Is Money Genie a Scam? Honest Money Genie Review

Money Genie a scam

Welcome to our Money Genie Review! 

I am happy that you land into this Money Genie Review.  I know that one of the reasons why you came here is to search for ways to make money online.  There are lots of opportunities online by it is important to do some evaluation.  Is Money Genie a scam or a legitimate company?

This Money Genie Review is written with complete honesty to provide insights about the company.  It is also a great way to know what they are up to and finally give recommendations to future users of the Money Genie Website.

Most of us need money.  Who does not need in nowadays?  But, searching for a legitimate way to make money online is not an easy thing.  That is why we opted to search for an alternative but beware, is Money Genie a scam?

What Money Genie is really difficult to ignore.  Imagine all those earning opportunities promised.  You might be sharing these new discoveries with friends but are they really worth your trust?

It is really difficult to assess when you receive such an invitation.  But, you also need to be careful in giving away your personal information.  Do you know who owns the website?  What does Money Genie do and where is the main office located?

You may have received some invites from Money Genie and I must admit it is really enticing.  I can understand why you did grab it in an instant.  It seems like a great way of earning.

So Is Money Genie a scam to offer such a great deal?  Are they really saying they are influencers just as they claim they are?  Here is a quick Money Genie Review for your guidance.

Money Genie Review Summary

Product Name: Money Genie

Founder: Unknown

Product type: Social Media Affiliate Network

Price: Free

Best For: Nobody

Rating: 1/5

Recommended:  Not for everyone.

money genie logo

Summary: Money Genie is a self-acclaimed leading Social media Affiliate that offer members dollar rewards for every task completer.

What is Money Genie?

In your opinion, what do you think is the leading Social Media Affiliate Network?  Of course, you will have different answers but none of them will be Money Genie.  According to their Website, they are #1. 

In other words, it is safe to say that they are self-acclaimed Social Media Affiliate Network.  They also promised to make you a hundred dollars rich every day.  Who can ever resist this kind of offer?  Just by simply signing-up you will see your account having $35.

Although there are promises of easy money, one should always be careful in becoming a member of a network.  Sometimes, these unknown networks use our personal information in illegalities and we do not want that to happen.

Money Genie has this fast get-rich scheme because of its platform.  In fact, they even encourage the users of Money Genie to invite new members.  Is Money Genie a scam for asking their members to do such things?

How to Make Money with Money Genie?

Well, everything you do in Money Genie comes with a reward. 

It means that for every referral that successfully signs up will increase your earnings by $5.  You will also be rewarded if you are to use the referral link.  

Just by simply redirecting and creating traffic to their side, you will be a dollar richer.

Just like any other reward sites, Money Genie also offers survey questions. 

The amount of these surveys may differ depending on the length of the questions.  

You may also not qualify in all the surveys since the advertisers set certain qualifications for the participants.

You do not have to worry about the surveys.  

There are still many options available to earn from Money Genie.  

You can create YouTube Videos and earn as much as $50.  

Downloading the applications from the suggested sites can increase your earnings to $10.

MoneyGenie Website


Who is Behind Money Genie Website?

If Money Genie is really a leading website in the field then owners should be proud of it.  Although Money Genie claimed success, the owners nor operators of the website never revealed their names.

Successful companies are proud to introduce the persons behind it.  Even small enterprises reveal the names of the owners especially when they gain success. 

Money Genie is different.  There is no history of the company and the founders are unknown.  In fact, even the information in the company background cannot be verified.

Money Genie is registered with Tuscow Domain in 2019 and no more information can be found about them.

As a leading Social Media Affiliate Network, as they claimed to be, their presence in social media is questionable.  Is Money Genie a scam for not having a good Social Media Presence?

But they claim it! 

I did some evaluation of their various social media sites and found out that their presence is not that good.  Facebook is among the most popular social media network.  When you try searching the page of Money Genie, it has nothing to show.

I tried other sources to check their social media presence on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest but the number of their followers is not so much.  It is not even close to 50.

So how can they be the leading Social Media Affiliate Network if their followers are not big enough to influence the users? 

On their website, they claimed that they have been in the business for 5 years but the were just registered in 2019.  

So how can it be summed up to 5 years?  

Not only that, the copyright on their website claims it was created in the year 2000.

That means that they are in the business for 2 decades. 

Fake Testimonials and Payment Proofs

This is the part I hate the most.  Why should individuals create payment proofs that are not real just to invite members on the site?

While there are many individuals who have been posting their payment proofs from Money Genie, are they real?  It is important to assess if these payments are real.

Records show that the domain of Money Genie was registered in October of 2019.  Unfortunately, check circulating over the internet that proves Money Genie paid their members to have dates prior to the registration.

Therefore, all these payments are just a piece of paper with proving it is not worthy of your trust.

On Money Genie’s Instagram and YouTube channel, you will find a testimonial made by “Caroline”. 

Who is Caroline and what does she do for a living?  Is she really making it big in Money Genie?

Unfortunately, Caroline, which is not her real name, is an actress hired by the company to do some fake testimonials for the Money Genie.

Another personality mentioned in Money Genie is Ana Cheri and Desi Banks.  Both are known to be YouTube influencers with thousands of subscribers.  If you can imagine the income potential that Money Genie can give, they can use it to get more sign-ups.

These ladies are real persons.  But if you come across their channels, none of them mentioned about Money Genie.  If you can only imagine how much Money Genie promised its members.  I am sure these two ladies wouldn’t mind recruiting members from their channel.

In other words, Money Genie is full of lies and deception.  They are deceiving their member and denying the truth about their activities.  

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Is Money Genie a Scam?

This Money Genie Review has been honest about the activities of the company. 

However, I can say the earning potentials being promised by them blinded most members to see the warnings.

There are no shortcuts in getting rich. 

Despite all opportunities being offered from various sources, there are scammers everywhere waiting for their next victims.

The problem with Money Genie is that they claim a lot of things.  How can you be the leading Social Media Affiliate Network when your accounts in Social Media does not show it?

There are lots of contradicting facts on their website. 

From their claims of being in existence for 5 years to the copyrights dated in 2000, these are essential information.  

The developer is very careful on these important facts.

If it is unintentionally, with their almost half-million subscribers, it is impossible to miss out on this information.  But, they could have changed it if it is unintentional.

Is Money Genie a scam for hiring an actress to do some fake testimonials?  It might be too early for me to judge Money Genie. 

But to hire an actress to fool people is something that must warn us.  If they have the ability to deceive people, can we still trust them?

Name dropping.  I pitty those ladies who got involved with Money Genie without their knowledge.  I am quite sure they have no idea that they are being used by the Money Genie for promotions.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

Nowadays, everyone wants to earn from online opportunities.  There are different ways to make money online and I can attest to that.

Money Genie is a website that offers a lot of opportunities.  In fact, they really promise you a lot.  Just by simply signing-up you will already be earning $35 which is a hefty amount for a sign-up.

All other activities offered on the website offers really good money that will encourage you to work hard.  But despite all that, there was no proof that the payments are withdrawn.

What are you going to do with virtual money that you cannot even use to pay your bills?  Therefore, I would advise not to invest time and effort in Money Genie.  As long as there is no concrete proof of payments, then we cannot trust this company.

There have a lot of red flags that warn us not to trust the company.  If you are just sensitive enough, you will notice a lot of lies and deceptions.  I will never recommend this company to a friend.

Giving out personal details may be a danger so beware of this website.  Your privacy is important than earning a little dollars from Money Genie.

I know for a fact that it is essential for us to look for better ways to make money online.  I have a suggestion.  I have discovered a better way of making money online through Affiliate Marketing.  And I would not mind sharing it with you.

In fact, having to do Affiliate Marketing is a rewarding career.  The risk of losing money is slim but the chances of earning are really good.

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