PayBud App Review – Is PayBud App Legit or a Scam?

PayBud Review Is PayBud Legit

Welcome to our PayBud Review.  This review is a fair assessment of the company.  It answers the most common questions like what the platform offers, its background and tells us if PayBud app legit.

Many rewards sites such as InfluencerCash, StartUpLift, and Notion Cash may offer great ways to make money online.  The amounts they pay to their members are enticing but often the members did not get anything at all.  It is important to check other users of the website if they are making money from the site.

Rewards site are fun and easy to use. One should not go out of their comfort zone just to earn from rebates.  However, you must also be careful not to spend much.  Stick on your budget and avoid spending just because you want to earn something.

Reward sites are increasing nowadays.  It has become the most popular way of making money online.  There are no shortcuts in making rich.   Whether you are user of PayBud app or other rewards site, it is necessary to work hard to be able to earn.

If you are looking for some extra earnings, then you can check PayBud.  With this platform, you can earn from your spare time.  It is also better to check the company background and prove it is PayBud a legit company because so as not to waste your time.

PayBud Review Summary

Product Name: PayBud

Headquarters: Reno, Nevada

Product type: Gaming Site

Price: Membership Available in Free and Paid

Best For: Gaming Enthusiasts

Rating: 3/5

Recommended:  Those who want to make extra pocket money.

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What is PayBud App?

PayBud is the app which gives you an opportunity to earn easy money.

Whether it's playing their online games, meeting a friend for coffee at Starbucks, going to watch a movie or grabbing one at RedBox, hitting the gym for a daily workout or yoga session, enjoying the ski slopes, or even checking in with your PayBud community to simply say “hello”… PayBud will reward you.

As you can see, the website has rewards for its membership and is centered on the various daily activities of its members.

Paybud started in 2018 in Reno, Nevada.  As PayBud never discloses its owner they also did some evaluation to assess is PayBud legit or not.  

According to their website, the personal information provided is not being shared with anyone.  At least, their members can have that in mind who cared about privacy.

It is clearly stated that to be able to use this application, you need to be at least 21 years old. 

 Those who did not reach that age will be deleted in the database.  

The company is continuously reviewing its policies to further improve their services.

The information provided by the members in using the platform is being used to provide perks.

They are given recommendations on products and services deals that they can get from the area.

Is PayBud Legit - app


How to Start Earning with PayBud?

There are simple things that can be done in exchange for dollars.  Some sites are asking for a membership fee but PayBud is free.  There are different kinds of membership that the company offers. 

Free membership will give you some reward points.  They are also having that privilege of having some discounts and referrals.  You can also upgrade the membership and you will get higher rewards. 

Silver Membership, for example, has a $5 in a month.  As you upgrade your membership, the monthly fees are also increasing.  You will also have a higher reward once you reach the Platinum Membership.

While the company is based in Reno, it does not mean that they are exclusively for the residents.  They are open to other countries.  However, for Asian countries and players, you need to pay an additional $2 per month as service fees.

The company has these 1000 minimum points that must be earned each month.  That simply means you need to abide by this rule to be an active member.

PayBud strictly asks its members to have only one account.  They also do not allow nor advise to share membership account.

How to Earn From PayBud?

Once you become a premium member, you will be eligible to receive a FREE Debit Card from the company.  You are also entitled to enter into a monthly contest the gives prizes. 

There are many benefits to becoming a premium member.

There is an application available that you can simply download to have better access to PayBud. 

Not only that, but you will also have that opportunity to utilize earn and spend rewards feature.

Although it is highly recommended for those with Apple and Android devices, it is not required.

You can earn rewards by simply checking in to the various hot spots including wellness and fitness centers and coffee shops. 

There are some daily challenges and games available and by simply using these kinds of stuff, rewards are on its way.

The company also partnered with food deliveries to give its members opportunities to use the application in earning.  It can also be used for travel and other perks.

While many reward sites offer a referral, PayBud also has the same program and call it Share the Love.  

You can refer your friends to this website and as soon as they sign-up, you will surely earn from them.

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How to Cash Out In PayBud?

If you are already familiar with Cash Back sites or rebates.  Each quarter the company offers a certain payback for Gold and Platinum members.  This program is called Bud Burn.

There are also some ways to easily get your rewards in Paybud. 

Cash-out can be made the same day, just after your activity.  

That means you can Spin the wheel, Click the Ads or do the matching games.

You earn a dollar for every thousand points you earn.  For every successful referral, you already got 500 points. 

So you can invite your friends and “share the love”. 

You can use PayPal to cash out or have it converted to gift certificates and use it to specific stores. 

These earning can be used in various online stores and deals.  Pay your groceries and fill Gas tanks with the PayBud Visa Card.

Great things come with flexibility.  This is what the company offers to its members.

What Do PayBud Users Say?

According to most users of PayBud, it is a great app.  Aside from the fact that it is a reward site, it is fun to use.  It is quite easy.  You just simply play your favorite games and you earn from it. 

The good thing about Paybud is that they have a Facebook Page that you can raise any issues.  They are willing to help their fellow users.  It is not that difficult to use that is why there are no special skills needed to earn a reward.

Those who had been a freelancer and wanted to earn a little extra, this platform is for you.  To some users, it is somehow addicting because you enjoy playing and earning at the same time.

Paybud gives you that freedom to spend your rewards anywhere and without restrictions.  The purchase and value of the rewards are appreciating. 

There are also different ways on how to earn in PayBud and it is up to you to choose where you enjoy the most.

While other has no added value and creativity, the company constantly offers new ways of earning rewards. 

That is the reason why most members still stick to the platform for years.

Despite all these things, many users are not happy with the platform.  Some of them are complaining that their accounts have been suspended for no reason.  And with that, they do not want others to experience the same thing so they are not recommending it.

Is PayBud App Legit?

Many individuals are looking for means of making extra money online.  But, they do not want to invest their money from some companies that they do not know about.  Some reward sites will require you to pay for its membership fee.

PayBud may also have some paid membership but you also have the option to join and become a member for free.  There are various ways of earning a reward on the site.  You can have your membership uploaded as soon as you earn enough funds.

Another thing that I want about the site is its flexibility when it comes to the platform.  The application created is available in Android or iOS Devices. 

It is available in Google Play and can be downloaded for free. 

If you do not have that resource, the website is available.  There are some rewards that you can use to be able to earn from the platform. 

However, the pay is not that much.  The pay is quite low to make it your full-time source of income.

Although there can be much potential when upgrading your account.  You must remember that you will be asked to pay for the monthly fees.​

I must tell you frankly that the application is not that user-friendly. 

There may be some technical problems but you can always report it to the support group of the company.  ​

The PayBud support team is very responsive and they are willing to help their members.

PayBud is a legit business that is dedicated to providing rebates for its members.  There have been lots who had received its payments and that is concrete proof of being a legit company.

Final Verdict

New businesses are becoming popular with their continuous advertisements on the web.  They have utilized social media to invite new members.  

With all their offerings, it is but normal for people to stir their curiosity. Our final verdict is PayBud app is legit!  

However, being a legitimate company is not a guarantee that you will earn a decent income.  This platform is not a replacement for your current job.  

So, if you are planning to leave your day job and start a career, this is not a good decision.

PayBud is somehow a platform that will allow you to earn in your spare time.  The compensation is rather small.  

For those who have plenty of time to spend can earn more.  But you must be careful in choosing the right membership for you.

What I do not like about PayBud is that you have a monthly recurring payment.  At the same time, you need to reach the limit of 1000. 

The minimum payout can be earned in a matter of days.   But you might be spending more if you will not use the platform regularly.

Another way to earn an income is Affiliate Marketing.  This kind of marketing allows you to earn passive income.  They have a great community that is willing to help new players in the business.  The investments to start in this kind of business are very small.  Risks are low but the chances of earning are higher.

Although PayBud is a good platform for those who have spare time.  Affiliate Marketing is recommended for those who want to earn a passive and decent income.

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