LegalShield Review – Is LegalShield a Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Is LegalShield a Scam- LegalShield Review

We all need legal advice.  No matter what your status in life is, we will need the services from these lawyers. 

Regardless of age, attorneys can help us in preparing our wills and even to fight some criminal charges.  

This article will assess, is LegalShield a scam?

It is interesting to note that acquiring legal services is expensive.  Therefore, if you are to defend yourself with an attorney, it will be costly. 

The LegalShield offer their legal services but is it really worth it?

Is LegalShield a scam or they are just trying to help people go through their legal dilemma. 

Whether you are facing some serious legal issues or need some consultations, this article is for you.  

Get to know LegalShield and decide whether it is worthwhile to join their network.

Many of you might have read about the company, LegalShield.  Reviews have been circulating online so we decided to write an unbiased and fair review.  

Is Legal Shield a scam or a legitimate company that you can invest in for their services?  

Read this LegalShield review to find out.

LegalShield Review Summary

Product Name: LegalShield

Founder: Harland Stonecipher

Industry‎: ‎Multi-level Marketing

Products: Prepaid Legal Services

Headquarters‎: Headquarters in Ada, Oklahoma


Rating: 30/100

legalshield logo

What is LegalShield?

The founder, Harland Stonecipher, had been aiming to provide affordable legal services to the people.  He had always been thinking of ways on how the masses can avail of the legal services with a minimum fee.

It was in 1969 when he had this concept of legal services.  In 1972, the concept began as a sportsman’s club until the Prepaid Legal Services bought it in 1976.

It was in 1983 when the company adopted a different approach to market its services.  The MLM Business Model is often mistaken with the Pyramid Style approach.  In that case, there is a thin line between the two which is the Product.

When we talk about the Pyramid Scheme approach, there are no products to sell.  Is legal shield a scam since they do not really have tangible products to sell? 

In this case, we can say that they have a service to sell.  Perhaps, the right question would be, is it enough to say that it will generate a decent income for its members.

In 2011, MidOcean Partners bought the company and changed its name to LegalShield in September of the same year. 

The company provides legal services such as document preparations, wills, legal consultations including trial defense.

The company has been in existence for years.  It might have some changes from management to management but the concept of bringing affordable legal service is still there.  

They may have adopted the MLM Business Model but will it suit the kind of services that they offer.

What is the Product Line of the Company?

There are about thousands of independent lawyers from the United States and Canada.  There are millions of people trying to look for legal assistance with an affordable fee.  This may sound really promising to those who want to have an extra income.

The company offers legal plans.  Yes, legal plans meaning they are prepaid legal services.  The services they offer include identity theft tracking as well as reputation protection services.

These legal plans may include the consultation fees, document preparations including representations in the trial defense. Lawyers can also help in the preparation of wills as well as traffic and criminal issues.

This plan might have been good but to tell you frankly, we do not need monthly legal consultation unless we have serious issues with the law.  Well, not everyone can have legal issues that need regular services.

This is something that you would never want to go through each month or even every year.  So why do we need to have prepaid legal plans?  Is LegalShield a Scam?

Here are some of the Legal Services they offer

  1. Landlord / Tenant
  2. Consumer Finance
  3. Traffic
  4. Estate Planning and Real Estate
  5. Employment and Collection
  6. Family Law
  7. Civil Litigation
  8. Criminal

How to Become an Associate

Just like in any MLM company, you need to fill out a form on the company’s website.  There will a person within your vicinity who will reach out and invite you to this new opportunity.  Most probably, this will be an associate who will be your sponsor in the company.

If you might be invited to a local even or perhaps the associate will be giving you an orientation on how to become an associate.  They will be surely discussing compensation plans and earning opportunities from the company which is common to MLM companies.

There are 2 ways to become a member or to become an associate of the company. 

Option 1: $99 and $20 monthly fee.

Inclusions will be online training, newsletters and support centers.  You will also be entitled to some associate perks as well as assistance from sponsors and leaders.

Option 2:

$249 you will also get the same perks with Option 1 but you will have 1-year legal assistance.  That is basically a $90 discount from option 1 because you paid for the entire year.

Those are just for the start-up kit.  You still need to choose from their prepaid plans.  Personal Plans can start from $15.95 per month depending on the state you live in.  It can even go higher than $25.  For Business Plans, monthly charges can range from $39 to $149.

If you become an associate of LegalShield, you will be entitled to emergency assistance.  That will also include the primary account holder and the declared dependents.

Getting legal assistance may cause you a thousand dollars.  But, not everyone will get involved with serious cases that will have to pay monthly recurring fees.


The LegalShield Compensation Plan

If you become an associate, you will receive a 20% commission on a prepaid legal plan you sell.  Depending on the state you live, the amount also may differ for every plan but the commission remains at 20%.

As associates build their network and they started climbing the ladder of the network, the commission becomes higher.  You need to reach the director's status to get a good commission.

Associates who were able to invite individuals to become an associate will also earn from their personal recruits.  If the recruits were able to sell a plan, the sponsor also earns a commission from them.  In addition to that, they also have cash bonuses and travel incentives.

It might be quite promising but if you are not interested in legal services then this business is not for you.

LegalShield Income Plan


Advantages of Legal Shield

LegalShield has been an established company and has been in the service for years.  If you are to consider investing in a company, you might want to check how long they are in the field.  LegalShield proves to be a strong company that managed to stay for long.

The cost of $249 in a year can be somehow, affordable.  To be able to become an associate you just need to buy the star-up kit with 2 possible options.  It makes it easier for individuals to join the network; however, one must still be aware of the additional costs. 

Depending on the state where you live, you need to shoulder additional charges that the state may require.

Disadvantages of LegalSheild

In this kind of business, you need to invite and get members to be able to earn a decent income.  The company reiterates that the only way to earn more is to get more members.  In that way, your rank will go up.

You might go ahead and sell the plans but the most important things are to build your network.  If you are poor in negotiating or convincing people to join your team, this is not for you.  To become successful in the area, you need to have leads that will help you reach the director’s rank.

The compensation plan was also not clear with their associates.  Is LegalShield a scam if they cannot explain the compensation plan very well among its associates?  Perhaps, this is one of the most important factors why people join their network.  It is about the promise of new business opportunities.

Legal Plans Hit by Law Suit

While LegalShield offers legal assistance, they are not excused from lawsuits.  In fact, they have been dealing with many of them since their start.  Matters related to marketing campaigns and misinterpretations of income, the company is being charged.

The company has been found guilty but was able to make its way back to the services.  Another problem that they have is the failure of their associates to earn a good income.  Most of their associated failed to meet their target income so they try other means of generating income.

Dealing with Complaining Customers

Being an associate of LegalShield, you also need to deal with customers’ complaints.  Even if you have personal complaints as an associate, you also need to help your downlines.  Remember that most of these are invited by yours and promised a decent income from the company.

Not only that, but there are also complaints about the poor legal service of the company.  Is LegalShield a scam since they were not able to help some of their associates?  Even they enrolled in a prepaid plan; it is the right of the members to demand quality legal service from them.

Part of being in an MLM Company is that the problem of your downline becomes your problem.  With the multiple complaints from customers in the US and Canada, you would never want to deal with any of them.  So I would rather not become one of their associates.

Is LegalShield a Scam?

Based on LegalShield Reviews and as I check the company background, LegalShield is not a scam.  It is a legitimate company and is not a pyramid scheme company.  It is a legitimate MLM company but, the credibility is rather questionable.

While associates will promise you a new business opportunity, you need to know what to expect.  It is your right to demand how the compensation is being computed.  You would not want to invite a lot of people in order to earn a decent income.

No matter if you are a hardworking individual; you need to build a network that gets you to the director’s rank.  In my opinion, if you are not a person who can easily convince people then do not join the network.

If you are already an associate, you need to invite people who are good at recruitment.  Otherwise, change your course.  Look for effective ways of making money online. 

Is LegalShield a scam?  It is not a scam but you will be deceived by the promises of the associates.  After all, we will not need legal assistance every month to pay for recurring fees.

Can You Make Money with MLM?

Can you really make the big money? The short answer is yes. However, most people don't.

Anybody can become an MLM consultant and start selling regardless of whether or not they have sales experience. As long as you can afford the starter kit — which typically cost $50 to $200 - you own a business.

However, according to an article on direct sales, the median income for an MLM rep is about $2,400 per year. 

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The statistic has also shown that the loss rate for all these MLMs ranged from 99.05% to 99.99%, with an average of 99.71% of participants losing money in an MLM. 

Many people who are trying to recruit you tend to advertise a glamorous life full of flexibility, passive income, fire your own boss and be your own boss. What they don’t say is that the chances of making a six-figure salary or even a full-time income at all are extremely low.

MLM Vs Affiliate Marketing

As you can see, I wouldn't recommend network marketing/MLM because it's a lot harder to get the results you want and achieve success as compared to affiliate marketing.

Let me give you a quick comparison between MLM & affiliate marketing:

Recommendations and Verdict

It is quite true that the start-up kit or the fees to become an associate is affordable.  It is not just the measure to be able to succeed in this field.  You need to know how to convince people and grow the network.  Is legalShield a scam to deceive you with the promise of a better income?

It is important that you have an idea of what legal services they can offer.  Identity Theft, Traffic Offenses and other legal issues are not something that we do face each month.  These are just problems that come out rarely.

I do not see myself investing in a prepaid plan for legal service.  At the same time, the income that they are promising their associates is not really that high.  In fact, there are lots of complaints from their associates because of the generated income.

If that is the case, although they are a legitimate company, it is not recommended that you invest in them.  You are just wasting time to earn a decent income. 

I would rather look for other opportunities to earn more.  Perhaps, I would rather go for Affiliate Marketing that offers better income.

Everyone wants a passive income.  Is LegalShield a scam for not offering such a program?  The legitimacy of an MLM Company is not always an assurance that the members of their network will become successful. 

Have some time to look for opportunities that will provide you a desired income.

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