Is Nadex a Scam? – Shocking Truths Revealed!!

Is Nadex a Scam? – Shocking Truths Revealed!!

Welcome to our Nadex review! In this article, we will answer the question: is Nadex a scam? We’ll go by each thing that makes up this service starting from its founder to the things you can actually get from it. We’ll round up with its pros and cons, also, before we get to our final verdict as to whether we would recommend this or not. 

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Short-term trading is a type of trading that involves short contracts. Trading in this market would require active hands and, ironically, a lot of patience since short-term stocks do not amount to much. Nadex is a platform built for trading in this market. Let’s see if it’s effective or not, shall we?

Nadex Review Summary

Product Name: Nadex

Founder: IG Group Ltd.

Product type: Newsletter

Price: Free 

Best For: Entry-level investors and people who are willing to accept the risks of trading.

Rating: 75/100

Recommended:  Neutral

Is Nadex a Scam? – Shocking Truths Revealed!!

Summary:  Nadex is a trading platform established back in 2009. It is considered as one of the largest of its kind and is also a legal platform for US residents. Through the platform, you can trade in the following markets: stock indices, forex, and commodities. Creating an account here is free and it comes with several educational materials as well. I can recommend this product to those who are experienced in the field already --- those who mean business. Is Nadex a scam? I don’t think so.

What is Nadex?

Nadex (North American Derivatives Exchange) is one of the largest trading platforms in the United States. As we mentioned earlier, Nadex is a platform focused on trading limited risk and low cost binary options. Through Nadex, you can trade directly from your phone, tablet, or computer.

The company was founded back in 2004 and is a registered trademark of IG Group to those who want a level playing field for trading binary options and spreads. If you have any idea what I’m talking about, proceed with reading the rest of my review. However, if you are clueless and uninterested, may I suggest that you go directly to my top pick right away.
Is Nadex a Scam? – Shocking Truths Revealed!!

How Does Nadex Work?

So, how does it actually work?

If you are familiar with trading platforms, then this should be easy for you. For those who are new to these type of things, Nadex basically serves as a virtual place where traders can meet 

Before you get started, you would need to create an account first, connect your debit card, and then start trading. There are respective fees when trading through Nadex which I will be discussing more in the next section. Nadex makes use of advanced order types & depth of market, robust charting & technical analysis, plus you can trade through your desktop or your mobile platforms.

As mentioned, traders in this platform normally transact binary options and spreads. Let me breeze through these trading products. Binary options are financial products where you get paid or you get nothing at all. Meanwhile, trading spreads is perhaps one of the fastest things you can do in the market. A spread involves the simultaneous purchase of one commodity and sale of the same or a similar commodity.

Where Can I Get It?

To get started with Nadex, you would need to create an account first as I mentioned in the previous section. This account is actually free and you can just head on to their official registration page to make one. Nadex would ask a lot from you during your registration but I’d like to take this as a good measure for security purposes. 

Once you’ve made your free account, you won’t be asked to trade right away. Once you are ready to trade and all your payment information have been checked out, you can start surveying the market through any of your devices. You pay $1 every time you enter a trade and another $1 once you exit one. 

If an option expires without worth, Nadex will give you that one on the house so you wouldn’t need to pay any exit fee. You can also open a demo account if you want to.

Nadex is regulated and legal for US residents as the company is regulated by the CFTC. You are not limited to one market and you can freely go to stock indices, forex, or commodities.

Is Nadex a Scam? – Shocking Truths Revealed!!

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What Can I Get From Nadex?

There are three ways you can trade through Nadex. I’ll give you a brief overview about them down below but if you want to learn more about them, I suggest you take a look into Nadex’s educational courses.

Binary Options

According to their website, Nadex Binary Options turn every trade into a simple question: will this market be above this price at this time. Your profit or loss will depend on how much you paid to place the trade, including the subsequent fees.

Touch Bracket Contracts

In Nadex’s own words, A Nadex Touch Bracket has floor and ceiling "knockout" points. This structure can maximize effective leverage and provide natural profit targets. Well, to telly ou honestly, their list of assets is not too shabby. Currently there are 8 major indices, 10 Forex pairs, 7 commodities, 3 Economic Events, and then there’s Bitcoin.

Call Spreads

Nadex Call Spreads have a floor-to-ceiling trading range which offers defined risk without the need for stops, allowing time for the market to prove you right. Call spreads are what you go for when you are not into high-risk trades because there are profit-loss limits, though they are not very lucrative as well.

What Do Nadex Users Say?

There are quite a lot of reviews about Nadex out there. I think that’s just right considering that this platform is the largest one of its kind out there and, may I add, a legal one in that sense as well. With that said, there are a lot of talk about Nadex out there. 

Is Nadex a scam? Let’s see what people have to say:

Is Nadex a Scam? – Shocking Truths Revealed!!
Is Nadex a Scam? – Shocking Truths Revealed!!
Is Nadex a Scam? – Shocking Truths Revealed!!

Normally, negative comments would quickly sway my opinions on certain products. However, due to the size of this platform, I might just consider the fact that a lot of people aren’t as lucky as the others in trading through this company.

Nadex Ugly Truths Revealed


  • Creating an account is free, plus there is an option for a demo account as well. This makes it perfect for those who are still testing the waters.
  • The platform can be easily accessed through your desktop or their mobile app.
  • Quick deposits through debit cards provide seamless and extremely fast transactions.
  • The company is proven to be legal, monitored, and legit.


  • There have been reports of trades not patching through or profits getting lost in translation.
  • Prior education and sufficient amount of experience is needed before you get into this or you might just end up being gobbled alive by superior traders in the platform.

Is Nadex a Scam?

Here’s my final verdict:

It has been a while since I last saw a company or product that is worth recommending. Based on what I’ve researched on and what I’ve experienced, it looks like it would be safe for me to recommend this product to those who are capable enough for it. Creating an account may be free but this certainly isn’t for those who are not serious about trading.

When you go into Nadex, you need to mean business. If you are not game-faced about this, then stay away from it.

Is Nadex a scam?

Nah. Nadex is too big of a company and too well-known already to be considered a scam. Despite so, there are still a lot of risk in regards to this company. I cannot assure your safety once you are trading inside Nadex already because, believe me, there are still scammers there. 

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