Is Biotech Breakouts a Scam? – An Honest Review

Is Biotech Breakouts a Scam? – An Honest Review

Welcome to our Biotech Breakouts review! This service by Kyle Dennis promises its subscribers significant growth in the biotech industry through stocks. Apparently, Kyle went from a broke college student to a millionaire stock trader with the help of three steps --- three steps he will be sharing with you through the platform.

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The biotech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today which is why a lot of people have been eyeing on biotech stocks for profit. Here’s the thing: not a lot of people are aware of how things work out in this field. Fortunately, there have been a lot of programs online providing the necessary information to people and one of those programs is Biotech Breakouts.

As we go through this Biotech Breakouts review, we’ll answer some of the most pressing issues surrounding the product including: is Biotech Breakouts a scam?

Biotech Breakouts Review Summary

Product Name: Biotech Breaktouts

Founder: Kyle Dennis

Product type: Newsletter

Price: $199-$4997

Best For: Experienced investors with resources for more tools.

Rating: 70/100

Recommended:  Not for everyone

Is Biotech Breakouts a Scam? – An Honest Review

Summary:  Biotech Breakouts is a financial service that features four different newsletter services. The company was founded by Kyle Dennis in an effort to share his trade secrets as to how he managed to turn $15,000 to $4,021,304+ within months. Biotech Breakouts features a 3-step short-term trading system and each of its services are priced differently. As far as recommendations go, I believe this is a service that was not built for everyone. Is Biotech Breakouts a scam? I don’t think so, but it can use some improvements in terms of pricing.

What is Biotech Breakouts?

Biotech Breakouts is a trading service focused on biotech stocks, as the name suggests. The service makes use of a 3-step short-term trading system that can grow your profits exponentially. We’ll dive into the actual steps in the next section. Basically, Biotech Breakouts is an educational program that will teach you how to work your way in the market.

The company was founded by Kyle Dennis who markets himself as a middle-class millionaire. According to his book, Middle-Class Millionaire, you do not need to be a genius to earnt through the stock market. Kyle apparently graduated from college with a $80,000 debt and was able to pay that through the stock market at a young age with borderline knowledge in trading.

There isn’t much to be seen on their website regarding the background of the company. Instead, their site focuses on discussing their system and other programs under the service. However, from what I’ve researched, Biotech Breakouts was established back in 2016 after Kyle made the headlines as a star student in Jason Bond’s Millionaire Roadmap.

Is Biotech Breakouts a Scam? – An Honest Review

How Does Biotech Breakouts Work?

As mentioned in the previous section, Biotech Breakouts follows a 3-step short-term trading system. The company identifies a catalyst event, pairs it with a bullish chart, and then adds more research to properly analyze the stock. 

Let me explain that further. 

So first, Biotech Breakouts looks for a catalyst event that can be anything that would increase the visibility of the brand owning the stock. These catalyst events contribute to the increase in the stock’s value.

One the catalyst event is identified, Kyle and his folks would then pair the event to, what they would call, a Bullish Chart Pattern. The Bullish Chart Pattern is some sort of algorithm that would visualize the movement of the stock. It can be a simple graph for momentum, breakout, or pattern reversal.

The third step that Biotech Breakouts does is to conduct more research about the stock. This is the last step of the process and it would determine whether the stock should be bought, held, or sold based on the specific risks. Once this step is done, all there is left to do is to give recommendations to the subscribers.

Where Can I Get It?

You may visit Biotech Breakouts’ official website to learn more about the service. In the same website, you will be able to register for the programs under the service, particularly Sniper Report, FDA Insider Alerts, Option Rocket, and Dollar Ace. I’ll be discussing each in the next section. 

Each of the programs I mentioned are priced differently. Sniper Report is a newsletter service worth $199 annually. FDA Insider Alerts is an alert system that is priced at $399 quarterly. Option Trader, as the name suggests, is a program for Option Trades priced at $3999 per year. Lastly, Dollar Ace is a $4997 newsletter service  by Kyle Dennis but is hosted by Raging Bull.
Is Biotech Breakouts a Scam? – An Honest Review

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What Can I Get From Biotech Breakouts?

Biotech Breakouts serves as the mother organization of four different newsletter services: Sniper Report, FDA Insider Alerts, Option Rocket, and Dollar Ace. Each of these newsletter services targets a different method of trading or different forms of stocks.

Sniper Report

The Sniper Report is where Kyle Dennis gives out the top 1% of his trades. This newsletter is marketed as a high-performance trading tool that features the highest probability of success and profit.

FDA Insider Alerts

FDA Insider is a newsletter that focuses on swing trading biotech stocks. This service fully implements the 3-step process I mentioned earlier in this review and features 1-4 week hold periods for trading. It is best for traders with full time jobs already.

Option Rocker

This service is also for Option Trading and features carefully selected stocks which are then sent directly to your inbox for you to act on. Option Rocket is a high alpha options trader that is great for traders who have little to no time to manage and monitor all day.

Dollar Ace

Dollar Ace features fast moving options for under $1. $1 stocks may not amount a lot but they can set you up for really big gains when done right and this service can help you with that. This system makes use of insider information and is great for those who don't want to invest big sums of money on stocks.

What Do Biotech Breakouts Users Say?

Upon doing my research, I found out that Biotech Breakouts actually has a decent amount of users. Several websites feature comments by actual users of the service which is a positive indication of the company’s existence. 

However, are these comments positive or negative? Is Biotech Breakouts a scam? Well, let’s see for ourselves. Here are some comments I’ve found online:

Is Biotech Breakouts a Scam? – An Honest Review
Is Biotech Breakouts a Scam? – An Honest Review

Truth be told, I’ve much worse comments than these ones but that doesn’t mean that these testaments do not mean a thing. So far, I haven’t seen much positive comments except for the ones posted in Biotech Breakouts’ official website (I wouldn’t really trust those if I were you).

Biotech Breakouts Ugly Truths Revealed


  • An informative website that properly explains what the company is about and what are its services.
  • The biotech industry is making a lot of money nowadays so it may not be a bad idea to try out this market. 
  • There is a good variety of products and finding the right fit for your needs may not be as hard as you think.


  • Insufficient information about the company itself makes it shady which, I must say, is not helping their case in answering the question: Is Biotech Breakouts a scam?
  • There is a big volume of negative comments about the service and according to my research, it looks like a majority of these comments have an actual basis.
  • The prices are not exactly beginner-friendly despite the fact that the whole of Biotech Breakouts is being marketed as a service for those who do not know that much about the industry.
  • It’s hard to see what makes this service special as compared to other financial services out there.
  • No refunds and no trial periods. Once you are in, you are in.

Is Biotech Breakouts a Scam?

Here’s my final verdict:

In all honesty, I was really intrigued with this service when I first encountered it, simply because Kyle Dennis’ personal sales pitch hit me close to home. Their website really looked accommodating as well, plus the biotech industry is somewhat of a goldmine nowadays. However, upon creating this review, I slowly realized some of its greatest flaws and the user comments were also a big factor to whether I would recommend this product or not. 

Well, I will not recommend this product to everyone. This service is great for those who have the resources to invest in a rather expensive program such as Biotech Breakouts. Also, if you are not the risky type, this isn’t for you. 

Is Technology Profits Confidential a scam?

To be fair to Biotech Breakouts, I don’t think they’re a scam. There has been a lot of talk about the company and I can confirm that they are a legit company. I think the issue here is the price and whether the service is really worth that much. Trading is a slow curve and I believe that Kyle’s 26,708% return scheme is not that realistic.

In the end, you get the last say in this matter. I hope you enjoyed this review but as far as recommendations go, I still believe you’ll stand a better chance with our top pick.

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