How to Make Money with Zoombucks

How to Make Money with Zoombucks? Can you really make money with Zoombucks? Let’s review this product together before you sign up and make money from Zoombucks.

How to Make Money with Zoombucks

Name: ZoomBucks
Overall Rank: 60 out of 100
Price$0 ($5.99 – $59.90)

Introduction to Zoombucks

How to Make Money with Zoombucks

ZoomBucks is a platform or a site that is running based on GPT system (Get Paid To). It has almost the same system as Swagbucks where the members of ZoomBucks can make money by playing online games (wow), participate in paid surveys, online shopping, watching videos and social sharing.

ZoomBucks is based in Canada and it was founded by Vikas Tailor in 2010. It is a program that runs as an online loyalty program. ZoomBucks does not talk in dollars and cents but points. To be precise, one point you earn via Zoombucks equals to one cent.

The best thing about ZoomBucks is there are many ways to earn your points. Unlike any other survey panels, you can only earn money by doing online surveys and most of the time, you will only get one or two invitations per week from online survey panels. ZoomBucks offers many ways to earn points (money). If you do not get invitations for online survey, don’t worry, you can watch some videos, play some games, download coupons, and you can also earn points by reading emails!

Some people find it fun and enjoyable to earn some extra cash by playing games and with only little of effort. Most of the assignments do not take you long to complete.

However, ZoomBucks does not offer loads of rewards for every task you do. The money you make is not sufficient to earn a living but just a weekend pocket money.

Any Special Membership?

Yes, ZoomBucks offers special paid membership, where you can earn up to 90% more for some tasks. There are 5 different paid memberships, and that they range from $5.99 to $59.99 per month.

Other than that, you can also earn some referral commission. If you recruit people to become ZoomBucks members, you can earn 10% of their earning.

These are what you could do if you wish to increase your income at ZoomBucks.

Why ZoomBucks Makes Sense

(+) Unlike some affiliate programs, ZoomBucks accepts members from all around the world. However, members from the US, Uk and Canada have a higher chance at making money. Why? That is because most advertisers tailor-make their offers to the people from these countries.

(+) I reviewed a few products in the past and what turned me off was most affiliate marketing companies do not pay their members. Fortunately, Zoombucks do pay. There are many GPT programs in the market and most of them are scams. They simply do not pay their members. For this, I give a higher rating to ZoomBucks and, I certify it is a legit program.

(+) You can cash out as long as you hit the $5 threshold.

(+) There is no limit to how many referrals you can recruit. There is no restriction implied by ZoomBucks. That simply means you can recruit as many referrals as you can. So, you can be an affiliate marketer of ZoomBucks and promote their program on your social media platforms and blog page.

(+) Bonus! You will be given 5 points upon signing up as their member. Also, 5 cents is not a lot, but it is a good start, right?

(+) Earn money in a fun way. Unlike doing online surveys, most of the surveys put me into sleep. With ZoomBucks, you can earn by doing some fun stuff and most of the time they are easy and straight forward.

There Must be Some Negative Sides of ZoomBucks

(-) Limited offers outside of the US, UK and Canada. As I highlighted above, there are not many offers made available for people sitting outside of these countries.

(-) Yes, they do pay, but they do not pay on time. The payment normally comes between two days to two weeks.

Final Thought

ZoomBucks has been established more than 4 years now (at the time of writing). Unlike Swagbucks, ZoomBucks is relatively younger but it has successfully made its name in the market! It has a good reputation and it has been proven to be a legit program.

I explained in the texts above on how you can make money with ZoomBucks, but I did not say it is a way to make money online. At least, it is not my way to make money. If you are looking for a platform to earn some pocket money during your free time, ZoomBucks is definitely your thing. Based on my research, I would recommend you to sign up as a member and have fun with it. However, do not dream about quitting your job by doing ZoomBucks.

I hope by now you know How to Make Money with Zoombucks.

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How to Make Money with Zoombucks

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