Is Mannatech a Good Product – MLM Review

Is Mannatech a Good Product – MLM Review

Welcome to our Mannatech review! In this article, we’ll find out whether this company is a scam or if their products are any good. I’ve done a lot of research about them and I’ll be sharing what I’ve found about this particular program here. 

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Aren't we all tired of the same old health and wellness MLM scheme that promises great results and high commissions. As we all know, these companies are simply out there to get your money through their respective pyramid schemes.

However, I do recognize the fact that there are still good products and companies out there. Is Mannatech a good product? Well, let's see that today. 

Manatech Review Summary

Company Name: Mannatech

Founder:  Samuel Caster

CEO: Al Bala

Industry‎: ‎Health and Wellness

Products: Supplements

Headquarters‎: 1410 Lakeside Parkway, Suite 200
Flower Mound, TX

Price: $49.99


Rating: 2/5

Summary: Is Manantech a Good Product? This company has been around since 1993 but that has not fooled some people about the authenticity of the company's product line. People have specific issues with their flagship "Ambrotose" but the rest of the company actually looks good. There's a lot of information readily available and I condensed them all here in this review. 

Is Mannatech a Good Product – MLM Review

What is Mannatech?

For the MLM industry, Mannatech needs no introduction. With a plethora of patents and clinical researches under their belt, this company has cemented itself to be one of the biggest players in the health and wellness game. 

However, if you are just a constant lurker in the internet looking for ways to make money online, Mannatech may look like your usual supplement-selling company. If you've come across their website already, then you might have encountered their business opportunity already as well. 

Before you dive into being an affiliate for this company, though it's important to ask the question: is Mannatech a good product? Furthermore, can you really make money by selling them?

This company has been around since 1993 which gives us an idea of the quality of the products. If you've been in the game for that long, chances are, you might be doing something right, right? The answer to that are their patents and clinical researches. 

The man behind it all is Samuel Caster, an American businessman who has tons of experiences already. Caster rose to popularity when he founded Mannatech but he was already involved in several companies beforehand. 

Here's the thing, Samuel Caster's track record before Mannatech wasn't exactly great. He was involved in a product called Electracat which was declared by the then Attorney General of Texas as a hoax. Yikes!

Is Mannatech a Good Product – MLM Review

What Are Manantech's Products?

Before we dive into the earning opportunity, let's learn more about their products first. After all, we are trying to answer whether Mannatech is a good product or not. 

As of the moment, they have five product categories on their website: Integrative Health, Targeted Health, Essentials, Weight + Fitness, Skincare. Mannatech started off with Vitamin and Mineral supplements before expanding to trendier products such as the ones for skincare and fitness. 

Integrative Health is Mannatech's flagship category. This is where they have their Ambrotose supplements which really cannoned the company to popularity. Ambrotose is a unique blend of eight sugars that triggers the body to make more glycoproteins. As per Mannatech, Abrotose supports cell-to-cell-communication which then improves the human immune system. 

We mentioned earlier that the company has a lot of studies and patents, well, a huge portion of them are about Ambertose. 

Mannatech's Targeted Health products focus more on specific facets of the body like heart and stomach functions. The Essentials product line contain multivitamins and other things that you can take for general maintenance. 

Now for the newer products, the Weight + Fitness category sports energy bars, muscle-building supplements, and the like. On the other hand, the Skincare category contains, well, skincare products. 

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How Can I Join?

Is Mannatech a Good Product – MLM Review

Is Mannatech a good product? Well, maybe.

Let's admit it, despite the great-looking products, we all know that Mannatech is not the only company with such supplements. The MLM industry, more so the one that focuses on Health and Wellness, is  perhaps the most competitive one out there. 

Aside form the external competition you're getting from other companies, you're also going to get internal pressure from your co-associates. However, if you really think that the MLM game is for you and you're competitive enough to make it here, then I am in no position to stop you.

MLMs like this one and Daily Digital Club are always at risk of turning into a pyramid scheme and I'll explain that more in the last section. But should you be really interested in this company after I've explained everything including their compensation plan, go ahead and start with them. 

You will start as an Associate paying $49.99 per year. With this membership, you can get discounts from retails prices, value bundles, automatic orders, and more. You'll also be trained to sell the said products and consequently earn through their compensation plan. 

Let's dig into that now. 

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Mannatech Compensation Plan Features 

Unilevel System

Mannatech's compensation plan (which you can access here) makes use of a unilevel system. This system is not uncommon in MLM companies sicne a lot of the big names in the industry have used the said system to grow their following. With a unilevel system, members can recruit as many people as they would like. 

Retail Profits

Retail profits or retail commission is the profit you would get from selling products. In MLM companies like Mannatech, these sales are the ones you should be working hard on because if the company tells you otherwise, then you might be inside a pyramid scam after all. In pyramid schemes, you are convinced that recruitment is the priority and that's because all the company wants is to collect those membership fees. 

Direct Bonus

Direct Commissions are the commissions you earn when any of your recruits, or donwlines as MLM companies would call it, purchases a sign-up pack. The sign-up pack is another fee you have to pay in order to be fully accepted to Mannatech. 

There are three sing-up packs: Basic, All-Star, and Premium All-Star. These packages defer in income potential and number of products although I am not really sure how is that possible. Does this mean the company can inhibit your earnings on purpose?

Anyway, the Basic pack costs $99-$169 while the All-Star Pack is at $499. That leaves us with the Premium All-Star pack which costs $999. 

Team Bonus/ Team Development Bonus

Since this is an MLM after all, part of the company's motives is to grow Mannatech. With that, the company offers Team Bonuses which is basically the commission you can get from recruiting people. You can check out their full scheme including the calculations  by clicking this infographic

Leadership Bonus

Going back to the sales, you will also be given bonuses if your team performs well and that's what they call the Leadership Bonus. Think of this as the commission you'll be getting from your indirect sales.

For more information about the earning opportunities at Mannatech, you can click here to watch a video from their CEO. 

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What Do Mannatech Users Say?

The company has been around since 1993 which is why it does not come with any surprises that Mannatech has a large following. If you search for reviews about the company and its product, you'll see a lot of results fmay it be ratings or simple comments. 

Is Mannatech a good product? Can you really earn from it? To answer those questions objectively, I chose to look into the comments about the company on reddit. 

As usual, there were some satirical anecdotes in the thread for the said company. Stories such as mothers swearing by the product and sons arguing against it are present. There were also excerpts about the allegedly fraudulent research backing up Mannatech's products. 

This is really where it gets interesting so check out some more of these comments:

Is Mannatech a Good Product – MLM Review
Is Mannatech a Good Product – MLM Review

Mannatech Ugly Truths Revealed


  • Known company with a lot of information available to the public. 

  • Simple and understandable compensation plan that can be great for those who are just starting. 


  • Despite being great on paper, a lot of third parties seem to be convinced that this company has fraudulent products. 
  • It's owner doe snot have a really good reputation when it coems to the quality of products he's selling. 
  • High starting prices.

Is Mannatech a Good Product and a Good Company?

Let me start off by explaining what a pyramid scheme is since this might help us with our Mannatech verdict. You see, despite its promises of commissions and bonuses, pyramid schemes in the guise of MLM companies are nothing but scams. 

More often than not, these companies were built by its founders to simply milk the starting fees out of the members. They won't really give a bite on the actual product sales. This scam can take many forms such as the Crowd1 Ponzi scheme where a startign investment is taken from you instead of a membership fee. 

Is Crowd1 a Scam

To be fair to Mannatech, it really has amazing featuers. The products looked well to me although there might be some legitimacy claims to their flagship product, the Ambrotose. 

Is Mannatech a Good Product? Despite the bad things about Ambrotose, the wide variety of products gives me hope about the company. Some companies out there depend on one product only and that's a clear cut sign that you're dealing with a scam. 

To answer the next question, can you really earn with them? Well, I believe it's possible to profit if you are careful enough in buying into the highly priced packages. I mean that $999 pack sounds totally senseless to me. In the end you might not even reach your breakeven point with that deal. 

Right now I don't believe I can recommend you to proceed with Mannatech. MLMs will forever be at risk of becoming a pyramid scheme, if it's not yet one, and you wouldn't want to get entangled with that. Is Mannatech a scam? Probably not but the fact that there's a hesitation should be a good enough reason for us to be cautious with this company. 

There are much better alternatives out there, those that I can fully back up. If you're looking to make money online, try and check out affiliate marketing since this is where I really experienced success. 

The reason is simple...

  • You don't have to recruit anyone to make money
  • You have the freedom to promote any products you want and not being restricted to only promote the products from one Ponzi or MLM company
  • It's Free to get started

That's it for this Manantech Review! Thank you for sticking with me and I hope you were able to find your answer for the question: is Mannatech a Good Product?

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