JustGoodTraffic.com Review – Should You Buy Traffic From Them?

There are a lot of tempting offers around the internet to buy targeted traffic or leads for your online business. A brand new product has just been launch – JustGoodTraffic.Com. Should you buy traffic from JustGoodTraffic? Read this review to find out more. Before you read on, the good news is that you are one of the smart ones doing their research before jumping into this opportunity.

JustGoodTraffic.com Review - Should You Buy Traffic From Them

JustGoodTraffic.com Review – Should You Buy Traffic From Them?

Before you choose to invest money in buying traffic from any source peddling such services as a method to increased website traffic, it is highly important to consider the pros and cons of buying traffic.

JustGoodTraffic.Com sells traffic packages which can help grow any internet marketing business. JustGoodTraffic.Com doesn’t really use “sell” traffic, but “exchange”.

Just Good Traffic is basically a platform to advertise your website or affiliate links via page views or banners & text links. They don’t just sell advertising but they offer a way to earn your advertising for free by viewing other members websites in exchange (Traffic Exchange).

To earn free advertising you simply click the “Surf Now” button to view other members websites to earn credits.

These credits can be assigned to your website or affiliate links to have them shown to other members. If you want to get more “exchanged” traffic, surf link on the members area menu and view the site shown until the counter counts down.

When the counter has counted down you will see images, Click the one inside the box that matches the one to the left of the box and you will progress to the next site to view and earn credit. Just keep doing this for however long you wish to stack up credits.

If you do not wish to view other members websites to earn credits you can simply buy credits page and purchase credits.

As you buy more credits, you will be getting more traffic to your site. One credit is worth one view of your site, or you can use them to exchange for banner and text link ads.

I am not sure how good the quality and conversions are on the traffic…

Here are the packages below:

  • Free Silver Membership
  • $5 Gold Membership
  • $10 Platinum Membership

JustGoodTraffic.com Review - Should You Buy Traffic From Them

Once you sign up for an account, you will be approached by Steve Ayling to purchase a platinum yearly membership
upgrade for $57.

JustGoodTraffic.com Review - Should You Buy Traffic From Them

I skipped the Platinum member up-sell, and I got another up-sell from Steve on a Gole yearly membership upgrade for $27.

JustGoodTraffic.com Review - Should You Buy Traffic From Them

A lot of up-sells with no intention to explain how targeted traffic is generated. One more thing, there are many advertisements along the way that try to divert to the sale page of Steve Ayling (SteveAyling.com), of which I find it absolutely annoying.

Anyway, no matter how good a company is, it is advisable not to buy traffic as most of the time it results in spam traffic and links that will get you penalized by Google. The program may sound too good to be true, in fact, it is!

Many times, businesses are so desperate to receive any sort of traffic that they overlook one of the most aspects of buying traffic.

One important thing to note when buying traffic is that sales and conversions are not guaranteed, plain and simple.

One of the biggest mysteries around buying traffic is how traffic directed to your website will be generated. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to be able to find any information on JustGoodTraffic.Com.


Personally, I don’t see any benefits of buying traffic from these companies.

Traffic generating networks like JustGoodTraffic.com that sell these bulk visitor packages are generally associated with separate websites offering incentives for people to, host adverts, pop-up or to even click on links. These traffic generating methods bring no value to your website. It is not targeted and is very low quality. 

There are opportunities to get your blog content and website to the right audience. A couple of things I would suggest would be to check your local SEO presence and audit it. You can utilize services like Moz Local and Whitespark to help with your citations building and categorization – making sure you are appearing for the right searches in your area.

If you are going to spend money for “traffic buying” services – make sure that you take that budget and invest in an honest brand building. I prefer to get my brand grows in an organic and natural way that won’t trip spam signals.  Stay relevant, stay fresh, and stay honest. That’s the best investment you can make.

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