How to Make Money Coding and Programming From Home?

As the business of IT is developing in the world, the value of programming skills is increasing continuously. What’s truly exciting about this is how the internet has created economic opportunity for a single programmer working alone. Do you want to know how to make money coding and programming from home?  In this article, I am going to share with you some ways of making incomes from coding and programming.

How to Make Money Coding and Programming From Home

How to Make Money Coding and Programming From Home?

#1 Freelancing

Freelancing is no longer a new term to most of us. Many people get to work at home for money without committing to any long term business or agency. This seems to become very popular over the years due to the advancement of technology and internet connections. There are several other reasons why people prefer to do freelancing:-

  • You get to work on areas that you are passionate about. It is always more motivating to do things that you are interested in.
  • Flexible work schedule and venue. You can work as you travel. Most people do freelancing as they wish to spend quality time with their loved ones at home.
  • You can maintain the relation with your client by doing appropriate interaction. It can also be a long term work relationship.
  • You could potentially make more money than your 9-to-5 job as you earn good reputations.
  • You can be your own boss. The boon and bane. You can take only the jobs you really like, and there is a greater variety of projects than in a fixed developer position.

There are several platforms on the market that you can become a freelance programmer. Some freelancing sites like the followings should be on your list:-

Tips for Freelancing

Do what you know. There are many programming languages out there on the market. When you do freelancing, you should remember that clients pay you to solve problems. You are not paid to learn new tools and languages. It is always good to expand your programming skills to learn other languages. However, you should only bid for the job that you are confident with.

Don’t do everything. People often have wrong mindsets when it comes to freelancing. They think they can earn more money when they receive more work order. It is essential to stick with your competencies and prioritize only the work that will help to bring in more assignments. Do a good job, leave your clients happy, work with other freelancers and develop a network of people who will recommend you and send work your way.

Don’t subcontract. You should work with other freelancers and don’t subcontract your work out. The reason being you will need to spend as much time explaining the project and review someone’s work. You will not earn much by subcontracting your work out to the others. If you receive a lot of work, you can try to refer it to other freelancers who will return the favor in the near future.

Do use a contract. If an existing client comes back to you for some new jobs, remember to always use a contract on every project. All you need for the time being is a general agreement that covers some basic, yet important terms that both you and the client need to agree upon. In its simplest form, your contract terms should cover:

  • The work that you produce is original and not plagiarized.
  • The client’s proprietary information stays confidential.
  • Your payments terms. (How much you’ll get paid and when during the process.)
  • That once the client accepts the completed work, they accept full responsibility for any further processes in which the work is used (e.g. printing, putting logo to use, etc.)
  • You and the client have the right to terminate the services, and what that entails for you both.

If you need a reference, you can download some sample contracts from

Do get a down paymentOne of the biggest issues you hear about freelancing is not getting paid on time or getting stiffed by the client. Hence, it is totally fine to ask for 30% to 50% upfront before you start any work and make this very clear to your clients prior to any work execution.

Do invest and save your earning. If you’re serious about freelancing, then start separating your income and save. For every dollar you make that’s business related, you can split it up like this:

  • 12% to business (for business related expenses)
  • 16% to business taxes
  • 12% to personal savings
  • 10% to diversify your long-term investment portfolio
  • What’s left over goes into your personal checking for living expenses

#2 Make Your Own Website

This is another great way of earning money with programming. You can make your own website and share your programming ideas with suitable tricks and tips. It can also be a blog website.

What are the benefits of having your own website?

  • This is one of the easiest ways to earn money on programming. There are a lot of young programmers in every city. You could offer a webinar through your website or real life classes by advertising your services on your website. I can guarantee you that there is someone out there who would pay for your programming skills.
  • You do not need to be a programming Guru who knows everything. You do not have to, you just have to know about the basics to teach it. Of course, it will be great if you are an expert.
  • You can also share your portfolios inside your website for attracting the visitors and easily earn with Google Adsense.
  • Advertisement- You can sell link or banners on your websites once you get some traffic.
  • If you are more talented then you can start you own social networking site, but you must have a unique idea with a mind blowing design to do that because there are a lot of competition in the social networking market.

I already mentioned that you can use the internet to provide your programming services. However, you need to get people to notice your services to start off with.

That’s why making your own website is so powerful. When you build your own website, you have the chance to promote it yourself and to make sure that people find it when they search online. As you can see, once you have your own website, you can do whatever you want. There is more than one way to make money coding and programming from having a website.

The process also involves relatively little monetary investment (domain and hosting), which is great for getting started. At the same time, you don’t have to be the best programmer in the world to make money this way. After all, you’re using the website itself to get people to see programming information and tips. When people find your site valuable to them, you will eventually get some work orders and request for online training courses.

There are several advertising and monetization options, and your website, target audience, traffic volume, and visitor behavior will determine which options are the most reasonable for your particular website. Here in this infographic, I outlined some monetizing options to allow your website to generate revenue, whether you are trying to turn your website into a profitable business or just cover some of your operating expenses.

How to Make Money Coding and Programming From Home

My personal experience tells me that monetizing a website is a great opportunity to generate steady residual income.

With several monetization options, it is a good idea to try several and then stick with the ones that earn you the most money per visitor. With all of the analytical and conversion data available you will be able to determine exactly how much each visitor is worth. Some of the most profitable websites have multiple income streams, so don’t be afraid to test several to determine what results in the biggest return for your site.

My all-time favorite is affiliate marketing because it is an effective way to monetize your website traffic because it allows you to present your visitors with offers (online courses, programming books, and etc) that they are likely to be interested in. You would place a banner or text link on your website that contained your affiliate link and directed the visitor to the offer.

Now, if they signed up for the particular offer, which in this case is a credit card, you would be compensated with an affiliate referral payment. Some credit card offers pay out $50 – $100 for every referral an affiliate sends.

Some affiliate programs you can participate include:-

Tips to start your own website

Don’t try and do all of these at once and make sure you give it some time to see results. No one is an overnight success and you need to see what will work for you and your audience.

The best way to get started in this field of online marketing and selling is with proper training. There are a lot of training options out there but many of those have the disadvantage of being low quality or incomplete. One particularly good choice for training in online marketing is a site called Wealthy Affiliate. This was actually where I learned most of what I know about making money online and I’m still an active member of the community.

It’s the perfect place to learn about making a successful website and it doesn’t even matter what you want your site to be about.

#3 Develop Games and Make Money

Game developing is a department, where a lot of programmers come and make money with that. If you also got this type of unique talent, then you can try your luck here to earn a decent income from it. It also depends on your taste and interest in a particular field. How do you do it?

  • You can develop your own games and sell it on and Xbox games are preferable choices here for buying and selling.
  • You can easily develop Android/IOS games and sell them in the market.
  • You can make your own online game and earn money with Google Adsense. Google Adsense program for online games was started in the last quarter of the year 2008. This is AdSense product from google which allows you to display ads in between the game’s one level completion, starting the game or after finishing the game. Like google ads on websites, advertisements on online games are just like the same. Video ads, image ads or text ads can be displayed on your online game. By doing this you can earn huge money from Google Adsense.
  • You can sell your games online on, which provides you a great opportunity to get money.

#4 Develop a Trendy Application

It’s not a hard work for a programmer to develop a trendy application and sell that in the market. You can also do that by selecting application development sources. There is various media present in the internet world for making this process easy.

As an App programmer, if you are lucky enough, maybe you become million dollar man in just a few days. There are occasions where you have to wait for a long time to generate money here, it all depends on your quality of the application.

One thing, though, there is a big difference in making an app for Android and an app for iOS, and that is the fact that making an app for Google Play costs just 25$ one-off, making an app for iOS costs 99$ a year, so if you are making an app for iOS, I will recommend you to be a bit more confident about the way you will make money by your app, than if you are making an app for Android.

#5 Make a plugin or theme for WordPress

If you are a web programmer, this is a great way to make some money from home. One-quarter of all websites in the world uses WordPress.

You can develop WordPress plugins or themes yourself, or you could work together with some other people. You can make almost anything you would like to, anything from a donation plugin to a share button, to a Star Wars theme.

You can choose to make it free, and earn the money through advertising or donations, or make it premium and get the money directly, it is all up to you.

How to Make Money Coding and Programming From Home

If you are not familiar with WordPress and plugin development, I recommend you to check out Treehouse, and Alecaddd. Two of them are by far the best platform that offers great training courses on WordPress development.

One good thing about WordPress development is the documentation provided by WordPress is great, so you will not have to search around Stack Overflow all day long to find your answers.

#6 Take a Part in Programming Contests

It’s a well famous and growing way for earning income with programming. You can participate in different programming contests and make money there. There are various types of websites available in the market, where you complete your profile and complete the contests for making money.

Some Legal Websites for taking part in programming contests:

Surely it’s a great way to earn a decent income, and it is a good learning process too.


It is not complicated at all to make money coding and programming from home. You just have to show your quality skills and have a positive attitude.

Interested to build an online business like me?

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50 Responses

  1. Blame says:

    Great information. If you have the knowledge and experience with programming or coding, it is definitely feasible to work as a freelancer. I do agree with you that the best way to monetize your programming skills is to offer webinar or information on your own website. By doing that, you are tapping the three billion internet users in the world and the earning can be huge!

    I have a friend who works in this field too. Recently he’s been complaining about not having enough money. I should recommend him try out your advice. Since he’s already an expert at programming he might as well try freelancing and creating his website. Thanks again.

  2. Juraida says:

    Hello Alex, you have a very informative website and good recommendations on how to make money online especially for someone with computer programming background. I am particularly interested in developing apps for Android. Can you suggest any websites or resources that offer free good course on apps programming? Thank you and wishing you all the best!

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Juraida.

      You can try if you want learn programming as a beginner. I like TeamTreeHouse because it has all the answers you need and can teach you from beginner to expert. It definitely helps you to learn programming in an easier way.

      The best way I have learned is to build a project like an app or website. Along the way you will find what languages you want to learn. This is for those who don’t know what language to start with. Rather than going to all these programming training platforms, YouTube is one of the good sites to learn programming as a beginner too!

      Hope it helps.


  3. Daniel says:

    Loved this article, along with the rest of your website! Grabbed my attention right away, I am a big time fan of Internet marketing and website programming, and have also had a lot of interest in one day, creating or helping create games, apps, etc. Something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. Especially now a days where we are transforming from an Industrial Age to an Informational Age. This is very important stuff to be aware of, for out future to come!

    Keep up the good work!
    Thanks again for the interesting read.


    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Daniel.

      I am glad you enjoyed reading my articles. Indeed, we need to catch up with the fast-changing world. That’s how we could survive in the Informational Age.



  4. Sonny says:

    Hi Alex I must admit I have only very limited experience when it comes to computers and IT business.But I do share a similar interest with you in website building and looking for niche markets.It is indeed possible to make money online from home as a,coder or any interest you may have.I also like the many ways you can make money as a coder,doing freelancing,develop games sell them on eBay,Amazon etc…Awesome review!

  5. Lynne says:

    Hi Alex

    Thanks for those great suggestions, I’ve heard of a few of them. I thought Elance and Odesk were the same company?

    Perhaps you can add in CodeClerks and SeoClerks? They are both owned by Ionicware and are brilliant online marketplaces for the best SEO services for a small business and CodeClerks is the coding and programming marketplace.

    Feel free to read my review here:

    Once again thanks for a brilliant article.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Lynne,

      Elance and Odesk were separate identities until 2014. They were both merged and they are now called

      Thanks for highlighting CodeClerks and SeoClerks. This definitely helps for my readers.

      Thanks for sharing your post!


  6. John says:

    Very interesting post on how to make money coding and programming from home.
    Earning money from home has always been something that has interested me and your article has helped shed some light on where to start.
    Personally I like the idea of building my own website and helping others with what I know.
    My own little “baby” as it were!
    I would like to investigate the program you recommend – Wealthy Affiliate.
    Can you tell me more about what they offer?

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi John.

      The Education at Wealthy Affiliate isn’t just simple, it’s better in every single way. From the moment that you join you are going to be walked through the state of the art, step-by-step training platform. For newbies and advanced marketers alike, their focus with all of the training is teaching you how to create a successful, long term business within the online space.

      The most difficult aspect of building a business online is getting help when you need it. Not only that, websites, domains, and the management of your websites is fully integrated within Wealthy Affiliate.

      You can read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.


  7. Izzul says:

    hey alex,
    what a great article that you have on making money online through code and programming, i am trying to make money online too and i have used your second method which is building a website, but i guess i need to learn more about programming and coding in order to be more successful in this field.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Izzul.

      I am glad you have started to build you own website. This would be my preferred way to make extra income online as everything will be under your control. In order to compete with other programmers, sometimes it requires not only the skills but also your marketing skills to get you famous and popular. If you are interested to learn how to keep your website well ranked on search engines, you should perhaps look at my recommended training platform – Wealthy Affiliate. Hope you will have a good read.


  8. vinoth says:

    Thanks for this . I am a developer too. any idea on bigdata specific freelance websites. are there enough opportunities in upwork for bigdata freelancers?

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Vinoth.

      Big Data is very loose term and normally it means anything from NoSQL to Hadoop to Analytics. Toptal definitely has such stuff but then you will have to undergo their very stringent coding process before on-boarding.

      Second option could be Kaggle where lot of open projects are hosted and whoever gives the perfect solution, that will be purchased.

  9. Dee Walls says:


    Coding and programming. Yikes. I took a programming class one for a semester in college and it was the toughest class I’ve every taking. Trying to learn code is like learning a foreign language. LOL. I really did enjoy your site though. Such a helpful site for helping people make money online. I know a few developers who would love the information on this page. I’ll be sure to let them know about it. Great Stuff!


    • Alex Y says:

      Dear Dee. Learning programming can be fun and I like it! Well, if someone can make the learning process more interesting, for sure it will gain lots of traffic. Thanks for forwarding this post to your friends!



  10. Britt says:

    Hi Alex,
    I am actually making some extra money scripting which is almost programming. My specialty is Powershell which is a Microsoft based scripting interface that is very powerful. I’m pretty good at finding info out of Active Directory that managers need. Some of my best work is being used at some very large corporations to this day.

    Leveraging your programming skills is a great way to earn some extra money or leverage an entire career.


    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Britt.

      I am happy to hear that you are leveraging your programming skills to make extra cash. Since you are an expert in this field, you should seriously consider running your own website and offer training. I am sure it will earn you a sustainable income in a long run. Let me know if you need help in setting up your site.



  11. Alexey says:

    Some great content you have here! Coding and building websites is now a big part of the internet. What a beauty this is – to have a business from the internet!

    I am also an actuve member within wealthy affiliate and I can only say that they are the place where I learned 90% of my skills online – the right way. I think that mire people should be aware of them.

    Thanks for putting such a wonderful article for us!

    • Alex Y says:

      I am glad you are also taking the online training course at WA. It is by far the best training platform I have seen on the market.

  12. Kenny Lee says:

    Freelancing is a good option for working at home. It’s true that it has the flexibility of time and location. But it is also tough for those who are new to the industry to make feasible income.

    Plus you always need to be actively doing marketing and publicity for your next project. In fact, the best time to hunt for your next project is when you are at your busiest.

    I would say do freelancing together with creating some longer term options like building website(for own online business) or building plugins or games.

    P.S. You may want to change Elance to Upwork? I think Elance is already merged/bought over by Upwork.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Kenny. Thanks for leaving your comments.

      It is true that it is more feasible to build your own website as you can opt for giving online training courses.

  13. IllusiozTan says:

    Hi Alex,

    You have opened my mind to all the possibilities that can be done by the programmer online. So far, I only know the website creation and freelancing as a way to make money online. Developing the Word Press plug-in and taking part in programming contest is pretty new to me.

    About the social networking site you mentioned in your post, is it referring to forum?

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi there.

      You are right that social networking site could be a forum where people who share the same interest to interact with each other globally.



  14. Chris says:

    I found it really hard to find a reasonably priced coder a couple years ago for my website when I was trying to get a supplier feed set up to populate products and pricing.

    I did eventually find a guy from Freelancer and he got it done.

    As a consumer I would suggest that anyone planning to work from home as a coder, should concentrate on quality work and don’t over promise on what you can do.

    • Alex Y says:

      I totally agree with you Chris. People who wish to make a living out of coding, they have to deliver high-quality work. Else, they are giving away their money away to their competitors.

  15. Nate says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing this article on how to make money coding and programming from home.

    There are couple of great options here I hadn’t even though of such as entering competitions.

    I’ll be sure to check out those competition sites you’ve recommended.

    How strong programming skills would you say you need tom make money from your own website?

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Nate, I personally think it is really subjective. You can provide basic, intermediate or professional modules on your website. It is not necessary to have a hacker’s skill to teach and monetize your site.

  16. jschicanha says:

    making money at home and programming them has been quit difficult for me but ever since i have read about the information you have provided i find it more useful and interesting on how to make money while at home and the same time program me them
    thanks for the information and please keep it up and hope to see your future updates

  17. Travis Smithers says:

    Making money by setting up a website and offer programming courses is definitely the best choice. I am a programmer and monetize my site with training modules. It works fantastically.

    You have some great tips and ideas here for making some money. I definitely like the idea of creating a website as a home base to network and showcase your work.

    • Alex Y says:

      Most importantly, it is not difficult at all to start a site and offer your services. What I like is the freedom you have to make money even when you are not working 🙂

  18. Antonis Christonasis says:

    Really informative guide on how to make money coding. I am an electrical and computer engineer myself, so i find the resources you shared quite helpful indeed. However, i don’t think that someone should have making money as their top priority when deciding to go with freelance programming. Rather, if you like programming and/or you are good at it, you should try and make money as a by product.

  19. Jim Cochrane says:

    Hey Alex,
    As a coder in my previous work, I can attest to the fact that you can make good money from doing it. You need to develop a strong client base so that you are not constantly chasing clients. After a while, people will reach out to you as your reputation builds. People will need to start out at lower bids initially, and that can be frustrating. But, for those who go the distance and develop their reputations, they will eventually earn a decent amount for their efforts.
    Best Regards,

  20. Ralph says:

    I will be honest. I thought coding was so much work and it took a genius to learn it, but as someone who works on a website, learning how to code has been fun to learn.

    Being able to manipulate my site has definitely been a learning experience. Also having the opportunity to make money with it makes all the hard work worth it. Thanks for the article!

  21. Ian says:

    Hey Alex, you’ve got a nice list going here. All feasible options for generating an income through coding.

    I find that most of the time it’s the expectations that lead people astray when it comes to finding new work online. They expect to replace their existing income immediately and don’t necessarily give it the chance it deserves.

    Even though coding is an in demand skill right now, if you take it on as a money generating hobby alongside your traditional job, you have a much greater chance at success. Because now you’re making two incomes and you’re happy VS quitting one and failing at another.

    Overtime, especially with including multiple streams of revenue as you’ve listed above, more and more opportunities are created and income is generated.

    Thanks for doing the research and sharing this list. I’ll be checking out a few of the sources I’m seeing for the first time here.

  22. Fay says:


    Your page here is very useful and I like how honest you are about where to find resources and how much things cost.

    I am looking into work from home income opportunities and you have definitely given me some extra hope in this field.

    I like the idea of game development and I am glad you added a couple links I can visit to look into doing this. I think I have found the right niche to make some serious income online!

    I signed up for your 7 free email course and it is awesome. The step-by-step is so easy to follow and I am loving the training! It is so easy to set up a website!

    Great thanks for all the info!


  23. Bobby M says:

    Love this idea, especially since it ties so well with the work-at-home aspect of affiliate marketing, which I’m just beginning to get my head around. One question: what are your thoughts on coding schools in general? Coding is something I’ve considered going to school for but I read a lot of mixed reviews on the schools I’ve looked into. Do you think they’re legit? If so, can you recommend any in particular? I’m in the Chicago area.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Bobby, it is not necessary to go to a coding school to learn programming languages. Regardless where you are from, you can always sign up any online course. For example, you can find some free coding courses on Udemy.

  24. Rob K says:

    Great ideas for using programing experience to create income! I was just listening to a podcast about how so many old jobs will be going away in the next few years, and will be replaced by people with programming experience. If you’ve never learned any programming, definitely check out some online courses!

  25. Nat says:

    I was actually interested in coding back in my high school days, mostly because I was in a data processing class where they taught binary, cobal, ect. I have since forgotten all of those teachings, lol, but the science has taken on a new life of it’s own. There are people making millions of dollars and never even have to punch a clock. It’s definitely a good industry to get into, and it can really be a good income source if you run your own site offering courses.

  26. Laura says:

    Coding definitely seems to be a skill worth having. I am seeing more and more about lately and some of them are making good income from their websites. I have even seen children’s apps for mobile devices that teach coding through playing a game. Do you know of any free resources out there that teach the basics of coding and programming?

    • Alex Y says:

      If you are running your own website, you can generate a sustainable income from it. If you are interested in picking up some programming skills, check out these training platforms:-

      1. At Codecademy, you can take lessons on writing simple commands in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Python and Ruby.
      2. One of many programs geared toward females who want to code, Girl Develop It is an international nonprofit that provides mentorship and instruction.Stanford University’s
      3. Stanford University’s Udacity is one of many sites that make college courses ”including Introduction to Computer Science – available online for free.
      4. Code Racer, “a multi-player live coding game”. Newbies can learn to build a website using HTML and CSS, while the more experienced can test their adeptness at coding.
      5. Code School offers online courses in a wide range of programming languages, design and web tools.
      6. Similarly, Treehouse (the parent site of Code Racer) provides online video courses and exercises to help you learn technology skills.

      Hope it helps.


  27. Bala Ganesh says:

    Hey Alex, really good article on how to create a living off coding. I am not a programmer myself, but have dabbled in excel VBA. In your opinion do you think its too late for someone in their 30s to pick up programming?

    I have also read some of your articles on block chain and you have a lot of big fans following your articles! I bet they have made a good investment on Ether. I am interested in block chain technology and I made some good purchase on Bitcoin and Ether a few weeks back following your advice. I have made a good choice! Thanks a million!!!

    Thanks for your advice in advance.


    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Bala,

      It is never too late to learn something new, even if you are 70. For programming courses, you can find some free ones on Udemy and even Youtube!

      I am happy to know you have been following my blog. Not sure when you bought Ether and Bitcoin. Even if you have just bought them yesterday, you have made a good investment! It is never too late to invest!

      I have posted a new article on Ether vs Bitcoin, have a read and hope you will get some insights.


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