Is Black Box Stocks a Scam – Is It Really What It Claims to Be?

Is Black Box Stocks a Scam? – Is It Really What It Claims to Be?

Welcome to our Black Box Stocks review! In this article, we will answer the question: is Black Box Stocks a scam? We’ll go by each thing that makes up this trading education service starting from its founder to the things you can actually get from it. We’ll round up with its pros and cons also before we get to our final verdict as to whether we would recommend this or not. 

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Lately, trading has been one of the most lucrative sources of passive income. Trading stocks and options can render a lot of money when done right but doing it right is easier said than done. Black Box Stocks claims to be the most user-friendly stock and options   today.

Black Box Stocks Review Summary

Product Name: Black Box Stocks

Founder: Eric Pharis

Product type: Trading Software

Price: Free; $99.97-959.00

Best For: Experienced investors

Rating: 75/100

Recommended:  Neutral

Is Black Box Stocks a Scam? – Is It Really What It Claims to Be?

Summary:  Black Box Stocks is an online trading software that claims to be the most user-friendly one out there. It is a program that helps stock and options traders get a better grasp of the market through its system of high-speed servers and artificial intelligence. The program was created back in 2011 by Eric Pharis. You can get it through a monthly or an annual billing plan that will cost you $99.97 to $959. I can recommend this product to those who have been in the trading scene for some time now and are looking for ways to improve. Is Black Box Stocks a scam? Certainly not.

What is Black Box Stocks?

To get things started, we would first have to describe what Black Box Stocks is. According to its official website, Black Box Stocks is a trading software that makes use of a system that would alert you to get a hold of explosive opportunities in the market. The software aims to exploit inefficiencies in the market so that you could take advantage of them.

The service was founded by Eric Pharis back in 2011 in an effort to make trading easier for those who want to get into it. Eric Pharis has been the face of this service ever since it was created but there isn’t much to be known about him. However, with my own research, I found out that he graduated from the University of Texas and took his postgraduate studies at Cornell. 

Going back to the service, Black Box Stocks basically combines multiple algorithms and artificial intelligence to sniff out impending market activities. Black Box Stocks uncovers unknown market trends and alerts its subscribers of incoming price swings. In their own words, BBS lets you have the technology that has too often been reserved for large financial firms, hedge funds, and the Wall Street elite.
Is Black Box Stocks a Scam? – Is It Really What It Claims to Be?

How Does Black Box Stocks Work?

Black Box Stocks is run by a system of high-speed servers that all monitor more than 13,000 stocks and options simultaneously. According to them, Black Box Stocks makes use of algorithms that are closely related to the ones used by High-Frequency Trading (HFT) strategies. 

In their own words, Black Box Stocks uses proprietary algorithms that alert you to the most active stocks and options. Once an alert is posted, you can click on the symbol and find out why the stock received an alert. Use our live charting tool and proprietary volatility indicator to see which stocks are breaking out and posting the biggest gains.

This service has a lot to offer from its pre-market scanner to your own symbol-specific news feed. It also has its own options scanner and online community that you can easily tap for help.

Where Can I Get It?

Black Box Stocks has a pretty informative website and you can get started by navigating through their page. To register online for their system, you would need to fill out their membership page first. This page will ask for your details and your payment methods. If you are a professional trader as per the SEC rules, you would need to email Black Box Stocks’ customer support to register. 

Black Box Stocks provides a demo that you can watch to get a feel of what the service does. After you’re done with the demo, you would need to get an actual subscription already and you will have two options for that: Monthly and Yearly.

These two subscriptions do not differ in inclusions but going for the annual billing option would give you more savings, of course. The Yearly Billing option costs $959 every year while the Monthly Billing Option is priced at $99.97.

Is Black Box Stocks a Scam? – Is It Really What It Claims to Be?

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What Can I Get From Black Box Stocks?

Charts and News Feed

The news feed and the charts are there to keep you posted on several things that concern your trading strategies. These charts are highly customizable and highly advanced as well. Meanwhile, the news feed contains relevant news that can be filtered based on your preferences.

Stock Alerts

If you have been using a lot of trading programs or financial newsletters, then you might agree with this statement: stock alerts are godsent. As simple as they may sound, stock alerts can get you ahead of other traders for certain moves which can result to more profit.

Pre and Post-Market Scanners

Market scanners are there to, well, help you scan the market. To be more exact, pre-market scanners will help you find the lists and percentage of moves so that you could act early on them the rest of the day. On the other hand, post-market scanners will give you a snapshot  of what has transpired during the day which can then help you predict what might happen the following day.  

Volume Ratio and Options Trading

The volume ratio tool can be especially helpful for traders who make use of low float small caps. If you are this kind of trader, then feel free to use this one. Meanwhile, Black Box Stocks does not trade stocks alone and you can also get into options trading with them. Though risky, this kind of trading might just maximize your gains.

What Do Black Box Stocks Users Say?

There isn’t a lot of comments about Black Box Stocks out there but there is a ton of them on BBS’ own website. Of course, we are smart enough to keep things objective and avoid getting swayed by those. Anyway, I found some comments from users on third-party websites and it looks like there isn’t a lot of bad to say about it. 

Is Black Box Stocks a scam? Let’s see what users have to say:

Is Black Box Stocks a Scam? – Is It Really What It Claims to Be?
Is Black Box Stocks a Scam? – Is It Really What It Claims to Be?
Is Black Box Stocks a Scam? – Is It Really What It Claims to Be?

As mentioned, these comments are looking quite positive towards the service.

Black Box Stocks Ugly Truths Revealed


  • ​Informative and user-friendly website. They have been preaching about user-friendly and it looks like even their website is on-brand with that.
  • Really high-quality and helpful features from the alerts to the tools you can use.
  • Easy to use and provides you with a lot of educational services to help you get through the ropes of the tools.
  • Positive feedback from users.


  • The service may be user-friendly and, to an extent, beginner-friendly but the prices do not seem to convey the same message.
  • In order to take advantage of the service and get the most out of the subscription, you would still need to master what you are doing and that might take some time.

Is Black Box Stocks a Scam?

Here’s my final verdict:

Based on the pros and cons plus the rest of what I’ve found during my research, Black Box Stocks looks like a service that I could recommend. However, there are some reservations about that.   through this review, I couldn’t help but notice how this is user-friendly but not very beginner-friendly despite the educational courses. 

Educational courses and tutorials are hardly enough to make you worthy enough of using a tool like this. Don’t get me wrong. I support beginners but I don’t think they will be able to get their money's worth here. 

Is Black Box Stocks a scam? Certainly not. 

Black Box Stocks is a legit program with a lot of positive comments to back it up. If you have decided to stick to stocks for passive income then, by all means, look into this one. However, if you the type of person to look into faster, cheaper, and less technical ways to earn passive income, then our top pick might just be the one for you. 

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