Is RainMoney a Scam | Can You Really Make Money with RainMoney?

Is RainMoney a scam

Welcome to our RainMoney Review. Today we'll try to answer the question, is RainMoney a scam? We all want to have new opportunities that would provide us with steady income. This is precisely the reason why individuals continually search for some side hustle. 

No matter what the reason is, it is important to deal with the right company. After all, we do not want to enter into a contract without knowing who we are dealing with. RainMoney is a company that promises its members to make rich the easy way. Is Rain Money a scam or is it a legitimate company that you can try out for passive income?

Rain Money is an example of a Get Paid To (GPT) website. These websites' clients are other companies looking to connect to the market and conduct various consumer research. These GPT websites would then tap into their network and conduct surveys and other more tasks as required by their client companies. Of course, everything here is incentivized. 

The company claims that using its platform, one can actually earn around $500 in a day. With that income, you can almost leave your current job if they can provide that income.However, before leaving your main source of income, it is best to read some RainMoney reviews such as this.

Although there have been a lot of testimonials and payment proof around the internet, this review will investigate if these are all real. We are not connected to RainMoney so you can be assured that we are not here to sell you the service.

The main purpose is to provide factual information and unbiased insights about the company. This RainMoney Review will try to identify the good and the bad side of the company.  It will also help you decide whether joining RainMoney is a good idea.

RainMoney Review Summary

Product Name: RainMoney

Founder: Unknown

Product type: Reward Site

Price: Free

Best For: Nobody

Rating: 1/5

Recommended:  No

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What is RainMoney

As we have established above, RainMoney is a GPT website. What they do is list small tasks for their members to accomplish and reward them correspondingly. The amount may vary depending on how difficult the task will be.

The company claims that they are the top influencer network - yet again, who doesn't right? Anyway, it appears that this company has been founded in 2013 as reported on the website although some review websites seem to dispute this. 

It turns out that based on their domain registration, the company was just founded in 2019. To get to the bottom of this, I tried to look for the founders of RainMoney. Unfortunately, the identity of the owner remained to be hidden which doesn't really play well for their legitimacy claim. Is RainMoney a scam because of this simple information? Well, it actually indicates something fishy.

According to their website, they have approximately 450,000 members and continuously growing each day. They are also boasting about the 150,000 members who had been actively using the platform and had been paid about $35,000,000.

It is also posted on the website that at an average, the users of the platform can earn about $150 in a day. Anyone who can earn $150 a day should be good to go already but I think doing that from a GPT website is too good to be true. Although $2000 a month is achievable through the right programs, I doubt RainMoney is the best way to go. 

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How to Become a Member of RainMoney

It is really tiring to work from 9 to 5 and yet your income does not give you a comfortable life. In fact, having a stable job is good but we want to find ways to have some comfort in life. This is where websites like RainMoney get handy. 

What this company offer is a side hustle job. Usually, GPT sites will not ask you to pay anything for membership. Becoming a member is totally free and you'll only be required to work when there is work. The problem with these websites though is that more often than not, work comes sparingly.

Is RainMoney a scam? If this is how things work around here then it might just be one. 

Anyway, if you are still interested, you will be rewarded with a $25 bonus if you sign up.  Once you become a member, you will be given access to the various ways of earning through their platform (which I'll be discussing below). There will also be a dashboard to help you in tracking earnings.

How to Earn from RainMoney

There are many ways to earn from RainMoney. What I love about RainMoney is they offer really good money with just simple tasks and you'll really be in the impression that you'll get rich quick. Aside from the $25 bonus, you can complete tasks listed on their site.

Tasks are listed on the site and you can choose to complete anything.For starters, you can answer online surveys and reap the rewards after. Rewards range from $15-$30 depending on the task and its length. If you will just have to spend some time answering this, you can earn big.

There is also an option to create videos for YouTube, which is one of the high-paying tasks you can do. For each video you create, the reward will be $50, making that $150 per day rate feasible. The problem is, can you really make one YouTube video per day? Furthermore, will the company allow you to do so? 

You can also download apps that are, according to the company, being sponsored by their clients. 

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Are you struggling to find a separate "day job"?

It is easy to run a ready-made website and start earning through affiliate marketing. You don't need a single thing to sell online at all.

Boosting Income with RainMoney

It is really interesting to see your earnings increase as you track it on your dashboard and you can further boost your income by inviting your friends. Yes, the good old referral bonus once again makes an appearance. 

As soon as you become a member, you will be given a unique link that can be copied conveniently and share anywhere. For every redirection being sourced from your link, you will get a $2 incentive.If a friend or someone registers under your unique link, they will be your direct referral and you'll get an additional $10 for that.

The referral program of RainMoney is something to look forward to because it can boost income. But most people are interested in how they can withdraw the money from their digital accounts.

What Other Users Say About RainMoney

The company claimed that they have about 150,000 active members. If we were to believe that, we could not deny the fact that RainMoney is quite a popular program. The numbers are more than enough to make their social sites active. But that hasn't been the case since their social media do not have a high following count. 

It is also stated on their website that they have paid millions to their members. According to the company, payments are made via PayPal after a request has been made. This encourages more users to keep their income generation until they reach a favorable amount.

Unfortunately, according to some members, after the request you will no longer hear from them. You will not even receive any payment from Paypal and you won't be hearing anything from RainMoney's customer support.

Is RainMoney a scam? Most members testified that the payment proofs that members are posting on the internet are all fake. These testimonials are among the task listed in RainMoney and they will be rewarded after completion. Video testimonial were just created by actors or actresses hired by the company.

The checks that the company claimed to be payments to the members are all tampered as well. If you will closely check these documents, you will discover that the dates do not match.

Is RainMoney a Scam

First of all, GPT sites are real. I have been a member of various GPT sites and I know that they are really paying their members. I really stuck to them before finding a better opportunity in affiliate marketing. 

But, unlike other reward sites, RainMoney offers a lot more income to its members and that's mayhbe because they simply promise rewards without actually paying anything. To tell you honestly, I can hardly earn a dollar by answering surveys. RainMoney is no different.

If you are familiar with Google's pay-per-click (PPC), you'll realize that RainMoney's PPC pays a lot more. You can hardly earn cents from Google but this company seems to pay more? Well, there must be something fundamentally wrong, right?

The company has been claiming to be an influencer and testified to have a lot of members. Take note that according to them, 30% of their members are actively participating. 

If I am earning $150 a day, I will not hesitate to endorse the company to my colleagues. There are lots of people searching for side hustle so this should have been the solution. The thing is, I knew people who have been active in this platform but none of them enjoyed their money.

It is not enough to see your money increases in your dashboard. We want to use that money to pay our bills and other obligations. With that, complaints are flooding about the non-payment of the company. 

And before you join this company, you must know its background. This is a typical data harvesting site. The goal of the website is not really to pay you after a successful task. Its goal is to get information and sell it to those who may want to buy it. 

RainMoney Review Final Verdict

So, is RainMoney a scam? I never trusted companies that promises people unrealistically. Do not allow yourself to fall into their bait. It is quite enticing to see that this company can give you such a great income but you have to investigate first. 

Membership fee is free but if you think that you have nothing to lose, then you actually have more to lose. Providing them your information may start some privacy problems.  You do not want to risk that.

Identifying the red flags, the mere fact that the company owner never revealed its identity then you must avoid it. Never trust a company that hires actors for their testimonials. Members who are satisfied with the services of the company will naturally and definitely share these newfound earnings.

With all the numbers of complaints that most users accused this company, they should have defended it. I guess we know the answer to our question already. RainMoney might jsut be a big scam after all. 

Avoid this scam and make money through affiliate marketing. Rest assured that your resources are safe. Those who are already in the field are always willing to extend a helping hand to new players. 

Finally, not everything free means you lose nothing. Data Harvesting is quite a serious issue.

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