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is influencercash a scam

Welcome to our InfluencerCash review.  Earning money in any form is important to have a comfortable life.  If you are in search of making money online opportunities, you have come to the right place.  It is always my aim to provide relevant information that will help readers assess this company. You must be giving yourself a pat on a back for showing diligence in checking the company. 

Although memberships are free, your personal information will be at stake.  Many websites are currently asking you to take advantage of their earning opportunities.  An individual must learn to identify red flags and be warned against scams. 

It is true indeed, that we must know who are we dealing with.  Websites must be evaluated before joining and participate in their surveys.  While they are being sponsored by companies, others are just lurking for personal information.

The author of this review is not associated with the company in any form.  Rest assured that I am not here to do some selling.  This review is written to help individuals in evaluating the company if it is worth their time and effort.

There are many online job opportunities in different sites.  InfluencerCash is just one of them.  It is quite enticing when you are promised to have an income using online tools.  Since people are easy to believe in such opportunities, they are also the top victims of scams.

It is but important to check reviews to avoid being scammed by companies.  Not only that, you must also know who are you dealing with so as not to entrust your personal details to the wrong sites. 

Keen to know if InfluencerCash a legit company? Read on to find out more.

InfluencerCash Review Summary

Product Name: InfluencerCash

Founder: Hidden

Product type: Reward Site

Price: Free

Best For: No one

Rating: 1/5

Recommended:  Not recommended

What is InfluencerCash?

Like any other website, InfluencerCash is basically a reward site that promises to pay you money in every task completed.  You can use social media platforms to spread the news and earn a commission for every successful invite.

The company offers online surveying, web visits and application downloads.  These tasks are quite simple as it may seem that is why people are encouraged to join.

While their promise of payments is quite higher than usual, the Get Paid To Site is now under controversy.  They do offer referral programs with a $10 reward for each recruit.   But what is the real product that the company promotes?

The website was launched in 2019 but the owners of the site never revealed their names.  This has been rather odd because legitimate sites never hide such information.


How to Earn from InfluencerCash?

We all want to earn a decent income.  That is the reason why we are here.  We want to give ourselves some extra cash.  But, InfluencerCash promises something enticing.  Everyone is so excited to earn $200 in a day just as promised by the company.

No application must be downloaded or maintained.  Just by using the social media account, they promise to make you richer by $200 each day.  Simply use the unique referral link and through that, it will be the key to reaching your $200 target.

Influence Cash promises to pay you $25 just for simply signing up.  Imagine that for every click in the unique link will make you earn $2 and successful sign-up will increase your earnings to $10.  Just by referrals and backlinks, the $200 a day is just easy.

I have been a fan of Rewards Site and I can hardly get a dollar for a survey.  InfluencerCash offers $30 just for participating is a survey.  That sounds really good.  Just by simply answering 6-7 surveys in a day, you will be able to earn decent money.

If you are a fan of YouTube Videos, you simply promote the company and you get $50.  Each post from social media can earn you $10.

It may have sounded really good.  Earning from InfluencerCash is quite easy.  But the best people to ask if they are satisfied with the services are the real users of the website.

influencercash review- make money with influencer cash


Any InfluencerCash Payment Proof?

You may seem excited to finally get the promised income by InfluencerCash.  It is encouraging to see how much you have earned from the website.  Upon reaching the right amount, it is time to enjoy the hard-earned money.

If you are asking how the InfluencerCash pay their members, they do not pay at all.  It is true.  There may be a lot of payment proofs roaming around social media but when verified, they are not real.  It is quite sad they made you hope for a decent income. 

There are some reasons why this business does not pay its members.  First, the company gets its funds from sponsored products.  You may say that you understand it well, but you must think twice.  InfluencerCash must share its advertising income among its members.

Where would this income be?  Others are speculating that the company has been using it not to benefit from the business.  They are, according to most members, are being used for luxury.

Often, a survey can cost about 15-50 cents but the company is so generous that they are giving $30 just like that.

Lastly, they may have been advertising income but all those surveys, as well as the companies, are not real.  Tasks completed are only $1-$2 but they are offering it at high prices.

These are just some of the indications that the company is not going to pay their members.  In as much as possible, this InfluencerCash Review advises being vigilant.  Avoid companies such as this.

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What is InfluencerCash Actually Doing?

You might be wondering why they are interested in getting members and sign in.  There is a reason why companies would probably get all this personal information.  They are selling these things to companies so it can send you unsolicited emails.

And so, your numbers and address are being used as well.  But, the worst thing that can happen is you might keep on receiving spams.  Or your information may be used in illegal activities.

This is what is being called Data Harvesting.  They are very much interested in your personal data including your credit card information.  These data are being sold to some companies and they will earn really good money from it.

Unfortunately, the information will land on scrupulous people, therefore, its possible that they might also hack your account.  Data Harvesting is not a good thing as it has a higher possibility that the members can be scammed.

Why Do They Offer Such a Lucrative Income?

The reason why they offer such amounts is to get your attention.  Since we are only humans and we usually take this kind of opportunities seriously, it favors the scammers.  They know how to blind people.That is why they keep on offering simple jobs in high amounts.   And so therefore, it important to keep our information safe. 

Their claims that they are among the top influencer is not true.  There is not top influencer that does not have any followers in their social media account.  There are lots of award-giving bodies for social media influencers but the company never received anything.

Finally, that one thing I hate the most is having actors pose as their members.  All you see in the video are all fake members of the site.  Members who are posting their payment proofs are not real.  If you will just closely check its dates, they are not in synch.

The owners of the site have been hiding.  Despite all efforts, including other bloggers who are searching for it, has no information about the company background.

Is InfluencerCash Legit?

Perhaps, until now, you might be in doubt about this company.  You may have seen various testimonials about how good the products were.  If the company is not legitimate, there is a reason why you will see lots of individuals still promoting the site.

First, it is part of their task.  Remember that in the previous part of this InfluencerCash Review, it was mentioned that you get paid for each task completed. But, being part of the task they started creating these advertisements as promotions.

These testimonials have a corresponding unique link that will let them earn a real amount. The company had promised that for every backlink to their website, they give their members $2.  This is quite easy to do so many individuals took advantage of it.

It is just like giving away $25 for new members.  Because when you sign-up, you will get a bonus of $25.  That simple!  No need to work or do something else.  Just be part of them.  In return, the company will reward you $10 more for a referral bonus.

After having earned the amount that you want, there is no way for you to get the money.  Therefore, the company may have made you rich only on the website but not in reality.

And since there is no way to contact the company, you might have to say goodbye to your hard-earned money.  In the end, it will let you realized that you just wasted your time on an illegitimate company.

And so therefore, do not be blinded by the amount that the company gives.  It is important to check their credibility.  You do not want to compromise privacy by someone who just promised you something.

influencercash review-is influencercash a scam

Final Verdict and Recommendations

As an individual, we all struggle to become financially independent.  We work hard to earn a living.  It is not bad to look for other means of income to have some comfortable living.  Unfortunately, some companies are using this to get your personal details.

Data harvesting has been the business of InfluencerCash.  They encourage more people to join the site to be able to get as many personal details as possible.  They can simply use this information in some illegal activities.  That might compromise our name and reputation.

Often, because we wanted to earn more, we tend to forget to see reality.  We are being influenced by the wrong people who thought that they are just sharing the blessings.

With all these lies and deception, they are no longer worthy of our trust.  Fake testimonials and payment proofs are just enough not to entrust our information on their site.

Safeguard your privacy.  There are many ways to make money online and InfluencerCash is not one of them.  In as much as possible, avoid the company.

If you want to make money online and that is willing to help you, go search for affiliate marketing.  They have great people who can help you earn income the passive way.

Affliate marketing offers opportunities to its members without much risk.  They give higher potential of earning the losing money.  This is much recommended than joining InfluencerCash.

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