How to Start a Website and Earn Money

Wondering how to start a website and earn money? I bet there are questions running in your head wondering how one can earn money just by blogging on his or her website. Before moving forward and show you the step-by-step on how you could start your own blog, let me give you a little bit of background about blogging business.

How to Start a Website and Earn Money

Blogging became active in the late 1990s when web publishing tools are available on world wide web. The growth of non-technical web publishing tools has then become popular due to its non-technical facilitations to most of the users (bloggers) on the World Wide Web, WWW.

Someone with specific interest could own his or her web page by signing up an account with any blogging platforms (e.g. WordPress, Squarespace, Ghost, Kirby and etc,) and share an opinion on the niche and allow the public to leave comments and discuss their shared interests.

How Do Bloggers Earn Money?

I bet you have heard about people making money by blogging and even support their families. Yes, I used to have the same thought and question how bloggers make money blogging. Now, read on and let me tell you how.


How to Start a Website and Earn MoneyWhen you flip through a magazine, you will find advertising images and articles as you go through. Advertisers display their products on the magazine because that is how they reach out to readers and hope that the readers will make some purchases of their products.

Advertisers pay the magazine company in order for them to publish their advertisement.

So, simply put, you are that magazine and people pay you to add advertisements (in which we call banner ads) on your website.

The banners are meant to complement your blog and hope that visitors or your subscribers will click on those banners to browse through the products and buy them.

Some of those ads pay the bloggers for a number of times the advertisements are loaded and viewed. Some advertisers pay when the banners are clicked. A typical example is  Google AdSense.

Product Review

How to Start a Website and Earn MoneyI am sure you have seen some product reviews on some blogs. Some well known or popular bloggers receive products from time to time from companies to get them reviewed to readers.

From example, some professional photographers put reviews of a camera on their blogs. Some bloggers are given the products for free upon giving the reviews and some are being paid to get the products reviewed and published on the blog.

This is part of the advertising purposes where companies use this method to spread the words about their products. Some companies even pay the bloggers to answer emails from the consumers, communicate with them and follow up with the services or product usage.

Affiliate Marketing

How to Start a Website and Earn MoneyAffiliate marketing is about promoting someone’s product and earn a commission when readers make a purchase or click through the affiliate links placed on your website.

For example here in my website, you will see that there are a few books on financial management advertised to the right of the web page. I am an affiliate that market those books for Amazon. I know those books and I recommend to my readers.

When I signed up for this affiliate program offered by Amazon, I was given a unique ID. Whenever I want to promote items from within Amazon and promote them on my website, I would be given affiliate links to the products with my special unique ID.

When readers click on the banners, they will be taken to the Amazon website and they will then chose whether they want to make the purchase. If readers buy those via my affiliate link (with my special ID), I will be rewarded with commission. I have written a post on how Amazon Affiliate program works.

Sell Your Websites

How to Start a Website and Earn MoneyYou might have heard about people selling off their blogs or websites for money, I mean a lot of money. This is what we call flipping websites where you start a blog, grow it (a lot of traffic) and sell it for profit. You wouldn’t believe how much these professional bloggers earn by flipping websites.

 Selling Stuff Online

How to Start a Website and Earn MoneyI have a few friends who like to do some handicrafts and watercolor drawings. They sell their stuff online via Etsy where you could own a virtual shop and start selling your homemade crafts online.

If you make jewelry, clothes or potteries, you could market your products on Etsy. It is much cheaper to set up a “shop” online and it reaches out to a larger crowd of customers.

Etsy charges $0.20 per listing – each listing can include 5 photos and lasts for 4 months. Is it easy to make money from selling stuff online, I would say it is not easy but it is possible.

Where to Start?

Finding Your Niche

How to Start a Website and Earn MoneyAfter reading through all the possibilities of making money online, you must be wondering where to start. Alright, it sounds exciting, isn’t it? Calm down and continue reading. The very first question that you should ask yourself is

The very first question that you should ask yourself is WHAT IS YOUR MAIN INTEREST? To start a blog, you have to first find out what niche is the best fit for you and you know it well!

The niche is what you are going to deliver to the readers of your site. Best way to find a niche is to know what you are good at, your personality and passions. It could be cooking, music, and even gardening. Anything can be your niche!

Once you choose your niche, it is important to learn next how to choose the right keywords to target as you need to get enough search traffic and keywords that do not have high competition. This you will learn how to get your website ranked on search engine. I covered that in Finding Your Niche.

Start Now and Small

I don’t promise you that blogging will earn you an income and you should quit your job now. I recommend people to start small and start now. As you blog when time goes by, you will increase your chances of success!

It takes a long time to gain trust from most of the search engines and you have to be patient and learn along the way. Blogging is no longer that easy as search engines are getting smarter.

One has to stay updated and constantly read (my blog) and going through some free website training (e.g. Wealthy Affiliate) in order to keep your blog ranked! When your blog is ranked, you gain more traffic, that means more potential of earning money!

If you are a new blogger, do not focus on making an income, you have to focus on making a living. If you are passionate about photography, and you don’t make money, you own a hobby and you treasure it! If one focuses too much on generating income, the “fire” in you will die off very soon as blogging business requires patience, time, effort, and more patience.

What’s Next?

If you want to learn more about blogging business, how to get more traffic to your blogs, want to learn what is search engine optimization, how to find your keywords and most importantly how to keep a positive mind towards achieving your goal, remember to subscribe and bookmark this page. You will come back here for sure! Lastly, Share it!!

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