Is Giftly Legit? Can You Really Make Money Online with Giftly

is giftly a scam

Welcome to our Giftly review.  Giftly has become popular nowadays.  Many people are using this platform to give a gift to someone without having to post on their social media walls.  There are many complaints about this company that many speculated it is Giftly legit.

You are here on this page because you have been invited by someone to become an affiliate.  We are all looking for some ways to make money online.  Online is perhaps one of the most common ways of earning without leaving your current job.

But often, our main source of income is not enough to meet our everyday needs.  To be able to have some comfort in life, we search for a second job.

Giftly is not a new company.  But, this company has a new concept in electronic gifting.  Regardless of age, we all wanted to receive some personal gifts.  We also want to send our gifts to someone with some personal touch. 

Before joining their pool of affiliates, it is best to know the company better.  We do not want to end up being scammed.  At the same time, we do not want to lose our hard-earned labor nor lose a friendship because of Giftly.

Reading through this review and discovering the background of the company is a good way to start.  Let us know more about the company and the new concept they are introducing.  Assess if the company is capable of allowing you to earn from their platform.

Giftly Review Summary

Product Name:Giftly

Founder: Timothy Bentley

Product type: Gift Giving Affiliate Marketing

Price: Free

Best For: An Social Media Enthusiasts

Rating: 3/5

Recommended:  Yes

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What is Giftly?

One of the greatest challenges a business will face is to have a unique product or business process.  You may have some products that are so unique that most people will talk about it.  Or perhaps, you may be interested in a new business process.

Since the concept is quite common, many people thought that they already know how to redeem their gifts.  Unfortunately, it does not work that way.  Giftly has some unusual processes that must be explained in full.  We want to be sure if it is Giftly legit.

Unlike other businesses, Giftly is not the typical one.  It has a unique kind of business that you must be able to understand.  Otherwise, you will really think that it is Giftly legit.  

Giftly was founded by Timothy Bentley.  He was formerly connected to Aardvark, which was acquired by Google for almost 50 million USD.

The company started with only 12 employees and has a capital of about $1.8 Million.  The main idea is to create a gift card.  But, he is not just after the usual gift cards we receive.  He wanted to have something new and unique.  The company wanted to offer something better.

So, instead of making a gift card that is based on geography, Bentley made it with venue recommendation.  So, in December of 2011, he launched his platform that allows Facebook Friend users to give a gift in the form of dollars. 

You can give a gift ranging from $10-$250.  It will also allow you to suggest a venue where you can spend this money.

There has been some confusion about the process of redemption.  Before you go to the suggested venue, it is essential to understand how to claim it.

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How Does Giftly Work?

We are all familiar with a Gift card.  You will have to visit a specific shop and buy a gift card for future use.  It is something pre-paid.  Assuming you already want to use your gift card, you just simply visit the store and present it.

Like we have previously discussed, Giftly is not the typical gift card.  A friend or someone might be interested in giving you a gift.  Instead of going to the merchant and buy one, an app is downloaded.  The giver of the gift will directly pay to the company.

When you finally receive a gift, you will have some suggested merchant.  If they are already in the merchant, the consumer will redeem it on the application on the smartphone.  The consumer will have to pay the merchant in full.

In doing so, the consumer will receive funds directly from Giftly sent to their Paypal Account.  You can also have the option of receiving it as credits from Giftly.

One of the biggest confusion of the consumers is presenting these Gift credits to the merchant.  The merchant who does not know about this app will normally accuse that it is Giftly legit.  And that is most likely be the same reaction from the consumer who did not understand how it is redeemed.

So, if you are a business owner, politely say to the consumer to redeem their gift through the app.  Other business establishments are accusing them of using their names on the website illegally.  To tell you frankly, it is a free ad being offered by the company.

The business name appeared on Giftly because someone had suggested spending the gift to that specific merchant.  After all, many platform users had claimed their gifts.

Earning From Giftly Affiliate Program

We can see how new this business is.  If there is something new, many people will just try it.  In reality, most of them are just curious about how it works and if it really works.  Giftly is more of an affiliate marketing style.  You do not have to worry about risks.

Joining their affiliate marketing team is free.  You will be selling these gift cards to your colleagues and you get commissions for that.   It is very simple and easy to use.  Upon registration, you will be given access to a personalized dashboard.

The dashboard allows you to track your inventory and earnings from Giftly.  Do not expect to receive the commissions right away.  All commissions are given every month.

There is also an easy way to sell these Giftly cards.  All you need to do is generate a unique link and start posting it on different websites.

Are you struggling to find a separate “day job”?

It is easy to run a ready-made website and start earning through affiliate marketing. You don’t need a single thing to sell online at all.

A Giftly Surprise – Something Hot and New

We often see greeting for our birthdays in social media.  Although we do not want others to see it, some friends really cannot help but post some greetings.  Some it is becoming so fancy that we have to hide it from the wall.

What I like about this Giftly is that you do not have to leave some special notes on their social media wall.  This is somehow something new for social media users.  It becomes more personal.  Instead of posting on the wall, they spend special messages on Giftly.

What is so hot about it is the fact that you are being given some cash to spend in the merchant of their choice.  In other words, it is accompanied by gifts in the form of electronic gifts.

With this kind of gift, it becomes more personal.  They are not location-specific so you can have the different merchants to choose from.

We have to face the fact that not everyone remembers our birthday.  Some of our friends just saw it on their wall and started greeting you.  But if they make some personal Giftly cards like this, you are assured of who really remembers you.

What Do Giftly Users Say?

To tell you frankly, Giftly is offering a new concept.  They must explain it further for their clients to understand.  If you wish to become an affiliate marketing of Giftly, it is essential to explain the procedure of payments.

Many merchants are furious about the company.  For them, they felt that their company is being used by Giftly.  When a client goes to their shop and started claiming their Giftly ecards, everything becomes more complicated.

Giftly makes money through transactions made.  As an affiliate marketer, you earn by the commission.  Many are saying that it is Giftly legit because they do not understand the process.  Protect your business by explaining the correct one.

Since this thing is a new concept, every detail should be very clear.  However, despite negative comments from the users of the platforms, many users are satisfied.  The positive comments outweigh negative ones.

Merchants are quite happy that their business is being advertised without a fee.  They also have an increase in sales.  At the same time, they knew they are among the preferred merchant.

Is Giftly Legit?

Many of us are usually indebted and we wanted to have some extra to pay it off.  Others are not really earning that much and need a second job to earn a little extra. 

One of the reasons why this company is often being thought to be a scam is the procedure of its payment and claims.  Although preferred merchants have free ads on the Giftly website, not everyone is happy.  Some merchants felt that they are being used and abused by Giftly.

Some merchants even filed a complaint with BBB about selling gift cards without their permission.  What is so good about the company is that they address their issue right away.  They have a very good customer service that easily responds to email.

While many people are in doubt about Giftly, there are red flags that must be identified before we can say that it is Giftly legit.

The company never hid the owner’s identity which is typical to most scam sites.  They have been consistent with their year of foundation.  While many companies started with a bang, Giftly is proud of their humble beginnings.

When it comes to payment to their affiliates, they have been consistent.   The gifts sent by their clients were successfully received following the correct procedure.  Finally, if you will ask me if it is Giftly legit, they are definitely not.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

Giftly is not a new company and had been in the business for almost 2 decades.  The concept may be new that most people can hardly understand.  But it does not mean that the company offers illegitimate service.

If you sign up as an affiliate, you will be receiving about 30% commission.  That is quite a huge amount.  It is also a good opportunity to make money online.  If you will notice, your friends celebrate their birthdays each year. 

With this kind of service, you will have a regular customer.  But, birthdays are celebrated by everyone so you are assured that you will have something to sell all year round.

Giftly cards are not limited to birthdays.  It can be used to give gifts for weddings, anniversaries, graduations or any occasions.  While I recommend this for those who are active in social media this is not recommended to those who are not really into online stuff.

Furthermore, the income received from Giftly is not as much.  You can also try some affiliate marketing programs.  Some experts are always willing to help you out without extra fees.

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