Lightning Trend Trader Review – Is It Worth It?

Lightning Trend Trader Review – Is It Worth It?

Welcome to our Lightning Trend Trader review! Today we will see if Marc Lichtenfeld’s newsletter is really worth it. Is it just another scam?

Money-making platforms come in different shapes and sizes. From paid to click (PTC) sites to cash apps, the only thing left for you to do is to pick how you want to earn.

When you hear the word stock and investment, you automatically see people in suits cashing in through ways that mere mortals do not seem to get. Investing remains to be one of the most lucrative things to learn which is why hundreds of services aiming to make things easier for investors are always on a high. 

Services can range from direct consulting to investment self-help books. With that said, today we are going to talk about the Lightning Trend Trader, a newsletter by Marc Lichtenfeld from the elite Oxford Club.  

What is it? Is it worth it? We’ll attempt to answer all of those questions in the coming paragraphs so brace yourself because some truths here might hit you like lightning (pun intended).

Lightning Trend Trader Review Summary

Product Name: Lightning Trend Trader

Founder: Mark Lichtenfeld, Chief Income Officer of The Oxford Club

Product type: Newsletter

Price: $4000

Best For: Investors looking to get a boost in biotech stocks

Rating: 50/100

Recommended:  Yes, but only for experienced investors.

Lightning Trend Trader Review – Is It Worth It?

Summary:  The Lightning Trend Trader is a weekly newsletter developed by the Chief Income Officer of the Oxford Club, Marc Lichtenfeld. The subscription to the newsletter will cost you quite a fortune but its inclusions are promising - although they may not be worth what you are paying for. Nonetheless, the service is still great for investors looking to give themselves a boost in biotech stock trading. 

What is Lightning Trend Trader?

As mentioned above, the Lightning Trend Trader is a newsletter service provided by Marc Lichtenfeld. It promises its users that they will be millionaires one year after subscribing to the newsletter. That’s a pretty ambitious claim for a newsletter… or any product per se. 

The newsletter is brought to us by the Oxford Club and, as I’ve mentioned, Marc Lichtenfeld. Formally founded in 1989, the Oxford Club is one of the longest-running financial letters in the whole of the United States - safe to say that this is household name when it comes to financial advisory. Under the club are numerous more newsletters for different fields such as the Lightning Trend Trader for biotech investments. 

Marc Lichtenfeld, on the other hand, is a renowned financial expert who happens to be the Chief Income Officer of the Oxford Club. He developed the weekly newsletter to help people who are investing in biotech stocks to sniff out rising companies where they can put their money at. Included in the newsletter are Lichtenfeld’s personal recommendations for biotech investment. 

Lightning Trend Trader Review – Is It Worth It?

How Does Lightning Trend Trader Work?

The Lightning Trend Trader has a new edition at least once a week. There is no specific day when the newsletters are being sent out because it follows the current trends in the market. As mentioned above, the newsletters will contain Lichtenfeld’s personal recommendations. 

So how does he come up with them?

Well, being a high-ranking officer in the Oxford Club, Marc’s capabilities is unquestionable. He surveys the market for biotech stocks which haven’t been experiencing any movement in terms of their price. From here, he would look if the company or the industry itself has gone through an influential change that would turn the tides for the stocks in no time. 

This “change” can come in many forms such as a large contract, a newly acquired talent, a certification or perhaps a breakthrough in research. According to reports, Lichtenfeld mostly focuses on long-term stock picks that you could keep in your pocket for weeks to months.

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Where Can I Get It?

You can subscribe to the newsletter by going to their official site. The subscription will cost $4000 on a normal day but apparently it was handed out for free on August 8, 2019 if you subscribed right away.

Well I checked the website again and it’s still being given out for “free” because the promo date is being changed everyday. Clearly, they are using a very coercive marketing strategy that fools people to subscribe right away. It even has a countdown page that resets every time you refresh the page.

Lightning Trend Trader Review – Is It Worth It?

Now that is a red flag for me.

What Can I Get From Lightning Trend Trader?

One Stock Pick per Newsletter

The weekly newsletter will include at least one stock pick per edition. This means that every single time you receive a newsletter, you will have the chance to get to know a stock you can invest in right away. 

The newsletter will include an overview of the company including the price history of its stocks.

Oxford Club Membership

Once you subscribe to the newsletter, you will automatically be a part of the Oxford Club and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Being a member of the club means that you will have access to their clubhouses all around the world such as the one they have in Baltimore. You also get to meet investors like you and widen your network in the process.

Portfolio Updates

The weekly newsletter also contains a portfolio of the newsletter's past recommendations to show you updates about them. These updates will include the latest recommendations for these stocks such as whether you should buy, sell, or hold it for now.

What Do Lightning Trend Trader Users Say?

There is a lot of conflicting comments about the newsletter actually. As usual, the official page of the product has its own set of comments and users have something else to say as well.

Here are some of the comments I’ve seen:

Lightning Trend Trader Review – Is It Worth It?

Lightning Trend Trader Ugly Truths Reveals

What I Like About Lightning Trend Trader

  • Newsletters like the Lightning Trend Trader are pretty easy to follow because they are direct to the point.
  • The Oxford Club is a reputable organization and the newsletter’s creator, Marc Lichtenfeld has great credentials.
  • The newsletter targets opportunities which are really oozing in potential for success.

What I Don't Like About Lightning Trend Trader

  • $4000 for something that only gives you a chance for income? I don’t think so.
  • Unrealistic goals for its subscribers (millionaire in a year).
  • You will have to learn about biotech stock first before this ever becomes useful to you because it’s actually a big investment itself.
  • Red flags include: deceiving marketing strategies, sketchy testimonials, etc.
Lightning Trend Trader Review – Is It Worth It?
Lightning Trend Trader Review – Is It Worth It?

Final Verdict

Both the pros and the cons of the newsletter have valid points but for this one, I think I will be able to recommend it for some people. These people are those who are willing to spend $4000 on a service that may or may not guarantee success. This is only recommended for those who are willing to gamble on investments and the stock market. 

If you are not that type of people, might as well distance yourself from the Lightning Trend Trader. There are a lot more opportunities that might work for you so feel free to check them out here. 

The Lightning Trend Trader is priced for people who have the money already to risk it for a newsletter like this. Although it’s coming from a reputable company and name, the marketing strategies they are using are still awfully shady. For a newsletter that’s worth $4000, you’d want to see more credibility and transparency. 

Subscribing to the product is totally up you but for more guaranteed income, you may want to try out some of our other recommendations here.

If you are looking for a pocket-money-earning opportunity, I would recommend paid survey sites like VivaticPinecone Research, and iPoll.

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