Is Abundance Network a Scam – My Honest Take

Is Abundance Network a Scam – My Honest Take

Welcome to our Abundance Network review! In this article, we will answer the question: is Audience Network a scam? We’ll go by each thing that makes up this sports betting system from its founder to the things you can actually get from it. We’ll round up with its pros and cons also before we get to our final verdict as to whether we would recommend this or not. 

Money-making platforms come in different shapes and sizes. From paid to click (PTC) sites to cash apps, the only thing left for you to do is to pick how you want to earn. With a good program and steady internet, you can and you will make money online.

However, it is really possible to earn just by sharing a phone number with people? This is exactly what Abundance Network is all about. Let's dig deeper into the product to see if it's legit or not. 

Abundance Network Review Summary

Product Name: Abundance Network

Founder: Jeff Long

Product type: Possible MLM

Price: $50 to $2000

Best For: None

Rating: 50/100

Recommended:  No

Is Abundance Network a Scam – My Honest Take

Summary: Abundance Network is an  automated marketing system that generates leads through a network of users. As a member of the program, you can earn by sharing the unique phone number that you have to people. There isn't much to discuss about this Jeff Long product and I cannot recommend this to anyone. Currently they are on a hiatus, thus leaving all their users behind. So, is Abundance Network a scam? I believe so. 

What is Audience Network?

Let me start off by saying that I didn't really get the whole idea behind Abundance Network when I first encountered it. The lack of information in their website did not help at all, as well. 

Anyway, based on what I've found, Abundance Network is an automated marketing phone system. Basically, you can earn here by promoting Abundance Network itself. 

As I mentioned, their official page doesn't really contain much, in fact it's only a login page. With that, I had to dig deeper to find more about the background of the company which shouldn't be the case if they weren't hiding anything. 

It turns out that the company is owned by a man named Jeffrey Long who happens to be the founder of several collapsed programs again. Why "collapsed" you ask? Well, they were all pegged to be scams. 

Talk about persistence, right?

Is Abundance Network a Scam – My Honest Take

How Does Abundance Network Work?

I really wish I could give you a good answer for this section but there's really not much to work with for this one. 

Abundance Network doesn't really offer any real products. In fact, the one you will be promoting here is the system itself which is formally a voicemail and SMS service. Also, according to my research, you'll only get access to their sales pitch once you are a lead already. 

Abundance Network is all about generating SMS and Voice Message leads. You will get your own phone number once you join. You will then share this number to people in hopes that they get convinced by the automated sales pitch that they will be hearing. 

 I also learned that for each lead that you make, you will get $0.10 and by "lead" we mean people you tap who will confirm their email addresses. 

Where Can I Get It?

If you haven't noticed it yet, Abundance Network looks to be an MLM or a pyramid scheme. With that said, I believe that this isn't for everyone. 

The only way I would recommend this to anyoen is if they are extremely good at getting people to sign up blindly. If you're not the type of person to do things this way, then I suggest you stay away from this system. 

There's only one way to get into Abundance Network and that is by calling the number of a current member. I don't really have any direct contact with any member because I simply choose not to be involved in all of this. However, if you are really interested, you can contact 562 912 2811.

There are four membership types that you can choose from and I'll discuss them each in the next section. 

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Abundance Network Memberships

Normally I would discuss what you can get from the program in this section. However, there really isn't much to discuss because you simply get a number to promote and the rest is all about you paying and you getting paid. 

Anyway, there are four membership types you can chosoe from based on their sales pitch: Lead Generation Membership, Reseller Membership, Master Reseller Membership, and VIP Marketing Partnership.

Lead generator Membership costs $50 plus a $15 per month fee. This is the starter package so you get the standard $0.10 per lead commission. 

Reseller Membership and Master Reseller Membership cost $200 and $800, respectively. The only difference between the two is that you won't get monthly commissions for the former. You will get the $0.25 per lead eitherway.

FInally, the VIP Marketing Partnership costs $2000 and, frankly, I don't get why it's that expensive. 

How Do I Get Paid?

There are various ways to earn with Abundance Network from referral commissions to their 2-level unilevel pay plan. Judging by these two concepts, you can already deduce that this system is all about recruiting. 

I assume that all of the payments will be done through your bank account. Here's how you will get paid:

Is Abundance Network a Scam – My Honest Take

What Do Abundance Network Users Say?

Abundance Network follows a simplified version of the MLM system. Although it is not too elaborate, their 2-up scheme still provides some sort of attraction to the whole program.

With that, it wasn't really hard to look for user comments about the products. From the tons of comments I saw online (including those of Jeff Long's himself), I found out a couple of things. 

Is Abundance Network a scam? Well, Jeff Long himself clarified how things work. However, there are people who do not seem to be convinced and even called out the company's recent move to pause their services.

TO give you mroe context on that, here are some comments I saw from various websites:

Is Abundance Network a Scam – My Honest Take
Is Abundance Network a Scam – My Honest Take

Abundance Network Ugly Truths Revealed


  • ​Its owner is definitely a real person who has been in the industry for quite some time already. 
  • ​Based on how it all works, it looks like ​this is a very low-maintenance ​source of income. 


  • The main focus of the program is recruitment (no specific product) which can be a tell tale sign that this is a pyramid scheme in disguise.
  • ​It isn't the cheapest option out there so there's a risk of losing more than what you're earning. 
  • ​Insufficient information and their website is currently blcoked due to maintenance. 

Is Abundance Network a Scam?

Here's what I think:

I honestly didn't get how Abundance Network works when I first read about it. However, after doing my own research about the product, I soon began to see the bigger picture. 

Despite having some pros, Abundance Network's cons still concern me. To add to that, the fact that it's currently on a hiatus to fix some internal problems puts me off as well. I mean, did they really just leave everyone hanging?

In line with that, I believe I would not be able to recommend this product. In fact, I would even advise you to stay away from it FOR NOW. 

Is Abundance Network a scam? Well, if this "pause" is really what it is then there won't be any problem. However, for now, I have no choice but to call it a scam. 

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