Is Side Hustle Bible a Scam? – Here’s My Honest Take

Is Side Hustle Bible a Scam? – Here’s My Honest Take

Welcome to our Side Hustle Bible review! Today we are going to answer this question: Is Side Hustle Bible a scam?

Money-making platforms come in different shapes and sizes. From paid to click (PTC) sites to cash apps, the only thing left for you to do is to pick how you want to earn.

As days go by, living expenses increase slowly as well. With this is mind, apart from an actual job, people start to look for a side hustle. Side hustles allow you to earn extra cash for a little bit of financial flexibility, and in times like these, who wouldn’t want that, right?

Let’s face it, we are all dreaming of earning more without actually working more. Earning without working seems to be a long-shot miracle but that’s exactly what Side Hustle Bible claims to teach you. But is that really true?

Today we’ll review James Altucher’s Side Hustle Bible and see if it’s actually as all-knowing as it claims to be.

Side Hustle Bible Review Summary

Product Name: Side Hustle Bible

Founder: James Altucher

Product type: Work-At-Home Opportunities

Price: Free from a subscription

Best For: Stay-at-home moms looking to earn a decent income online, or people who are having difficulties in finding jobs

Rating: 60/100

Recommended:  Neutral

Is Side Hustle Bible a Scam? – Here’s My Honest Take

Summary: Side Hustle Bible is a book containing 177 opportunities you can try out to earn passive income. The book includes methods fit for different types of people who are thinking of different ways to earn online. The book is not sold per piece and to get it you would need to subscribe to the author's newsletter.  It has decent content and you are welcome to try out any idea to see if it works for you.  Unfortunately - as much as we don't want to say this - not all of the 177 ideas that you are buying will work for you. With that said, we cannot fully recommend the product but you can read more below to see you're okay with its setup. 

What is Side Hustle Bible?

Side Hustle Bible is a 372-page book by James Altucher. The book elaborates on 177 techniques and opportunities to make six figures just by doing side hustles. Apparently, the contents of the book are secrets that the writer has compiled through time. 

The author, James Altucher, is a seasoned writer and blogger in the topic of making money online. James also has his own podcast where he features big names in the industry to talk about finance. Apart from Side Hustle Bible, he has also written Reinvent Yourself, Choose Yourself, and Guide to Wealth. 

Basically, Side Hustle Bible is a free book that teaches its readers how to earn from the sides in multiple ways. The book is quite famous and a lot of people have been talking about it since its release. There is no direct way of earning from the product but it promises its readers passive income.

Is Side Hustle Bible a Scam? – Here’s My Honest Take

How Does Side Hustle Bible Work?

The whole book revolves around side hustles, but what the heck is a side hustle anyway? Well, according to what I’ve read, a side hustle is a business or a gig that you run to earn outside of your work. A side hustle can be a lot of things from reselling products to pursuing your passion through a side job. 

Work can be grueling so adding a side hustle might just burn you out - do you more harm than good. But this is where the book comes in handy. Its techniques will show you tried and tested tips and business models to ensure that everything sails smoothly for you in this endevour. The book will teach you how to turn a side hustle into a full-on cash cow during your free time.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

You can get a copy of the Side Hustle Bible on its official website. Here’s the thing, the book comes for free BUT only if you sign up for The Altucher Report which is the monthly newsletter of the book’s author which costs something. You can also get copies of the book on Amazon.

The newsletter has three different subscriptions: Basic, Best, and Premium. The basic subscription will cost you $49 for a digital download of the book. The next type of subscription, Best, will cost you $79 but you will get both a printed and digital copy of Side Hustle Bible + Choose Yourself. The most expensive subscription, Premium, will cost you $129 for a digital download and a print subscription and… well that’s it (what a joke).

Here's the statement of James Altucher regarding the price:

Here’s something weird though…

Once you’ve gotten the book already, you will actually be allowed to cancel your subscription to the newsletter. This means that you can literally just subscribe for the free book. Sounds like a loophole, right?

Once you’ve asked for a refund, the company says that they will give it to you after 12 months. However, from the complaints that I’ve been seeing, that doesn’t really happen. Yikes, now that's something that might just answer our question: is Side Hustle BIble a scam?

Is Side Hustle Bible a Scam? – Here’s My Honest Take
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How to Make with Money with Side Hustle Bible

The book discusses a lot of techniques and tips that you can try out. These side hustles can range from side jobs perfect people with certain abilities to quick cash opportunities. Here are some of the discoveries that the Side Hustle Bible will hope to impart onto you:

Make More Than 95% of CEOs in America 

Located on page 5 of the book, this method will discuss a “secret” method that will give you hundreds of dollars in passive income. If you’re not familiar with the term “passive income” it basically means that its money you are getting with little to no effort.

Exclusive System to Make Money Online Effectively 

One of the more interesting methods in the book ill be shared to you on page 229. This exclusive method that you will learn has only been executed, apparently, by 200 people. Learn the system and you might just be fortunate enough to earn big buck from it.

Side Hustle for the Awkward 

Not all people can have a strong personality or be as verbose as a sales agent closing in on a quota. For people who are socially awkward or those who simply hate talking to people, Side Hustle Bible has a job for you. This $20,000-a-month gimmick can be seen on page 207.

Start a Business from Scratch 

When all else fails, create your own business. Establishing your business can be one of the hardest things to do but it also holds one of, if not the highest potential for earning. However, it’s all fun and games until you have to actually start the business already.

Side Hustle Bible will discuss four simple but effective online business you can start after reading this article.

What Do Side Hustle Bible Users Say?

The Side Hustle Bible is actually quit famous since its author has a name for himself already. With that said, looking for comments regarding the product was not that hard. Let’s see for ourselves what these users have to say about Side Hustle Bible.

According to the product's website, here are the things that people are saying about the author:

Is Side Hustle Bible a Scam? – Here’s My Honest Take

Side Hustle Bible Ugly Truths

What I Like About Side Hustle Bible 

  • You can get it through a subscription that you can cancel right away.
  • Includes a wide range of methods fit for almost anyone from a timid beginner to a high-ranking corporate stud.
  • Written by a author who has sold multiple books and millions of copies already.

What I Don't Like About Side Hustle Bible

  • “Free” is just an illusion + reports of refunds not being fulfilled.
  • Reading the book does not guarantee anything and you still have to catch a big break to execute the methods well or else you may have just gotten yourself a 372-page paperweight.
  • You're buying 177 ideas but surely you won't be able to use all of them.

Is Side Hustle Bible a Scam?

The pros and the cons are equal in number but yet it feels as if I could not recommend this book fully. In all honesty, a compilation of techniques and methods that will help you earn outside of your work is really handy. The sheer variety (177 ways!!!) of methods presented in this book makes it recommendable.

So, is Side Hustle Bible a scam?

The way it is being marketed to the public is quite sketchy. The company does not sell the book directly and you would need to subscribe to their “cancellable” newsletter that can be refunded (or so we thought). I don’t have much problems with the contents of the book except for the fact that you are free to try it out and see what works best for you but you would need to buy the whole set of 177 ideas first. 

So for that I’m afraid I would have to label the Side Hustle Bible as a scam. Although the content is promising, I doubt that it is worth what it is. 

There are much easier ways to earn and we’ve reviewed them here already.

If you are looking for a pocket-money-earning opportunity, I would recommend paid survey sites like VivaticPinecone Research, and iPoll.

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