Learn To Be Rich Without Being Wealthy

Opening your Facebook, you will be seeing a lot traveling and food photos being shared by your friends and strangers. The first question pops up in your mind would be “Why these people around me seem to be living well and they seem to be rich?“.  That’s why the more time you spend on Facebook, the more likely you are to feel depressed.

We all human are the same, we have innate tendencies to keep track of our progress in life and compare our self-worth to random people on social media – how pathetic. This routine has become a social sickness where people brag and show off their “richness” to make people feel like losers. In fact, they are showing off because they are insecure and just being self-congratulatory.

Consequently, we pretend to be “rich” to other strangers in reality too. That is why the luxury brands are making lucrative profits because we are all living Egotism. We often judge people based on what they own materially, but the real source of richness is the human spirit, happiness, experience, and memory.

Learn To Be Rich Without Being Wealthy

Life is not about how well you live, but how you live it well

Have you noticed that some people live very well with little money and they seem to be rich? There are some people who are rich, but they seem to struggle in life and live in emptiness. Money is important, but it should not be used to scale someone’s wealth and happiness. It is essential to know how to live life frugally below your means, and not to impress people around you.

Life is about how you live it well. It seems the happiest people in the world distance themselves from unnecessary spending. It is crucial for us to realize the importance of investing in our life experiences than overspending your money on the next electronic gadget, phone, designers’ bag or car. The truth is, these will not make you happier.

Just imagine this:  will you be reminiscing or telling your kids about the fact that you used to own BWM 5 series while everyone else was still using the Toyota Vios, or are you going to proudly share your traveling or volunteering experience with the people who care about your real-life stories?


Learn To Be Rich Without Being Wealthy

Experience Defines Us

We assume buying things for ourselves can make us happy. I do agree it will, but only for awhile. New things are exciting to us at first, but we adapt to new things over time. Luxury brands define you physically for a few months. Experience defines you forever.

Every single experience brings with it a mistake or triumph, a good laugh or a lesson learned. It is very often a process of realizing who we really are. Experience allows us to learn more about ourselves, what makes us happy, to clarify how we think and most importantly it makes us a better person in life.

Experience has emotional longevity and it shapes us. It stays with us over time as we grow and it is a lesson that we can use as we progress in life.

Lose yourself free and explore the world around you

If you are not going to take risks, you will never discover your true self. Leaving your comfort zone is the only opportunity to assess how well you can adapt to the outside world with no one can speak your native language and live in a foreign culture.

While reading through this article, ask yourself a question and think about it properly “Where has the time gone for the last ten year?“. Most of us live in a regular routine and it has turned us to automate activities almost seamlessly. An ever changing horizon will eventually bring you new experiences and allows you to live in the present.

Another reason to get out from your comfort zone and explore new things around you is to connect us to other people emotionally. You will feel more connected to someone who went for a volunteering job in Benin than someone who have also bought an Iphone 6s.

Learn To Be Rich Without Being Wealthy

Being rich does not mean you need to make a lot of money by “becoming a responsible adult”. There are so many people live in regrets as they did not make their choices when opportunities come. They are rather convinced to buy things they don’t need, spend money they don’t have and wasted their time building someone else’s dreams.

Why spending $300 on a new phone that makes you look rich when you can buy an experience by travelling to a country or a place you have never been before?

I am not injecting an idea not to be responsible to your life, but to encourage you to be rich from inside. People who live with plans and goals tend to live happier than those who show off on Facebook and swamped in luxury products.

It is time to stop swiping your phone and make you feel miserable about your life. Starting planning and make your life more meaningful. You don’t need others to judge you, you own your life and not others.


Learn To Be Rich Without Being Wealthy

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6 Responses

  1. Samm says:

    Thank you for sharing this Alex. It is so easy to be taken by these passing distractions, such as the purchase of products you mention.

    I find great joy in conversation, particularly with a different kind of person than myself, and speaking to them through love, understanding them and encouraging them wherever they feel the promise of joy, even if it will only be passing-our friendship still grows that much richer for it.

    Giving without desire of gain is a very pleasurable work, and for the patient, it’s reward is great in the Kingdom.


    • Alex Y says:

      Thanks Samm for dropping by and leave your messages here.

      I too enjoy very much as I speak to travellers and locals wherever I go. I often learned different and valuable experiences through their stories. That is how we learn from each other and the world.

      Have a good day, Samm.


  2. Rainbowqueen17 says:

    What you explain is true…I find health is mainly the one thing that keeps me smiling…my children and grandchildren being well grounded and making their way through life with all the struggles makes me happy and no amount of money can replace my feeling of fulfillment and contentedness they bring to me…I love your beliefs and have always thought that way….you are a kindred spirit…

    • Alex Y says:

      I agree totally. Healthy and family always come first. Money is not our first priority why we survive. There are so many other elements in life that we should treasure. Money can’t buy the feeling of fulfillment and contentedness. Thanks for dropping by and giving it a read. I wish you all the best and stay happy all the time.
      Warm regards,

  3. Praveen says:

    This man seems to have something against smartphones. But, on a practical note, kudos!! Great article. Sometimes we feel we aren’t doing enough to do justice to our capabilities. Not trying to show off and getting out of your comfort zone are the best things that can happen to anybody.

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