How to Make Money with Rise Network? Is It Legitimate?

Is Rise Network a Scam

Welcome to our Rise Network Review.  There is a new network marketing company that is making a name in the industry. Some customers think that it is the real deal while for some thinks it is just a nother scam that steal your money.

In this article, we are going to find out the truth about the rumor that if it is Rise Network a legitimate company. 

I will do my best in researching the facts as a critic. There will be no partiality in terms of the findings.  I am a work from home believer. Being employed remotely is a challenging task. Thus, I will try to make this article as fair as possible.

Many income opportunities are available online. All of us are not excused receiving unsolicited emails inviting us to join and double your money scheme. Take extra precautions in dealing with those messages.

I experienced being scammed in the past by easy money schemes. However, I consider all of this as charged to experience opportunities.  You will not be an experienced worker without these negative involvements.

Rise Network Review Summary

Product Name: Rise Network

Founder: Jason Rose, Hitesh Juneja,Kevin Hokoana


Product type: MLM Company

Price: $47/month

Best Forno one

Rating: 1/5

Recommended:  Not Recommended

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What is Rise Network?

The Rise Network is a combination of a Multi-level Marketing and an affiliate marketing program. It provides investing affiliate members with the opportunity to earn money through referrals.  They recruit people to the system with the link and by building a network of people.

This company functions and target markets that are not too many. However, this small niche is very critical to the operation of Rise Network.  Rise Network post a suite address in Texas USA on their website. Likewise, they provide information about their founders namely Jason Rose, Hitesh Juneja as well as Kevin Hokoana.

Established to serve the consumers, Rise Network created a big name. The circumstances they shared gave a very crucial impact on the Multi-level-marketing industry. There is some point in time that Rise Network was being the word of mouth of every networker.

They established DS Domination as one of their handled sites. Some of the companies that Rise Network has organized are Infinii, Infinii Digital Signal Forge and Options Domination.  These companies were known to many marketers since they created buzzwords when they took-off.

The management got the responsiveness of the consumers and have bitten the hook.  The people behind the company know their job to catch people on board. But as they say, no organization is perfect since DS Domination went out of business. The company faced negative issues with an e-commerce business eBay. 

Is Rise Network a scam training


How to Join Rise Network?

Similar to any networking company, the platform is exclusively for affiliated members of Rise Network.  Registering for an account is free of charge. However, non-members will not enjoy the benefits of acquiring pertinent product materials and the opportunity to earn money.

If you are already a member, you will have the opportunity to acquire a “Business Center” of your own. These business centers are supported and equipped with the Unbox eCommerce platform.

Members may choose to offer these tangible and intangible products Such as BlockCommerce, Legal Relief Payment processing & Management.

There are three types of products that the network offers.   First is the Unbox eCommerce platform that supports the online systems.  Then they have the Partner Program and the Inner Circle Training.

These methodologies are focused on how the system work and how to generate income.

How to join the Rise Network? ​

If you are decided to join the company, then here is how it goes.   Just like in any business investments, there are costs involved.

There is an initial layout of $47 per month to register as an affiliate member.  There is an optional fee to be added in your cart and this is the Unbox eCommerce platform. For members who wish to receive additional earnings, they are advised to purchase the platform to be eligible.

Consumers have the option to pay $299, $99 and $39 per month respectively. Choosing one of the different subscriptions directly affects your earnings. The larger you invest, the more you will get more money in return.

The consumers earning potential varies if they subscribe with the first level ($39) or the third level being the highest potential earning.

How to Earn from Rise Network?

Every business has a product or service to offer. In this segment, I will discuss further information as regards to the services and products they promote. 

The company partnered with a 3rd party self-regulating eCommerce platform called Unbox. It utilizes online marketing applications and access to the Unbox system.

If you are do not wish to become part of the Rise Network, and then you may opt to purchase the Unbox eCommerce platform. Consumers need not be a member to avail of the service.   Availment of the platform costs $99 for the first month.

Due to the straightforward ways of earning, compensation is geared towards affiliate marketing.  The Multi-level-marketing compensation plan comes in when you and your network refer people to join. This is where you are paid because of the network of people are formed as your down lines.

The Affiliate Commissions are received by members in the first commission level. This is structured in a unilevel (1 level).

Here, members are compensated on the first level based on the membership per month of $47. Members will receive $25 per month for direct recruits when they continue their active membership every month.

The Unbox Commissions is considered to be the second commission level that members are compensated. In this type of commission, you will be earning from both your direct and indirect recruits. Members can still earn up to the 4th level.

Before the entitlement of this compensation method, members and customers will invest $99 to join. You will also have to pay a monthly maintenance fee

Another commission is what they call Matching Commissions. Rise Network pays you through your downline of team members.   Members will be given commissions based on their monthly membership fee for using the Unbox eCommerce platform.

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What Others are Saying About the Rise Network?

Useless IT Training and eCommerce Seminars

These training and seminars are quite a new opportunity that can help the members. Many individuals are joining the network to be able to avail of their seminars and training.

Unlike what Rise Network is saying, the company is very similar to all MLM. Various seminars on eCommerce and “IT training” are given but cannot be considered training.  These seminars are not even created to improve one’s skills. 

There are no questions about the trainer’s ability and skills to transfer knowledge. However, the issues of the matter are the contents of the training programs.   The content is not sufficient enough to benefit its members.

Likewise, the training programs are merely theoretical instead of hands-on tutorials. Training contents are usually out of date and can never be used by consumers.  The company should invest in improving their seminars to make it beneficial to members

Membership in the company is useless to many consumers because it is no longer relevant. Rise Network is just good at getting recruits.  However, maintaining their members with these promised training is not possible.

Ambiguous information on the website

We all know that it is important to give information about the website.  Rise Network gives incomplete information about their website.  The scarcity of information left their members in doubt if is Rise Network a scam.

Though Rise Network can be considered a new venture, it is not an excuse especially that their online presence is felt since 2019. The members need to know who they are dealing with.  They have been asking for personal information but they are not providing details of who they are.

With the website status is up and running, their web content is considered to be confusing to the majority of the consumers. It is important to have quality content rather than the fancy designs and animation for the website.

They need to know more about the company and the people behind it to regain the confidence of their members.

Costly membership fee

As mentioned, the Rise Network affiliation fee is $47 every month. This fee is on top of the membership for the Unbox eCommerce platforms.

Investing in the Unbox systems will cost you $39 up to $299 per month. This platform will give members added earnings and commissions. True enough, being an active member is very costly.

With those investments, members need to work hard to break even with the amount.

Is Rise Network Legit?

Speculation is Rise Network a scam, but the truth is the company is legitimate.  They may offer various compensation plans as an MLM company.  But with the products being offered, they comply with the standard.

The company owners may not be that open to the public about who they are and what they do.  But at least they are transparent when it comes to compensation and that is fair enough.

There are also some people I knew who were able to get their pay.  It may not be a significant amount but at least they were able to make money with the company.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

To sum it up, joining a company or investing in a new business is a risk. Similar to this, registering to an MLM company like Rise Network is uncertain.  The critical issue is that of which related to the gift vouchers or cards. There is a history that a co-founder, Hitesh Juneja has disputes about the company’s presentations.

Multi-level-marketing may be a straightforward business model and that’s why DS Domination experienced big success. Therefore, It is advised to have an open mind to the pros and cons of being a member.

Make sure to understand the risk that you are going to face being with an MLM company. I can easily say that due to the Rise Network's past issues, it is crucial to take extra precautions for investing in the company.

Investing in a company with an unstable status and questionable management is a risk. Even a risk-averse consumer will have a hard time understanding how the system works.   It is much better to join affiliate marketing since consumers would not invest that big in terms of cost. For some affiliate marketing company joining is even free.

Likewise, members are assured to receive decent money however it may be slow but the income is steady.

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