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Hello, I am here today, Lao Ju said that the food will meet you every day, and today I will share with you a great dish when it comes to barbecue and seafood, this is the absolute king crab! It can be said that if you have not eaten fresh king crab, you also know seafood! King crab, this kind of domineering guy comes from the cold deep sea, far away from pollution, the meat is fresh and sweet, the scale is beyond imagination, the legs of the crab are longer than the palm of the hand, thick, only one experience is like a crab, enjoying delicious food from the deep sea. food. Moreover, the king crab is very nutritious, and the body contains a variety of trace nutrients. Follow my article into the making of food. The first way to eat is to steam the king crab. First, we clean the king crab with clean water. Be patient when washing it! Then separate the crab lid and crab body to remove the crab lung (gill-like cotton wool). Remove the crab legs, cut the crab body into four pieces, add water to the pot and add ginger slices, put the crab body and crab legs on a plate and put it in a small steamer. After the water is boiled, steam it on high heat for five minutes. Finally, take a bowl and add minced ginger, add soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil and mustard paste to reconcile it into "Sansihe Oil". The steamed king crab is eaten with dipping sauce, which can be adjusted according to your own taste. Friends who like to eat mustard, don't put more, or you will regret it..So,how earned for alaskan kings crab shack in a pound?

crab king myrtle beach

The second is the king crab steamed egg custard. First, we divide the king crab into crab cover, crab body and crab legs. Then put them together. Steam the eggs, put them on the crab lids, let the crab lids pick up the flavor of the shells, steam them together for a few minutes, and then they will be steaming hot from the oven. For such a large crab cover, you must use 5 eggs to steam together to fully absorb the crab cover, without wasting the sweetness! Steamed egg with king crab cover. It looks bright and super appetizing. The eggs were so steaming hot. Eggs are tender. In addition, it also picked up the taste of crab lids. It's super addicting. The seafood-flavored egg custard is tangy, and the third favorite for children is the pasta with crab body and cheese. Cut the crab body into chunks, mix it with the raw ingredients, put it into the oil and heat it up, drain the oil and set aside, then burn the noodles with the reserved boiling water, saute the garlic and onion butter until fragrant, add water, put the crab meat and cheese together, cook Until the juices collect, then dish it. Cheese has a strong flavor. It contains crab body, which is tender, smooth, and sweet meat. The physical body is sufficient and reliable. There's also a stream of cheese juice, which spews its own gravy as it opens up in the mouth. The pasta is cooked well, mixed with cheese and crab juice. It was absolutely delicious and filling..So,how do you cook crab king myrtle beach in the oven?

cooking alaskan king crab legs

The fourth steamed crab legs minced pork vermicelli. Open crab legs, add minced garlic, and steam with vermicelli for five minutes and whole king crab online. It is best to fry minced garlic in advance to give full play to the taste of garlic. The crab legs are carefully cut, so it is very convenient to eat. In addition, the taste of garlic and other crab meat become very fragrant. The length of the crab legs is very strong. The main point of this dish is to fry the minced garlic. Don't fry it with high heat, it will be easy to paste..So,how to prepare wild cooked cooking alaskan king crab legs?

The fifth is to use crab legs to make porridge. First, we prepare two shrimps in advance, rinse them, pick out the shrimp line, and tell you a little trick. It is most convenient to use a toothpick to remove the shrimp line. Don’t go to the shrimp head, because The shrimp head contains nutrients. We put a little oil in the pot and then put the shrimp. Gently stir the shrimp head with red oil, then put in the rice porridge and then put in the crab legs. You can put some shredded ginger and add an appropriate amount. Just add salt and pepper and cook for ten minutes. The delicious seafood porridge will come out. Be careful not to put too much base oil, or the porridge will be too greasy when you drink it..

In fact, there are still many ways to make king crabs, just use your imagination. I feel that when cooking, you must first pay attention not to burn them. You must master the time when steaming eggs, otherwise the steamed eggs will not taste good. Friends who like king crab or know other practices, you can leave it in the comment area, we will make progress together, remember to pay attention and share..

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