LulaRoe Review – Is LulaRoe a Scam?

Is LulaRoe a Scam-LulaRoe Review

Welcome to our LulaRoe Review!

Your friends may probably show off their new LulaRoe Leggings, or perhaps LulaRoe Dresses on social media.  They may have been celebrating how they have gotten into styles but speculations also arise, is LulaRoe a scam?

While most people are enjoying their likes and emoticons in social media, are these really new styles?  Are they really worth the admiration or just a network of people trying to sell something online?  This article will show you something about LulaRoe Review. 

You may find this LulaRoe Review controversial, but this is an honest opinion.  A fair and unbiased review about the company as well as the product they sell.

To start with, this article will talk about the positive and negative sides of the company. 

Have you ever tried the LulaRoe leggings?

Is LulaRoe a scam for not having a good product that sells with a hefty price?

The LulaRoe had become a fashion statement for women.  The LulaRoe leggings alone became so popular for moms. Let us find out the products they offer as well as the company background. Is it worth it to buy or invest in the company?

LulaRoe Review Summary

Product Name: LulaRoe

Owner: Deanne Brady

Industry‎: ‎Multi-level Marketing

Products: Fashion, Leggings and Dresses

Headquarters‎: Headquarters in Corona California

Founded: 2012

Rating: 30/100

What is LulaRoe Company?

Women love wearing leggings, no matter what the label is, they long for comfort.  LulaRoe was founded by DeAnne Stidham in 2012.  The company is related to fashion specifically for women.  LulaRoe leggings are among their top of the line products but they also offer skirts, tops and dresses with various sizes.  

According to the company, the texture of the printed LulaRoe leggings is described as “buttery”.  Leggings can be the one-size that fits sizes 2-10 and Tall and Curvy version that fits sizes 12-22.  There are also kids and tween sizes available.

As the company claims that they are into comfort more than style, they have different printed leggings.  From the solid colored style to simple and exotic patterns, they have that in their store.

In fact, you can even find some leggings with rare print being sold for thrice the price.  But not only that, they promote women empowerment to encourage you to purchase the product.  Is LulaRoe a scam using this advocacy to deceive women?

Is LulaRoe a scam because they focus on building entrepreneurship?  With that being said, it only means that you will be selling a lot.  Selling is not for everyone even if you have the social media to get leads, it is not just enough.

To top it all, LulaRoe is a multi-level marketing company.  Women are encouraged to join this network because of the promises of making money from the company.  Is LulaRoe a scam or a legitmate company with such advocacy?

How to Become a Reseller of LulaRoe

Since LulaRoe is an MLM Company, you need to have a sponsor to join their network.  If you visit their website and decided to join, you will be asked to fill out a form.  You will then be matched at random to the nearest member who can sponsor in your area.

Since they have been circulating in social media, you might be invited to an online party by which you can find a sponsor.  Initially, you will have to make a clothing order that roughly costs about $5000.  These can be of different sizes to kick off the business.

Having that number of clothing, you need to have some racks to display them.  You may also need hangers and business cards which will cost you around $500.

Not only that, before you can order to LulaRoe, you need to wait for about 6-8 weeks.  There is also a minimum order with a hefty price.

In the coming days, you will find yourself busy selling pre-ordered products.  If you are not into selling and not interested in putting up your own store, then this is not for you.  You also need to convince people to join your network to be able to recover your investment and finally earn a decent income.

Unlike other fashion companies, LulaRoe will not ask you to take orders from the customers.  You will have to take care of your own inventory package.  In short, you must sell all of that.

One of the issues here is that you will be ending up with products that you do not want.  Either these products may have the wrong patterns or items that will not fit most of your customers.  So, what will happen to these remaining inventories? Will products considered to be a wasted investment?

How Do I Earn From LulaRoe

Is LulaRoe a scam if you will profit from 45-60% from their product lines?  Well, I prefer to answer that in our later discussions.  As you can see, your investment of $5000 is big money to invest.  Assuming you get a profit of about 60% that is almost $3000.  

What really bothers me is the selling.  How easy it can be to actually sell the products?  Most individuals do not really buy clothing every month.  Assuming they do, they will not be buying the same dresses.  They need to have some variety.

I cannot see myself selling 33 clothes in a month.  This is a requirement of the company so you can retain the active status.  Although there are certain rules that may apply, there should be a regular order from your end to be able to retain your membership.

In fact, if you are active for 9 months period, your membership will be terminated.  At first, it may sound a significant figure but you have to weigh the investment as well as the effort you put into the business.

At the same time, you also need to let your network grow in order to earn a lucrative income.  You get an additional bonus for every eligible member you sponsor.  If you want to earn more from the company, you need to work hard and move up the rank.  If you have a good position within the network, you will get higher commissions.


Is it Really Possible to Earn from LulaRoe?

If you are determined to become an entrepreneur and aim to earn more in the company, plan ahead before joining.  Try to ask some friends about their fashion preferences.  Remember that the minimum order in a month is 33 items.  The same people will not buy each month so you need to have at least a hundred individuals in mind who will become your potential buyers.

At the same time, you need to have some marketing strategy.  If you need some tools in social media to be able to sell your products online, then you have to prepare for it.

You may also want to set your goals to check whether you are performing well.  Think about this, LulaRoe is actually not a typical MLM company that settles for an affordable investment.  If you wish to have a passive income wherein you will not be working hard to sell, try affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, there is a lower risk of losing your resources.  In MLM companies, you will be asked to invest without assurance of return.

LulaRoe Compensation Plan


Product Quality of LulaRoe

According to most customers who bought LulaRoe leggings, they are super comfortable.  The price is also just right for the quality.  The problem is the colors and the patterns are often not available.  The sizes may not match the customers’ preference and putting members of the network in competition with each other.

Since the products being sold came from photos taken by individual sponsors, the colors may differ from the actual product.  There are also individuals who are complaining that the products are rather to thin that it almost tear up when they wear it. 

Some also claim that after washing it, the leggings shrinks.  I would rather get a price higher than what is offered as long as the quality is good.  Low-quality products may just be a waste of money.

LulaRoe dresses may be good for certain body time so if you are of medium built, it will be difficult to tell.  We all have different body shapes and often it will best fit the dress before the purchase.

We all know how MLM companies work.  You need to invite people and bring them into the network to be able to earn more.  The investment, however, is not affordable.  Despite the promise of a good commission on products, the investment is still high.

Be honest and do not be deceived by the sponsors who promise you to earn a decent income.  In fact, the only persons who earn well in MLM companies are those who climbed up the rank.

Is LulaRoe a Scam?

Is LulaRoe a scam for getting multiple complaints from its members?  You may be a legitimate company but there is no assurance that you can provide decent income to the members.  This is basically the same as all MLM companies.

They may promise you a great opportunity but there is no guarantee that your investment will be recovered.  The problem with LulaRoe is that they are promoting Women Empowerment by establishing entrepreneurship.  A business that is difficult to maintain membership status.

Imagine the members who have invested such amount of money in the company.  They need to hard-sell the products to earn their keep.  Since it is very difficult to really sell the products, most of their consultants no longer continue their business.

Is LulaRoe a scam for letting the members failed in making their business a success?  I might say that it is not the fault of the company; you must also learn to assess yourself.  Ask yourself what you can do and what you cannot.

According to some LulaRoe Reviews, there are a lot of consultants who discontinued their membership because of the low income generated from sales.  Most of them ended up losing their investment rather than generating income.

I know for sure that you do not want to lose your hard-earned money from dresses that you cannot wear.  You do not want to end up with inventories that you cannot dispose of or sell.  So to be part of LulaRoe, you must consider the following risks.

If you are not prepared for this kind of challenge then do not force yourself.  Even if you are invited by a friend, you should think before joining an MLM company.

Can You Make Money with MLM?

Can you really make the big money? The short answer is yes. However, most people don't.

Anybody can become an MLM consultant and start selling regardless of whether or not they have sales experience. As long as you can afford the starter kit — which typically cost $50 to $200 - you own a business.

However, according to an article on direct sales, the median income for an MLM rep is about $2,400 per year. 

Multi Level Marketing

The statistic has also shown that the loss rate for all these MLMs ranged from 99.05% to 99.99%, with an average of 99.71% of participants losing money in an MLM. 

Many people who are trying to recruit you tend to advertise a glamorous life full of flexibility, passive income, fire your own boss and be your own boss. What they don’t say is that the chances of making a six-figure salary or even a full-time income at all are extremely low.

MLM Vs Affiliate Marketing

As you can see, I wouldn't recommend network marketing/MLM because it's a lot harder to get the results you want and achieve success as compared to affiliate marketing.

Let me give you a quick comparison between MLM & affiliate marketing:

Recommendations and Verdict

Fashion is a trend.  You cannot always wear the same LulaRoe leggings and match them with tops.  LulaRoe Dresses may just be like any other clothing lines you get from the store.  The price of the clothes that they sell may vary, but is it worth the quality?

To be fashionable, you do not really need to wear branded clothes.  To have a fashion sense, you need to be comfortable wearing the outfit.  You need to feel good in what you wear.  You do not need to be in a situation that you are forced to buy something that does not match your personality.

This is the same case with LulaRoe wherein you need to order monthly products that you might not want to wear or sell.  Having your own business with a $5000 amount is possible.  If you really are into business then go ahead and start one.  Make sure that the business is of interest.

If you do not want to put up a business and just want to earn a decent income, then LulaRoe is not for you.  I will not be investing such an amount as something that I am not interested in.

Another issue that a member should consider is inventory.  Whether you like it or not, as a member you need to dedicate a place where you can display the items.  Taking photos of each item will also take a lot of time.  Will it be worth it?  I would rather go for a passive income such as affiliate marketing without having to think about losing my resources.  Affiliate Marketing is among the best way to earn as the risk of losing resources is quite low.

LulaRoe is a legitimate company but it is not for everyone. 

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