Megatypers Review | Is Megatypers Legit or a Scam?

Megatypers Review

Welcome to our Megatypers Review!

It has always been a dream for most individuals to work in the comfort of their homes.  Thanks to the internet that provides opportunities to most professionals.  Here is another work from home scheme, the Megatypers.  This Megatypers Review is a quick look at the program.

I have come across this Megatypers website and everyone was so excited about it.  It promises a simple task for a reward.  In fact, the Megatypers Website claims that you can really earn from their program.

To start with, I may say that the Megatypers concept is quite good.  Who can ever resist monetary rewards with just a simple task?  

We have to face the fact that there are rewards websites that easily give out dollars.  Unfortunately, despite that you reached the threshold, it does not allow you to withdraw. 

Well, Megatypers is not among those companies.

What I do not like about Megatypers is their claims that giving false hopes to their members.  It only entices the members but no matter what they do, they just cannot simply earn that much.

Let us take another step in this Megatypers Review and check the background of the company.  Let us have a fair judgment if working with Megatypers can be worth your precious time.

Megatypers Review Summary

Product Name: Megatypers

Founder: Unknown

Product type: Captcha Encoding

Price: Free

Best For: None

Rating: 1/5

Recommended:  Not for everyone.

Megatypers logo

Summary: Megatypers is a company that pays its users when captcha was solved and submitted.  According to the website, a Megatypers user can earn about $200 per month.

What is Megatypers?

If you are looking for a company that will pay you for encoding, this can be a website that you will get interested in.  Megatypers website offers monetary rewards to its members by simply solving captcha.

According to their website, an individual can actually earn as much as $200 each month.  That is quite a hefty amount that will surely entice anyone. 

But, is it really possible to earn that much?

Megatypers can be considered as a data entry job. 

Usually, companies employ people to do their documents using the keyboards or other special keys to finish the task.  In the case of Megatypers, you type captchas.

Captcha can be of any form.  Usually, captcha in Megatypers is in images that you need to solve in order to earn. 

The big question is that, can you really earn from this platform?

Membership in the site is free.  You do not have to pay anything to start working. 

That means that you can start trying out the site without the risk of losing anything.

That can be a great thing to try on right?  But before you sign-up, you need to get an invitation code among its members. 

How do to get one?

Just search online as members of Megatypers are searching for new recruits.

You can choose from different sources and the good thing is that every code works. 

These codes benefit the sponsors that are why you can find a positive Megatypers Review along with the codes.

Of course, do you think they will give Megatypers Negative Reviews?  

If they do that then you will no longer sign-up.  

That is why there are lots of Positive Reviews.  How would you know if they are real and honest?  

This Megatypers Review will reveal the answer in the latter. 


How Does Megatypers Work?

We all know that captcha is a sort of test to make sure that you are not a robot.  Megatypers will allow you to type the images shown and you will earn dollars for that.

The good thing about Megatypers is that it can be done in various countries.  It is some sort of workforce that provides service to institutions for their data entry. 

You will find a lot on the internet because their members are also searching for new recruits.  When a member signs up using the affiliate code of the sponsor, the sponsor will earn from their new recruits.

There is no referral fee but the sponsor will have a passive income.  They will get 10% of the earnings of their direct invites. 

That is why there are affiliate codes on the internet.

Well, one can tell that you get more rewards if you have direct invites.  This is also a great source of passive income. 

When someone uses your affiliate codes, you will not earn from them outright.  You earn if they work.

How much do you earn from Captcha?  In most cases, just simply doing captcha will not give you a better reward. 

They only pay about $0.45 per 1000 captcha.  And mind you, that is quite a number for the amount.

The good thing is that you can actually withdraw the money via Paypal if the earnings reach $3.  There are also different ways to withdraw your dollars.  In fact, you can have this converted to bitcoins.

If you are having fun solving a captcha and want to earn from it, then this can be a good fit. Instead of playing games during your spare time you can earn from this.  

Is Megatypers Worth Trying?

I know that you wanted to earn from home and there is an eagerness to really make money online. 

Megatypers offer a lot but based on my experience, I had a hard time earning my first dollar.

It is true indeed, that they offer $.45 per 1000.  But because I know my skill in typing, I assume that I can do more. 

Well, it is not what I expected it to be.  Before I earned my first dollar, it took me almost a week.

I had to deal with images.  The image is not loading as fast as it could be.  Some of the images are also not clear.  That may take some time to decode as compared to the real captcha.

And since Megatypers are loading images they are slow.  You may download their free software to at least speed up a little bit.  However, the images are still not that fast.

There is another way of increasing the loading speed of the image but still, it is not worth it.  You have to pay for the upgrade for about an hour which promises to load at an average of 800 per hour.

That means if you were able to complete that 800 images, you will only earn about $.30 in an hour.    That is not worthy of your time.

I would rather spend my time doing something I love.  Even if the membership is free, you will probably have a hard time earning a dollar.

That is the reason why Megatypers users are inviting members.  Well, that is the only way of increasing their income.


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What Others Say About Megatypers?

I can say that there is Megatypers Review simple because they get members from their site.  Good reviews on this website made a lot of confusion about whether an individual may join or not.  But the truth is yet to be revealed.

There have been reports about users who had been on the website and yet there are no images showing up. 

These hinder their potential to earn more.  Remember that the people who are using Megatypers are seeking online work and that is not a good sign.

Some people, however, are enjoying the fact that they are having fun solving captchas and earning at the same time. 

Unfortunately, for any reason, they are being banned from the site when they are to withdraw their money.

Despite the fact that you can file a dispute with their support, it does not always happen.  When you are permanently banned on the website. 

You can do nothing but say goodbye to your hard-earned dollar.

I cannot say much about Megatypers because some users also abuse the program.  There are users that create multiple accounts that are prohibited by the program.

Users of Megatypers are wise.  Some of them use automation to increase their speed.  What makes them think that the company will not detect it.  At the end of the day, those who are honestly working are affected.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Megatypers

If you join Megatypers, you know that you are dealing with real people.  They are an absolutely real worker who is doing captcha.  They are legitimate typers whose goal is to earn money from typing.

What Megatypers offer is real work.  It means you should treat it as genuine working from home.  If you are not satisfied with what they are giving then do not join. 

Do not even think to cheat the program like creating multiple accounts and be your own sponsor. 

The website can easily detect that and it can permanently ban you from accessing your account.

I can definitely say that this is not a scam.  You can actually get your money if you are an honest worker.  You can always contact support if you have any issues with the website.

You can definitely work from home.  However, the pay is relatively low.  So, if you are looking at it as a job replacement, it will never happen. 

This is best only for those who want to work part-time.

Use your spare time to work in Megatypers.  There is no pressure when it comes to your workload. 

There is no quota on how many captchas you should finish in a day.  One important tip is to make sure you stay focused on the job.

 There is a maximum of 15 seconds time to complete each image.  If you cannot solve it, you will be kicked out and given a warning.  

In a day, you are only allowed to have 1-3 warnings or your account will not be allowed to access.

Final Recommendations and Verdict

In this Megatypers Review, we discussed how to use the website in order to earn.  While there are many testimonials about the program, it is always accompanied by membership recruitment. 

The Megatypers Review such as this is not reliable since we know that the purpose is basically to have a direct referral.  Honestly, I find the site not suitable for anyone.

The pay is not even enough to pay my utilities.  I would rather search for other means of making money online.  I do not want to discourage most individuals searching for jobs but this is not a full time paying job.

Making your time productive if you have some extra can be okay.  But, I would rather go affiliate marketing that offers real money.  Try affiliate marketing and you will notice a big change in your finances.  They offer low-risk membership as well.

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