Lucrative Venture Review – Internet Investment Scam Exposed

What is Lucrative Venture? Is it a scam? It is another High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) that promises an unrealistic fixed high return. Can they really generate ROI of 900% after 20 days? Read this Lucrative Venture Review and stay away from this internet investment scam.

Lucrative Venture Review - Internet Investment Scam Exposed

Lucrative Venture Review

What is Lucrative Venture?

Name: Lucrative Venture
Website address:
Price: $10 – $100,000
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

The Lucrative Venture is an international developing and dynamic legal investment company which focuses its activity on Auto Mobiles companies and trading in the auto-mobile field.

However, there is a lack of details on how they manage the invested fund from the public. Lucrative Venture tends to be vague about the strategies used in the investment programs.

I have tried very hard to find out their investment strategies but they do not give adequate information on how their financial instruments work.

The official website of Lucrative Venture looks merely professional.

Let’s investigate the investment plans available on Lucrative Venture.  They have the daily dividend and maturity expiration plan types, These may be good for short bursts of profit in mid-term earning range.

Lucrative Venture Review - Internet Investment Scam Exposed

The investment plans on Lucrative Venture are few but focused. They seem to be hitting the 2-week ROI turnaround mark. The fact that the site has outlined its ROI turnaround period but they do not have an instant payment. However, they claim to provide fast withdrawals.

Who Is It For?

Anyone looking to make money online. I used to say this type of HYIP is for those that are desperate. I do not trust most of the HYIP on the internet because they are no legitimate.

This is also for those that have money to waste, so if you are planning on using the money for your groceries, please don’t do that.

This is also not going to replace your 9-to-5 job and it is not going to make you rich either. It probably will steal all your hard earned money and never come back again.

Should You Trust Lucrative Venture?

You should not trust this investment company.

#Red Flag 1 – Domain Expiry Date

Why I said Lucrative Venture is a scam because the registered domain is on 2016-10-27. If this is a legitimate business, why would they register the domain only for such a short period of time?

#Red Flag 2 – Ponzi Scheme

The referral program. This is a typical trick from most of the HYIP on the market. They offer to reward “referral fees” to investors for bringing in additional members.

That’s how a Ponzi scheme is operated. They new members to sustain the pyramid. They need “new” money to generate “returns” for the older investors by acquiring new investors. See illustration below.

Lucrative Venture Review - Internet Investment Scam Exposed

#Red Flag 3 – Vague Investment Information

Lucrative Venture provides very few details about how they run the company and how profits are generated. HYIP like Lucrative Venture should always be able to explain how they intend to generate returns.

This is your hard earned money, please do not be afraid to ask questions. A genuine financial professional will usually be happy to explain in detail the investment programme they are marketing. Unfortunately, Lucrative Venture fails to do so.

#Red Flag 4 – E-Currency Account

You are required to open an e-currency account to invest. You have to know that e-currency accounts are often not licensed as a money transmitter. It is highly risky to invest your money through these unlicensed money transmitters, especially they involve international operations, which means it may be very hard, if not impossible, to get your money back.

#Red Flag 5 – High, Unsustainable Yields

I have years of experience in investments. Historically, investments in most large corporate stocks return less than 10% per year. Usually, HYIP scams offer between 1 percent to 2 percent daily profits to its members. However, Lucrative Venture offers 120% ROI in their BASIC investment plan, of which it is extremely unrealistic.

The higher returns that they claim on the official page clearly indicate that the investment is actually a Ponzi scheme or a junk bond that may never increase in value and has a high rate of default.


I am not a fan of these HYIP programs and it is very rare that I recommend them, because there are some things you need to know before you dive into this throwing your hard earned money around.

Based on my observation, it is very clear that Lucrative Venture is an investment scam.

I have tried some of the HYIPs before and I have been scammed once. I hence did a thorough research and only discover how these “investment” scams operate and steal our money.

I reviewed some other similar HYIP in my blog too like Amazing 5 and Capital7. They both work the same way as Lucrative Venture.

In addition to that, I also wrote an article on How to Invest Online Without Being Scammed. This should serve as a reference when you look for a legitimate investment company on the internet.

It’s Your Turn Now

Please share this article with your friends and family members so that they do not fall into the trap of another HYIP scam, Lucrative Venture.

If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comment box below.



Lucrative Venture Review - Internet Investment Scam Exposed

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