Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam – Or Are They Legit?

Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam – Or Are They Legit?

Welcome to our Fullstaq Marketer review! In this article, we will answer the question: Is Fullstaq Marketer a scam?? We’ll go by each thing that makes up this income system from its founder to the things you can actually get from it. We’ll round up with its pros and cons also before we get to our final verdict as to whether we would recommend this or not. 

Money-making platforms come in different shapes and sizes. From paid to click (PTC) sites to cash apps, the only thing left for you to do is to pick how you want to earn. With a good program and steady internet, you can and you will make money online.

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful industries today. With more and more people relying on the internet for more and more things, businesses are starting to focus on digital efforts such as Affiliate Marketing to promote themselves. 

With that, companies like Fullstaq Marketer provide training for interested folks. Let's now see if it's worth it or not. 

Fullstaq Marketer Review Summary

Product Name: Fullstaq Marketer

Founder: Keala Kanae

Product type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $997

Best For: Businesses

Rating: 2/5

Recommended:  Only for certain people

Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam – Or Are They Legit?

Summary: Is Fullstaq Marketer a scam? This digital marketing program that focuses on affiliate marketing might be expensive but I do not think it is a scam. WIth $997 as its base price, this program is great for businesses looking to break into digital marketing. However, for normal folks who just want to make money online, this might not be the best choice. 

What is Fullstaq Marketer?

Fullstaq Marketer is the "World's Greatest Internet Marketing Training," well, that is according to Fullstaq Marketer themselves. But what are they exactly and what do they do?

According to their website, Fullstaq Marketer is the first and only company to take a holistic approach to their clients' marketing efforts. In hindsight, this program is all about training people to be well-versed in Internet Marketing, specifically in affiliate marketing to help their businesses thrive. 

The company was started by Keala Kanae but was then called AWOL Academy. The reviews about this old company still exist up until now and they're not that good. Is this the reason why Keala had to rebrand? Quite possibly yes.

Let's dive in to the company more. 

Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam – Or Are They Legit?


How Does Fullstaq Marketer Work?

Fullstaq Marketer is mainly a training program that is composed of training videos and other tools. By the end of the whole program, you should be able to grasp the concept of affiliate marketing more. 

I believe it's also important for us to distinguish how Fullstaq Marketer differs from its predecessor, AWOL Academy. According to my research, despite having the same owner and same system, FM is sort of the new and improved version of AWOL. AWOL suffered from tons of upsells which people didn't like. 

I'll be discussing Fullstaq's courses more later but for now, here are their titles: Fullstaq Accelerator, Traffic Labs, Conversion Labs, Masters Labs.

Where Can I Get It?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best things to get into today, trust me in this one. However, like I always say, you're only as good as the affiliate program you are marketing. 

I'm not gonna lie, Fullstaq Marketing is one of the better training programs out there. However, I believe it's not catered well enough to the normal citizen such as you and I. For people like us, another program might be more effective. 

Fullstaq Marketer is more attuned to businesses and its respective owners. If you think this is your type of thing, You can start off by registering here. Their prices are not stated in their website but according to my research, it stars at $997.

Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam – Or Are They Legit?

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Fullstaq Marketer Courses

Fullstaq Accelerator

This is the flagship course of the whole program. Undergoing this course will equip you with the right skillset and knowledge to "create a high converting sales machine, from scratch, with any niche." As of the moment, it seems like this is the only course readily available since the three other courses below are either still coming soon or require you to contact Fullstaq first. You can learn more here

Traffic Labs

As the name suggests, this course is more focused on building traffic. In the Digital Marketing industry, especial for affiliate marketing, traffic is important because it signifies the people who see your product. Lessons here include targeting people and traffic analytics. 

Conversion Labs

Conversion Labs is a course that's yet to come in the Fullstaq Marketer platform. However, by the looks of it, the course will focus on turning the traffic your getting into actual paying customers. Lessons here apparently will include hypnotic language, live presentations, story telling, persuasive copy, and more.

Master Labs

Another course that is coming soon in the platform, Master Labs is concerned more with business operations already. Lessons here include tax planning, money management, investing, and more. Furthermore, according to Fullstaq, the lessons here were developed by "some of the world's greatest minds."

What Do Fullstaq Marketer Users Say?

As mentioned, Fullstaq Marketer used to be AWOL Academy. If you searched for comments about this previous company by Keale, the things you will be seeing would not be that good. However, I'd like to give Fullstaq Marketer the benefit of the doubt that it's much better than its predecessor. 

Is Fullstaq Marketer a scam? I went on to look for user comments about this program. Although there are far lesser comments than when it was AWOL Academy, I was still able to find some good answers. 

There have been several reviews about the product as well by people who have tried it out. Some people say that it's really good while there are some complaints as well. 

Let me show you some striking things I found online:

It's not hard, just have a positive attitude going in and KNOW that you're going to make this work

Jeff Lenney from jefflenney

Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam – Or Are They Legit?
Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam – Or Are They Legit?

Statements taken from typingtofreedom.

Fullstaq Marketer Ugly Truths Revealed


  • It belongs to the category of Affiliate Marketing which is a great way to make money online.
  • Their website is very informative and visually appealing as well. 
  • Good for businesses


  • Not very attuned for personal use. 
  • Quite pricey. 
  • It has a tarnished history with AWOL Academy that we cannot really remove from the narrative. 

Is Fullstaq Marketer a Scam?

Here's what I think:

Honestly, Fullstaq Marketer is not that bad. In fact, I can say that it is a good product but whether it's worth it or not largely depends on you. If you are a business who has the money to invest in something like this, go ahead. 

However, if you are someone like me who is just looking to make money online because you have nothing to promote, then my top pick might be a far better idea. All in all, though, I do not think Fullstaq Marketer is a scam. 

If you are looking for a pocket-money-earning opportunity, I would recommend paid survey sites like VivaticPinecone Research, and iPoll.

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