be overhyped and not authentic.
  • Contains upsells despite the fact that you are given “all-access” to their services.

Final Verdict

Here’s my final verdict:

Based on the pros and cons alone, I am recommending this company but not to everyone. Money Map Press and its services are meant for people who know the language of investing already and anyone who is new to this might end up getting scammed by upsells and the enticing sales pitches. If you have experience, this may help but if you do not, then I suggest you stay away from this. 

Is Money Map Press a scam? Well, based on what I’ve researched for this Money Map Press review, it would be hard to call this company a bogus. For one, they offer really great products but I guess it all boils down to the quality of service and if it’s worth the price, right? There are negative reports from the users of their services and these things always get the benefit of the doubt. 

I hope you had a great time reading this Money Map Press review. Feel free to add up some stuff in the comments section. Also, If you are looking for a much safer way to earn, I suggest you take a look at our top recommendation.

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