How to Get Traffic to My Website

A lot of bloggers ask this question from time to time “How to Get Traffic to My Website?”. Let me list the things that you should do in order to get traffic to your website.

How to Get Traffic to My Website

Technology changes over time and it is still changing. Just like the newspaper to the radio, to the television, the mobile phone, and the internet. Our world changes every single day. With the advancement of technology, the cyber world changes faster than ever. The tools that we are using to reach people change and we need to learn every day in order to keep our sites be seen.

It does sound difficult to drive traffic to your websites due to the rapid change of technology. Let me share with you the fundamental changes that you have to make in order to get traffic to your website.

It’s not Enough to Blog

By the time you reach here, a few thousand articles have just been published around the globe. With so many articles being published every day, how do you make sure that your article is special as compared to the others? There are millions of bloggers like you are doing the same thing. To stand out, your articles have to have values in them and there are something special to offer.

Any Great Story?

Have you ever noticed there are many blogs with “tricks” and “tips”? If you are writing your articles with the same styles like the others, you are getting yourself competing with millions of others. It has been proven that a good story within an article is important. Telling a story is like talking to your readers as a writer and a human. Just giving advice and repeating the same writing style again and again in all your articles is not sufficient and it is too robotic and dull.

How to Get Traffic to My Website

Standard recommendation and advice can be obtained everywhere now from daily published articles. The old tricks to ask your readers to leave comments on blogs is no longer valid in order to drive traffic to your site. Everyone is exposed to the same information every day and they look for something outstanding and unique.


Standard blogging routine and style has increased over time. Almost every bloggers are utilizing the same design templates and plugins. Engaging with your readers is hence important as the search engines take Readership Engagement into account when it comes to site ranking. When you engage your readers by answering their questions and providing more than what they ask, you encourage them to stay a bit longer within your site and Google will reward you with higher site ranking.

I used to blog and did not really engage with my readers. I avoid answering questions and suggestions from the audience by hitting “Approve Comments” and I thought I could spend more time writing more articles. I did it wrong and my site was badly ranked since then. In short, engage your readers and that’s How I Get Traffic to My Website.

How to Get Traffic to My Website 1

You need brilliant ideas and share with your audience. Sharing a good case study story is becoming a trend now as readers hate general and common information. You can always share your own experience too. If you do this part right, you will be gaining their attention. When you share, you care. Readers tend to treat you as their friends, instead of somebody else who blogs like the rest of the bloggers in the market.

My Way

“I did it my way…”. With the increasing size of internet users in the world today, the internet has grown so big that it is now the main communication platform to everyone. We use to communicate on the forum, the website, and the mobile phones. Slowly, social media came in and we share posts and photos with each other. Have you ever noticed that Youtube and Podcast are the next trends that will change the way we are communicating now – blogging?

You have to get ready to change your strategies to reach your readers. I am not saying you have to do everything but you have to focus on just one strategy and do it right and real good.

How to Get Traffic to My Website

Niche within a Niche

Everyone is writing the same niche. There is so much competition and you will have to find out a powerful niche to blog about. Try to figure out a niche within a niche and fortify it!

People blog about “how to blog”, and you can do something more powerful like “how to find keywords for your blogs”. You have to find a position where only you in that particular group of blogger can provide quality tips and tricks to help other people to blog by finding appropriate keywords.

Let me give you an example again here. A lot of people blog about “how to earn money online”, but if you can contribute your step by step training to make money online, it will attract more traffic as it is more specific.


Daily publishing and wait for your traffic to rise is no longer working anymore. If you are not doing good “marketing” on your website, your daily published articles will just drown in the ocean.

Social media has become a marketing or publishing platform to make the announcement that you have just posted an article and would like to share with the world. If you pay attention, almost all big brands have their own Twitter and Facebook account as they know all the potential customers are always on social media.

It is free to sign up for Facebook and Twitter account. If you want to boost your website exposure, you can invest a small amount of money to advertise your niche.

How to Get Traffic to My Website

The other way is to work together with an influential bloggers or partners to share your content.

The combination of all suggestions above will help you to gain more internet users to your site. Hence, marketing is an essential nowadays and it is also impossible to get a new site to be seen and heard.


This is slightly difficult as it takes time. It is not enough to be just a good blogger publishing good content.

It is important to convert your audience from visitors to subscribers to buyers. Most of my income from this site comes from Amazon advertisement. I reach out to my audience, engage them and get them notified whenever there is a new article on my site. The regulars come to read my free posts and eventually make a purchase from my site.

I hope you like this post on How to Get Traffic to My Website. Leave me a comment or question so I could help you as much as I can.



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16 Responses

  1. Viljoen says:

    Hi Alexy

    People always try to over complicate the whole traffic getting process and they all focus on what Google wants.

    The fact is that the only thing that Google cares about are the readers. If you can keep your readers happy and they stay on your site longer, then you will rank better.

    If they leave a comment and you answer them, then that will also help. If other people are sharing your articles and linking to it from their websites, then you are good.

    Focus on writing good quality articles and learn how to promote it without trying to manipulate the ranking algorithm.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Viljoen,

      I agree with you. Most of the people spend most of their time finding out how Google algorithm works and totally forgot the fundamental – readers.

      Readers are our main clients. If a restaurant is popular, that is because they serve good food and good customer service. Similarly, the food is our content, customer service is our engagement with the customer by answering their questions, and provide solution.

      In short, writing a good quality article is essential!



  2. Vera says:

    Traffic is what makes your business run, that’s what we all learn when starting out in internet industry. And in order to get traffic we dive into heaps of strategies and tactics and forget about the most important part: to really engage with our readers and future customers. You pointed that out very well in your article, thank you!

    • Alex Y says:

      Indeed! The term “traffic” has become so important and people tend to forget about the real interaction with the audience and readers. The world is changing, bloggers have to choose his or her most efficiency way to blog and to reach the audience.

      If we don’t focus too much on SEO and use a more “human” way to deliver our message, it will also bring traffic to the site too.

  3. Neil says:

    Hey, Alex!

    When I first created my own website, I found it a struggle getting traffic to it because I didn’t know how!

    I do agree that with so many articles and bloggers, we must be unique when creating our content too!

    You have sharing some invaluable blogging information here, and I have picked up a few Awesome tips to implement in to my own website to get the traffic flowing.

    Thank You!


    • Alex Y says:

      Hello Neil,

      Thanks for coming back to my site again!

      I hope this article inspires you how you could get traffic to your website in a more human way.

      Have a nice day!


  4. khan says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for providing such a great article as it provides a lot of new things to me because I am just a beginner in internet marketing.

    During my career, I found conversions to be the toughest task. Though you write few lines about this but it gives me some help and I hope you write in depth about how to increase conversions in future.

    Again thanks.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Khan,

      Thanks for your comments. conversion is always the toughest task in blogging business. It takes time and effort to optimize the sites. Thanks for your suggestion and I will keep you posted on the new article.



  5. John says:

    Getting engagement from the audience that you attract is where you are going to make something from your blogging. You must have visitors and those visitors must get something that is different from the routine blog. Getting them to converse is the start to your business.
    Using the social marketing will be a way to start getting people to your blog. Your information will keep them coming back.

    • Alex Y says:

      Dear John,

      Thanks for highlighting that. It is essential to produce informative articles to solve people’s problems and answer their questions. Engaging readers is a must as when they leave comments or questions, they trust us. We will have to make sure that they come back for more as we are getting their problems solved.

      Social marketing has been doing well for me. You can read my post here – How to Get Traffic to Your Website Fast . Hope you will come back again and we can exchange ideas.



  6. Vera says:

    Blogging has become are very competitive field, indeed. That way, we really have to understand that “added value” makes the difference. This means not only to be unique with what you offer, it also has to be of great help or at least very entertaining.

    You are doing a good job in putting this straight in your article and give very good advice, thanks!

  7. Ben says:

    I always try to make myself stand out when I blog. I mean, there are thousands of competing websites against me. Why would anyone notice plain old me? So I try to add humor and creativity to my posts, like you said. It’s one way of getting people to like my site.

    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Ben,

      Other than being creative and publish high-quality content. It is also essential to promote your posts either via social media platform or by list building.

      Hope this article gives you some insights about getting traffic.



  8. Maria says:

    Thank you Alex, for this great article about how to get traffic to my website!

    I especially loved how you said: “you can do anything not everything” that suits so perfectly on me, I am always trying to do everything and end up doing nothing… that’s my biggest challenge to overcome and start to do well few things at a time.
    I know that facebook is important for getting traffic but it takes so much time to make friends and be active on social media. I am not sure how to write quality content often and at the same time spend a lot of time engaging on facebook…?


    • Alex Y says:

      Hi Maria,

      It is always difficult to allocate time for both writing new content and promoting them on social media. I think you should treat them equally important. I spend 50% of time creating content, 20% for list building, 15% for promoting content on social media and 15% for learning new techniques. Hope this helps.


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